We’re all aware of the obvious signs a woman’s a low quality slut who would make a bad girlfriend or wife. Tattoos, body piercings, unnaturally colored hair, and so forth.
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But what a lot of guys are in the dark about that they seem to think they are informed about is how to tell a woman is worth committing to. Guys say “If she knows how to cook she’s a keeper!” or “If she doesn’t let me fuck her on the first date, she’s wife material!” or “If she grew up in a 2 parent home, she’ll make a great wife!”

This woman will cheat on you the moment you commit…count on it

While those things could certainly make a woman more likely to be a quality female, a lot of other things have to be in place. I fucked a lot of sluts who were decent cooks, and girls who don’t let you fuck the on the first date are usually putting on a facade to make you THINK she’s never done that before but little do you know she went on 3 first dates in the last 3 nights, and fucked all 3 dudes. Plus 99% of women in this country are sluts whether or not they had both parents at home growing up.

The ability to cook, not fucking her on the first date, and the 2 parent home myth are all superficial and very lazy ways to evaluate a woman. It takes a long time to vet and train a woman to be your main chick. Saying “Well she can cook, she had both parents, and I didn’t fuck her on the first date so lemme wife this bitch up because I’ve found my snowflake!” isn’t putting in the work necessary to ensure you reduce your odds of getting got.

Nobody can tell if a woman is worth committing to long term in under 6 months. It might even be longer than that as far as minimums go. But there are a few traits she WILL display within the first 6 months to a year IF she’s a woman worth committing to and I’m going to point out 3 of the most important.

#1 – She rewards good treatment

Now let’s not mistake good treatment for beta behavior. Beta male behavior is supplicating, disingenuous, and manipulative. Betas reward women without them having earned it.

They buy them things, pay their bills, and take them to expensive dinners for no other reason but that they have a vagina. And as we all know women do not value what they are not required to work for.
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The good treatment I am referring to is being a masculine gentleman. Holding the door open for her, opening the car door for her, and ordering for her are all markers of masculine dominance that isn’t supplicating.

But when a woman does enough to warrant a little more of your attention and you give it to her, she reciprocates. If you text her “good morning” she texts right back and asks you how you slept. When you tell her she looks nice, she blushes and says “thank you.” When you take her on a dinner date, she gives you a toe curling blowjob and lets you fuck her six ways from Sunday, then makes you breakfast before you wake up.

Quality women love masculine gentlemen

Low quality women are much different. When you text her “good morning” she waits until she’s fucked her coworker in the parking lot during lunch to text back.If you call a slut beautiful she’ll say “yeah I know” or “Everybody’s been telling me that lately!”

Take a low quality woman on a date and she’ll run up the tab with expensive drinks, then tell you she’s gotta go console her friend who’s going through a bad breakup, then go get ass fucked by the unemployed garage band guitar player she met on Tinder.

The better you treat a slut, the worse she treats you. Quality women do not act this way.

#2 – She genuinely appreciates the little things

When I was a teenager I wrote my high school sweetheart notes every day, I gave her a rose every other Thursday (it was out tradition..long story), I gave her balloons, flowers, and chocolates on Valentines Day, I did all that sappy shit. And you know what? She fucking loved it.

Why? Because we were young. That’s significant because she hadn’t had the innocence fucked out of her….at least not yet.

Of course she liked all that sappy shit…she’d never experienced it before. I was her first everything. Her first date, first kiss, first fuck, first Valentine’s Day, first everything. She absolutely adored what I did for her because she’d never been treated like this.

Sluts punish you for this kind of treatment. Quality women do not.

Women who appreciate the little things are far less superficial. Low quality sluts have a “been there, done that” attitude and a lot of times they’ll say it out loud. They’ll be talking to their friends and say “And he had flowers for me when I got home and I appreciate it but I was like “been there done that.”

Quality women appreciate the little things. They don’t need big extravagant gifts to impress them. Further, she appreciates it because she knows she worked for it so by virtue of the human condition, she values it more. 

So when you do romantic little things for a woman and she blushes and smiles, it’s another mark on the pro side in terms of her being worthy of commitment.

#3 – She spoils you and doesn’t keep score

Low quality girls will never let you forget the “score”

A staple of femininity is putting the needs of her man before her own by making sure he’s taken care of. Preparing his plate and handing it to him before sitting down to eat after cooking his dinner. Having his favorite drink ready for him when he gets home. Being unselfish in bed by swallow that salty load even if it tastes bad…taking it in the ass even though it hurts or may be uncomfortable….making sure he blows his load and not bitching about how she didn’t cum.

A woman who might be worth committing to does these things because she genuine enjoys doing them for her man. She doesn’t require anything in return. She does these things because she loves her man and wants to make him happy.

Now there is a trade off. A woman isn’t going to spoil a man not worth spoiling. A woman will only do this for a man who loves her, protects her, desires her, relaxes her, makes all important decisions, and handles his shit.

All relationships are give and take but that doesn’t mean a woman who spoils her man expects anything in return.
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She’s already getting what she wants in needs provided she’s with the right man so there’s no need to “keep score.”

But when it becomes clear to her that you’re a man in demand….a high quality, high value individual worth committing to, she’ll have no issue with taking good care of you because of what you provide her as a significant other.


…it takes a good long while to decide of a woman has the characteristics worthy of possible commitment from you. Too many Men are so desperate to be in relationships they don’t put a woman through her paces to make sure she’s not fakin’ the funk. Laziness is also a factor as most Men aren’t willing to put in the work necessary to properly vet a female.

Though few and far between, there are women out there who may fit the bill in terms of long term relationship material and these 3 characteristics are a good place to start.