Let’s do a quick recap for the 2018 sports moments no one will be forgetting anytime soon. Comment below which one is your favorite or least favorite.

Serena Williams goes wild at the U.S. Open In September

Serena’s comeback last year was not one that did her proud. After losing to Naomi Osaka at the U.S. Open in September 2018, Serena started crying, destroyed her racket and argued with the ref.

Minnesota won over New Orleans Saints with 10 seconds left on the clock

One of the biggest comebacks in sports for 2018 happened when Minnesota Vikings won over New Orleans Saints with 10 seconds left on the clock after an astonishing play. Case Keenum connected with Stefon Diggs on a 61-yard, last-second, game-ending touchdown that won the game for his team.

J.R. Smith dribbling out the clock in the NBA finals

J.R. Smith was the source of millions of Internet memes in 2018 after he decided to go on a dribbling rampage with 10 seconds left on the clock and his team losing to Golden State during the NBA finals.

His teammates’ reactions as well as his own reaction after realizing what he did are without a doubt priceless.

Jacob Copeland’s mom walks out on him after he signed with Florida

Jacob Copeland went viral last year but not necessarily for the best reasons. While sitting at a table surrounded with close family and friends,
the four-star wide receiver decided to go for Florida over Tennessee and Alabama.

The moments that followed Jacob’s decision are hard to explain as his mother walked-out of the live event after she expected him to go for Tennessee instead.

The Khabib vs. McGregor fight and the aftermath

UFC 229 came with one of the wildest fights facing Khabib Nurmagomedov (27–0) and Connor McGregor (21–4). Khabib won against McGregor but then all hell went loose with Khabib’s entourage jumping in to fight McGregor for his pre-match statements.

Colin Kaepernick’s Nike commercial


Nike teamed up with Colin Kaepernick last year for a new commercial that went viral. The reactions after this one were mixed with Nike fans going from throwing away or burning their sneakers to simply adoring Kaepernick for choices so far.

Kobe Bryant wins an Oscar for his animated short film ‘Dear Basketball’

Kobe Bryant managed to win an Oscar for his animated short film ‘Dear Basketball’ in 2018. Based on Kobe’s retirement letter from 2015, the clip
was created with the help of Disney animator Glen Keane and the award managed to surprise everyone, including Bryant himself.

LeBron joins the Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James decided to join the Lakers last year for a 4-year $154 million contract. The four-time MVP and three-time NBA champion is now aiming to build along with the Lakers’ younger core a new heavyweight formation to stop the Golden State’s winning strike.

Cristiano Ronaldo joins Juventus Torino

After making history with Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to take a new challenge for his career so he made a shocking move to Italian soccer club Juventus Torino.

Fans went wild and Real Madrid took a huge loss when it comes to popularity while Juventus have gained millions of new fans on their social media accounts. Currently, Ronaldo is making waves at his new team the same way he did at Real Madrid despite being 33 years old.