It’s common knowledge these days that black women are angry. This assertion pisses them off almost instantly because deep down they all know it’s true as proof is all around us every day.

Black women look angry, they sound angry, they talk angry. Hell, even when they’re trying to act kind and docile their anger is still written all over their faces and body language. Hiding it is as futile as a person afflicted by halitosis popping in a breath mint to mask their horrible breath.

Try as she might, the former first lady can’t hide her inherent anger

All of that said, however, I can’t say I blame them for being angry. Black women are shit on by society in just about every conceivable way nearly every minute of every day of their lives so it’s no wonder they wake up pissed off.

There are many reasons black women have good reason to be mad at the world but 3 in particular stick out.

#1) They’re At The Bottom Of The Sexual Food Chain

The hard and simple reality for black women is that most men just don’t prefer them. Sure, a man might use them for a one night stand on occasion because he’s in a slump or he wants to experience an “exotic” or “forbidden fruit” at least once in his life but by and large, black chicks are almost nobody’s type.

When men think about the woman he wants to share his life with, have a family with, and take care of into his golden years, he seldom fantasizes about sisters. This includes black men (more on this later).

Not a sister in sight which is no accident

There are scores of reasons for this and they’ve all been discussed ad nauseam across websites like this, YouTube channels, and the like so there’s no need belaboring the points as to why they’re not worth committing to these days.

But I can’t say I wouldn’t be pissed off too if I knew that most women I encounter aren’t entertaining thoughts of a so much as a quick roll in the hay. Illimitable Man and I discussed this last week when we talked about Asian and Indian men being the least attractive males on the planet and that they have the least amount of options in terms of women. Asian and Indian women these days don’t even want Asian and Indian men so it stands to reason these men are angry on the inside.

Can’t say I blame you…

Black women are no different. They don’t have the luxury of leaving their houses every day and fielding offers from scores of men they come across like their Caucasian and Hispanic counterparts do. This hard truth is never lost on black women and you can bet your ass it’s one of the main reasons they’re always seething with anger beneath the surface.

#2) They’re Miserable But Have No Idea Why

The average sister is miserable. She doesn’t live the life she thinks she deserves, she doesn’t have the romantic options she wants, and she has zero clue as to why this is. She has no idea as to why she’s miserable and isn’t close to figuring that out.

The world tells women they need to be strong and independent to be attractive. The black community goes one step further and indirectly (and sometimes directly) and tells them they also need to be masculine in addition to the aforementioned traits.

I could point to any number of sources they get this from but one needs not look any further than Tyler Perry movies and the 2 that jump to mind immediately are Why Did I Get Married? and Why Did I Get Married Too?

“I just gave her the D and she’s STILL bitchin???”

The very worst offender in terms of the character who perpetuates that masculinity = attraction is none other than Angela, played by Tasha Smith. This chick quite literally bitches, yells, and complains throughout the movie at her husband Marcus played by every black woman’s object of affection, Michael Jai White.

You would think that a woman’s incessant nagging would earn her an early divorce but not Angela. She’s actually rewarded with, yet, more loyalty and attention by her 3% body fat husband. This kind of thing tells women in no uncertain terms to be as insufferable as humanly possible in order to get good treatment from men.

The problem, of course, is that it’s not working. Sisters are out here acting like Angela and expecting dozens of Shemar Moores and Morris Chestnuts to be beating down their doors but they’re not.

So now they’re angry and confused as to why they’re miserable. And even if they suddenly realized why, they’d never admit it in public because black women are the most prideful, stubborn people out there and admitting their entire ideology is flawed is something they’re ill equipped to do.

#3) Black Men No Longer Want Or Need Them

Whether sisters admit it or not black men are their only option. They’ll be quick to point out women like Paula Patton or Serena Williams but they know as well as anyone that using outliers as examples is being intellectually dishonest. They’re well aware that we’re their only viable option for long term relationships and even more aware that we’re finding greener pastures with other races of women these days.

Not even close to the norm

If the situation were reversed, that is black women stopped dating black men at the rate black men are abandoning relationships with sisters today, we’d be more than alright. Women of all races find black men attractive so if black chicks started jumping ship (to what ship, I have no idea), we’d have more than enough options to keep our collective dicks wet.

But the average black woman isn’t attractive to the average man of any other race and black men are starting to realize these broads ain’t worth the time of day for any reason. It’s become plainly obvious to sisters that brothers not only no longer want them, we don’t need them.

We know they aren’t worth marrying because they’re insufferable bitches who’ll do little more than emasculate you and do everything in their power to make your life as inconvenient as possible. They’re not worth dating because they expect you to give them the world and worship the ground they walk on for no other reason but that they’re women.

If sisters ain’t givin’ it up, other women will

Shit, they’re not even close to worth fucking because they seem to get pregnant if a man so much as looks in their general direction as most of them have a bunch of kids. It’s as though their pussies find a way to suck the semen out of a man’s dick through the 8 condoms he used. As tongue and cheek as that may be, we all know sisters are the most fertile females out there so unless you want a bunch of kids, keep your dick away from them.

The bottom line is that our lives are better without them and they know it. They can pretend all they want but deep down, they know the score. Seeing an increasing number of black men with non black women is a constant, yet, sobering reminder that we no longer want or need them and it makes them furious.

All of that said…

…their anger is not our problem. Yes, they have valid reasons as to why they’re in a perpetual state of anger and extreme malcontent but they couldn’t give less of a shit about what we go through as black men on a daily basis. To add insult to injury they blame us, talk shit about us, and just about anything else they can do to drive us further away from them.

Sisters would do well to abide by The Golden Rule to reel us back into their lives but like most things they need to do, I’m not holding my breath.

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