Those of you who have followed my work for the last half-decade or so, know I experienced my Red Pill renaissance in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. To be honest with you, that was never the intent to begin with. I ended up in the 702 because I was essentially kicked out of the state of North Carolina on the heels of a devastating breakup that forced me to move to Atlanta.

Having lived in the ATL once before, it took me all of 6 months to figure out that it was simply not the city for me. So I bought a one way ticket to Sin City to go after some friends of mine urged me to move out West and it proved to be the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

I found The Red Pill about a month after moving there because of an insignificant relationship with an unattractive Mexican girl who reeled me in with her huge tits.  After finding out she was going out on a date just hours after I dumped her I Googled “Why do girls get over breakups so easily?” The rest, as they say, is history and the great and powerful Donovan Sharpe was born.

The 8+ years I spent in Vegas were the best years of my life. I learned game, fucked more pretty girls than most men have in a lifetime, made more money than I’d ever made in my life, and had the time of my life living in the fast lane.

Sure, I had plenty of missteps, close calls, and crazy situations. I had a few fucked up relationships, got cheated on more than I’m willing to admit, snorted my weight in cocaine, and pissed away a shit load of money. But all in all, it was a net positive that completely changed my life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Because of my experience, Las Vegas will always by my secondary hometown because it’s where I finally became a Man. And any man looking to change their life for the better would do well to consider moving out to the Entertainment Capital of The World and I’ve got 5 reasons why.

#1: You will NEVER be without a job

When I first arrived in Vegas, I had just under $700 in my pocket which was barely enough to scrape by for a month. Yes, I was staying with friends who didn’t require me to pay rent until I found a job but even still, $700 wasn’t gonna cut it.

It took me less than a week to find a job at a call center making $13/hr plus commission. In 2 months I had enough to move into my own place and 6 months after that I saved enough to buy a car.

There are more call centers in Vegas than you can shake a stick at

Jobs are as plentiful as sluts in the 702. There are more call centers than you can shake a stick at who couldn’t care less about your criminal record or recreational drug use…I am not exaggerating. So long as you can speak English and can show at least a remedial level aptitude in phone sales, you’ve got the job. Even if you struggle in the beginning they’ll train you to make you better and give you plenty of time to catch on.

Casinos are always hiring as well, though they’re a little more stringent with their screening requirements. Bartending jobs are always available as well as construction (there’s always construction going on in Vegas).

The #1 reason most Men don’t take the plunge and move to a new city is because they’re not sure about the job market. Well, Las Vegas does not have that problem…trust me.

#2: Low cost of living

The firs time I bought something at the grocery store, I realized that there was no tax on food. Then I learned there was no State Income Tax. That was my introduction to the extremely low cost of living in the State of Nevada.

When I moved out of my buddy’s place, I scored a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment in a decent part of town for $595/mo. My cable and internet were $70/mo,my electricity ran me around $100/mo, and my grocery bill was usually around $400/mo. My monthly expenses were less than $1,200/mo.

So let’s do some math here: My hourly wage got me just over $2000/mo which left me with $800 of discretionary income…and that’s not counting my commission which was substantial (I had extensive sales experience).

You can live a good life in Vegas for not a lot of money so long as you’re not stupid with your money.

#3: The girls

And last, but certainly not least, one of the biggest reasons the 702 is a great city for single Brother Pill aware men is the girls.

Gentlemen, Vegas is crawling with young, hot girls who give away pussy like Halloween candy. Granted, you can’t approach an attractive female with weak game and expect to be successful. That goes without saying in any city. But there are so many girls there, you can fail on most approaches (which I did a lot) and still have a stable of women to sleep with.

Girls come to Vegas for one main reason

Here’s another element: Las Vegas is the #1 tourist attraction in the world. What’s this mean? It means that new girls are arriving in Sin City literally every hour. And girls don’t come to Vegas for the casinos and shows. They come to Vegas to get laid.

I have fucked scores wives and girlfriends who aren’t residents of Las Vegas. They’re either in town on business, on vacation with their friends, spring break, you name it, girls are here for it. The slogan isn’t “What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas” for a reason and that reason is the sexual escapades and debauchery that happens the second that plane touches down at McCarran Airport.

There are pockets of girls like this everywhere in Sin City

The inventory of new girls turns over every few hours which means more opportunities for you to spit game, score a same day lay, then do it again the next day. As for the girls who actually live in Vegas, they’re equally as easy to fuck and we can thank feminism for that.

Add all that to the fact that you get 360+ days of sunshine a year which means girls walk around in next to nothing practically year ’round and you’ve got the perfect conditions for building a roster of attractive females to keep your balls drained at all times.


It’s important to understand that I am in no way suggesting that you can just show up in the city that never sleeps expect to be up to your eye balls in pussy and money simply because you decided to live there. It took discipline, financial temperance, and persistency for me to achieve the level of success I did when I was there.

The most important element in my success was learning and applying Red Pill principles. Vegas is a city that will chew you up and spit you out simply because the women are so plentiful. Not knowing how to handle them will turn your life upside down. But if you apply Red Pill and Brother pill awareness, Sin City can and will be the best place you will ever live as a Man.