Last week I gave you guys 3 reasons Men fall in love with sluts. Let’s continue with the last 2:

#4 – They are extremely affectionate

Sluts are always down with PDA

Sluts love to use affection to get their hooks in you. They know that physical touch is very effective in making you feel like you have a connection with them that they don’t have with anyone else.

One girl I was fucking (who actually tried to get me locked up with a false domestic violence accusation) was very affectionate. She loved holding my hand, she was touchy feely, he used to bury her head in my chest when we slept in bed together, she made me feel like I was the only one.

I was 100% sure she was fucking other guys but I used to think “She might be fucking so and so but she holds MY hand…..she spoons with ME in bed….she treats ME like a boyfriend in public”

Be aware of women who are extremely affectionate early in your dealings with them. They may genuinely like you but that doesn’t mean she’s not using affectionate touching as a means to an end which is to lock you down.

Sex is always transactional for women. Even when they like having sex with you there’s always an ulterior motive. My own girlfriend fucks me with an ulterior motive which is “I’m giving him the pussy so he doesn’t leave” Yes, that’s transactional. It’s the right transactional sex to have but it’s transactional nonetheless. She fucks me for pleasure AND purpose and all women do to some degree.

Physical touch is the same way. Sluts love affection just like any other woman out there. They like holding hands because it makes them feel loved and wanted. They like to be touchy feely because it makes them feel good to be with you. They like to spoon in bed because they love the idea of waking up with a man in the morning.

But do not get it twisted…they know that this behavior also ropes you in. They know that physical touch and affection bypasses your common sense and ignore their red flags which makes it easier to lock you down.

#5- Sluts are submissive

Nothing…and I mean nothing makes a man feel like a man like a woman who is submissive. And I don’t just mean submissive during sex…I mean submissive in all aspects.

Sluts will ask you permission to do things. “Hey babe, do you mind if I run to the store to pick up some water?” That makes a man feel like a man when his woman asks him permission to do even the most inconsequential things and slut are acutely aware of this.

Sluts will also make indirect public declarations of your authority at the expensive of her submission to you. Sluts will grab your hand and walk slightly behind you in public which is the ultimate sign of submission in public.

They’ll show you text message threads with their girlfriends that say “Lemme ask Donovan. If it’s okay with him it’s okay with me.”

I remember this one girl I was fucking her name was Jennifer. I actually liked her a lot. We traveled a lot together. We’d go to L.A., San Diego, all over and it was great.

We were driving to Santa Monica one time and she was showing me this email conversation she’s having with an orbiter of her who’d been trying to get at her forever. He was trying to get her to come to this party he was throwing at the Aria or something but I remember she emailed him “Well I’m with Donovan right now and he wants to go to the beach and whatever he says goes.”

That right there honestly made me feel like I owned her because telling someone that whatever I say goes is another form of submission.

Where I went wrong with her was we were laying in bed one afternoon and she says to me “Should I tell my mother I’m not going to see her tomorrow because I’m with my boyfriend?” I paused because my red pill conditioning picked up on that buzzword but because Jennifer had overridden my common sense with her ultra submissiveness making me think I actually owned her and caused me to ignore the fact that she had 4 tattoos, lived alone, didn’t have kids, and admitted to me that she cheated on her ex husband before and during their marriage, my dumbass said “yeah….tell her you’re with your boyfriend” And that was the beginning of the end.

Sluts are also sexually submissive

Yes, sluts are submissive in bed, but so are feminists and wannabe “alpha females.” All Females are biologically hard wired to sexually submit to males whether they admit it or not and women enjoy sex a lot more when they are being dominated which means they are submitting. But where sluts step it up is that they’re submissive in and out of bed and that’s what gets us tripped up.

Okay, so how do we avoid  falling in love with sluts?

What all of these things have in common is that they’re all synonymous with the things that non slutty women do when they genuine like you and want a relationship with you.

Women have to be attractive to get our attention which is requirement #1 of course. Non slutty women tell us we make them feel like no other man has made them felt because it’s true. They tell you they love you and want to have your kids because they really do love you and want to have a family with you. Women of quality are affectionate. They love holding your hand and spooning with you. Non slutty women are also submissive to the Men who are dominant and have high value. Granted, they may not have the experience in the bedroom to give you that porn star sex you get from sluts but trust and believe they will try because they want to keep you around.

The bottom line is that sluts have an advantage over women of quality in terms of making you fall in love with them because they simply have more practice. They’ve fucked hundreds of Men, they’ve had dozens of boyfriends, and by virtue of sheer volume and extensive experience, which also means a lot of practice, they’ve perfected the behaviors that override a man’s common sense and in some cases a man’s red pill awareness that would otherwise tell him that he would be an idiot to commit to them.

And we are ALL susceptible to it. I don’t care of you’re new the red pill or you’re a red pill veteran….at the end of the day we’re all Men and we’re all motivated by a lot of the same things. We all operate the same way which is why sluts know exactly what makes us tick and more importantly the cheat codes that allow them to bypass all of the knowledge and all the experience that tells us to run in the other direction when she tells us she hasn’t been in a relationship in 2 years. When she tells us that she feels save with us, we sweep the fact that she’s been sport fucking dudes by the dozen for the last 2 years which is the reason why she has purposely avoided relationships for the last 2 years.

Sluts know that men are designed to want long term relationships with women and they trade on this by becoming hyper efficient in the behaviors that make them appear to be suitable for long term relationships. Again, they have years of practice and that’s why every one of us here has fallen for a slut.

I’ve fallen for sluts more times than I care to admit and I’m Donovan fuckin’ Sharpe. So now the question becomes “How to we keep this from happening? How can we keep ourselves from falling in love with sluts? How can we keep from doing what’s so easy for us to do?”

#1 – The first way is to never reciprocate her level of investment. Don’t reciprocate her affection, don’t reciprocate her time, don’t reciprocate her feelings. Easier said than done but if you’re aware of it you’ll be much less likely to allow it to happen if you get burned a few times and actually apply your red pill awareness.

Because the minute you reciprocate her level of investment, the party’s over. Just like when Jennifer indirectly asked me to be her boyfriend. She wanted to be my girlfriend and because I reciprocated that desire, that ended the relationship very quickly.

#2 – The second way is to tell yourself that the party will eventually be over. Slut tells are easy to spot and ignoring them by convincing yourself that this one might be different.

Fight that impulse, apply your red pill conditioning and admit to yourself that the “relationship” you have with pink haired girl with the bullring who has a great set of tits and sucks your dick better than any girl you’ve ever been with is eventually going to end because she’s a slut.

The only way to prolong the great treatment you get from sluts is to never fall for the trap in thinking that you will be together forever. Just because you know she’s a slut doesn’t mean you can’t keep her around for a while. But understand that the more time you spend with a woman….the more sex you have with her…the more vulnerable you become and the easier it will be for her to trick you into thinking she actually loves you enough to remain faithful to you. Because once you convince yourself of this, you’ll fall in love and commit…and as we all know, once that happens, it’s all downhill from there.

But the most effective way to avoid falling in love with sluts is to deprogram ourselves of who we are biologically and what we’ve been taught. Understand this gentlemen….feminism doesn’t rewire male biology, it simply exploits it.


We as Men haven’t changed what we want. We want beautiful, submissive women who know their roles, are loyal and give us their best. That didn’t change with 1st, 2nd or 3rd wave feminism. What it did was exploited male desire by telling us that we could have these things by doing the complete opposite of what it actually takes. Be vulnerable….treat women as your equal…..give her the world before she earns that right simply because she’s a woman and deserves it….Trust her implicitly before she earns it.

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