Most people are familiar with what we define as “Social Justice Warriors.” SJWs are essentially people who are socially progressive that “fight” for what they define as equality for the socio-economically disadvantaged (the poor) and those who they believe are societally oppressed. The groups they go to bat for are racial minorities, gays, lesbians, and woman…basically anybody but heterosexual males.

Over the years, social justice warriors have gained momentum what with the advent of social media which allows them to voice their opinions for perceived injustices. They use these platforms to organize rallies, protests, and other public displays of what they define as solidarity to show they are not happy with whatever is going on with any given situation.

But SJWs have started to show a little disdain with black people in their ranks, albeit covert. They can’t go public with their antipathy toward African-Americans because it’s a bad look and shows weakness. How seriously would the public take them if they started feuding with one of the very groups they vehemently defend to the “oppressive” masses?

That said, here are the 3 biggest reasons SJWs are starting to harbor contempt for black people:

#1: Black people understand life isn’t fair

Back in July I penned a column here entitled Why Black People Need To Stop Expecting White People To Care About Our Problems. And in that column I dropped this little nugget:

Police officers shouldn’t be shooting us. Black men should get a fair shake in the court system. We shouldn’t have to worry about getting pulled over for little to no reason only to be harassed by cops who do their level best to escalate the situation to give themselves a reason to assault, taze, or shoot us.

But that’s not the case.

Similar to the way we’ve adapted to today’s women, we need to play the hand we’re dealt and understand that it’s on us to reduce the odds of these things happening to us.

Yes, change is possible and it’s definitely needed. But at this point I have very little reason to believe that significant change is going to happen in my lifetime. So in the meantime I make sure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed and I would strongly advise black men to do the same.

You can listen to my podcast regarding the same subject below:

SJWs are very uncomfortable with the black people in their ranks who know and understand that despite what they “fight” for, that life isn’t fair. One of the fundamental dogmas of social justice warriors is that life should be fair for all regardless of gender, race, socio-economic status, genetics, or anything else outside of one’s control.

African-American understand very clearly by virtue of being black in America, that life isn’t fair. Many of them don’t say that out loud but some of them do…including those in SJW camps. Social justice warriors aren’t trying to hear that life isn’t fair because it undermines one of the core beliefs that acts as a one of the basic building blocks to their entire ideology. When black people oppose this view through words and/or actions, it rubs SJWs the wrong way and eventually it leads to dislike and subsequently hatred.

#2: African-Americans don’t always fall in line with their principles

Most SJWs, regardless of race agree on most of their basic principles. By and large they all believe relationships between men and women should be equal in every way (defined as egalitarianism), that being politically conservative or a Republican is generally a bad thing, and that Donald Trump is the devil reincarnate sent from the seventh circle of hell. There are other things they all generally agree on but you get the idea.

Black people, however, don’t identify with every single solitary element of the de facto SJW handbook. Referencing #1, black SJWs don’t all embrace victimhood. African-Americans know that bad things that happen to them as a result of being black doesn’t make them victims unless they give credence to being a victim. They understand that calling themselves a victim not only removes accountability but it also takes away the power to change their situation. Social justice warriors ain’t tryin’ to hear anything about being proactive outside of “protesting” and “fighting” for change. They’d sooner sit at their computers or walk the streets drinking their overpriced Starbucks lattes when it’s convenient to pretend to be outraged about whatever they feel like at the time.

You’ll never catch a black girl at a slut walk walking around half naked

Black SJWs are also much more thick skinned in that they seem to handle criticism much better than their white counterparts. Again, this is because African-Americans live in and experience a different American than whites. Because of this, they’re in essence more battle tested than the average Caucasian SJW who has more than likely seen or experienced very little strife or conflict in their lives (which is, in part, the reason they became SJWs in the first place).

There are a few other minute sub-sections in their views black people don’t fall in line with and those only add fuel to the fire. White SJWs always carry an increasing dissent for those in their camps who aren’t 100% aligned with their philosophies and blacks are becoming the group they resent the most.

#3: Black SJWs don’t actively recruit other “oppressed” groups

Over the last few decades old school veteran race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have exploited just about every incident involving African Americans to line their pockets and increase their profile and relevance. But a few years ago Sharpton was making a speech about something that had happened (I can’t remember exactly) and during his faux tirade he said “…and justice for Black and Brown people in this country…” I knew at that very moment he was trying to recruit Mexicans because he was running out of relevancy in the black community. He knew his act was getting old in the public eye and decided to add another branch to expand his brand. Whether I agree with what he does or not I’ll give him full marks for the change in strategy.

Feminists have adopted the same strategy. First and second wave feminism had their run but they died quick deaths because the public at large recognized that what they stood for was bullshit and that their message was severely flawed. Third wave feminism, however, figured out how to stay in the public eye and even thrive and they did it by adopting the same strategy Sharpton did years ago.

Feminism has recruited other groups they define as “oppressed” such as gays, lesbians, members of the LGBTQ community, minorities other than blacks, and immigrants. They’ve all come together and now make up the group we refer to as Social Justice Warriors. These days if you offend one, you offend ’em all.

Say something about a woman, the gays jump to their defense. Call a gay a pejorative term such as faggot, women return the favor. Say something perceived to be derogatory about immigrants, gays and women come to their aid. Talk shit about  gays     ( by referencing them by the derogatory term faggot or the like)   women and immigrants defend them. The last decade or so these groups have gelled together and now make up what is seemingly an unstoppable group.

Black SJWs don’t recruit other groups because they’re more concerned with the plight of black people. This isn’t to say they don’t toe the proverbial company line and defend other groups in the public square to keep up appearances but they’re not out there getting other groups who claim to be oppressed to join the club…at least not nearly as actively as white social justice warriors are.

Black SJWs ain’t tryin’ to do this

Caucasians believe that blacks should be pounding the pavement like they are to increase the influence and power of the organization while African-Americans generally believe that it’s not their place to emulate them because of their inherent obstacles as blacks in America.  This causes, yet, a deeper rift between black and white SJWs.

When the rubber meets the road…

…social justice warriors are going to stick together and few things are going to divide them…race included. But there is an obvious fissure between blacks and whites within the SJW community and it won’t be long before it reaches critical mass. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. With any luck, they’ll destroy themselves from the inside out.

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