As Men, we understand that there are many things outside of our control. Our genetics, what other people say, do, and feel, and so forth.
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We also know that the difference between an excuse and a reason is that an excuse usually contains something you have control over, and reasons are things you generally cannot control.

That said, there are things that happen to us even though we had an element of control over the situation to some extent. Just because you do everything right, doesn’t mean everything is going to go right.

There is no better example of this in action than your interactions with women. You could run airtight game on a woman you approached at the club, and she still might tell you “peace out.” You could thoroughly vet a woman and train her properly and she still might do you dirty. It happens. So what do you do when things like this happen? You charge it to the game.

There are many things that men need to forget about and just charge to the game. I’m going to point out the 5 most important when it comes to girls.

#1 – “She cheated on me!”

Dudes get mad and hurt when girls cheat on them. And who can blame them? When a woman betrays you by fucking someone else while she’s your girl it is a painful experience. I speak from personal experience.

She could have cheated with her ex, her boss, a dude she met at a club on “girls’ night out”, a dude on facebook, I mean it could be anybody for any reason.

But men need to understand that women are always looking to upgrade. Depending upon their sexual market value, they’ve always got plenty of options. The way, of course, to reduce the odds of this happening to you is to keep your value as high as possible. Stay fit, run red pill game, stack paper, and execute your plan to become a better man all around.

Even then, your girl might still cheat and there’s nothing you can do about it. Women cheat for many reasons. Whether those reasons are legit or not doesn’t matter. And if your girl wants to cheat, she’s gonna cheat.

“That’s not fair, Donovan!” Maybe, maybe not. Either way you need to charge it to the game.
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The sexual marketplace isn’t fair and that’s all there is to it. But attempting to get revenge will not only blow up in your face, it makes the pain and embarrassment much worse. Again, I speak from personal experience.

Charge it to the game and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Set boundaries for your girl. Make her delete all social media.
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Be territorial rather than jealous or insecure. Do the things necessary to reduce the odds of getting cheated on. But understand that it could still happen. It sucks, it’s not fair, but again, charge it to the game.

#2 – “She used me!”

I’ve talked extensively about how I foolishly tried to buy a woman’s affection by renting her a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house, and put all the utilities in my name. Thinking back on how I stupid and thirsty I was back then makes me cringe.

But here’s the thing…that was my fault. She saw me as a target and I made it easy for her to use me. I had zero game to speak of, she knew it, and acted like girls act. Obviously this is an extreme example, which unfortunately happens more than it should, but there are other examples of women who use men on a lower level.

Girls will show interested in you at a bar or a club and when you buy them a drink, they disappear. There are girls who use dating apps to get fed, then go get fucked by the men they are aroused by. Girls do this shit all the time and most gets are gonna get got at some point or another. It’s a mathematical certainty.

Fortunately, we have a little more control over this than the first one I pointed out and it’s rather simple. Don’t put yourself in position to be used. Never agree to an early date, don’t pay a girl’s bills, don’t pay her rent, don’t make a car payment and don’t let her borrow money.

If a girl has ever used you in anyway, simply charge it to the game and move on. Make sure it doesn’t happen again.

#3 – “Girls are sluts!”

A lot of men are stuck in the anger phase of digesting The Red Pill. While it may be beneficial to keep a low level of anger in the back of your mind, accepting that girls are sluts is a part of the process.

Complaining about something you can’t control, such as the promiscuity of women, is counter productive and doesn’t get you anywhere. You’re a man. Adapt to the environment. Don’t bitch and moan about it like women do.

Coming to the reality that most women are sluts is a tough pill to swallow. Being told that girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice and then finding out they’re quite literally the polar opposite is a hard reality to accept. But denying reality doesn’t help or change anything. Stick your head in the sand all you want, girls are still going to be sluts no matter how much you don’t want them to be.

Low level MGTOWs have gone to the extreme and have sworn off all sexual interactions with women. They have completely checked out and taken themselves off the dating market. They have no interest in women whatsoever. No marriage, no relationships, not even one night stands.

Red Pill aware Men, however, understand that we need to charge this to the game. We get in shape, learn how to run asshole game, and fuck these bitches to sleep. We fuck ‘em, chuck ‘em, don’t spend money on ‘em and don’t do shit for ‘em but give the a stiff dick and an Uber ride home.

Too many niggas out here thinking they can find a girl who isn’t a slut. THEY WON’T. Then when they try to commit to a slut they get butt hurt when they use him or cheat on him. Rather than charging it to the game and avoiding these situations, they bitch and complain…just like the women who use them.

Girls are hoes, gentlemen. There’s nothing we can do about it. Charge it to the game, exploit their sluttiness and let the good times roll.


Be a man and adapt to the current dating market. It’s not fair, it’s not right, and God knows girls understand this but feel absolutely zero regret for the fuckery they get away with. Let ‘em get away with it and charge it to the game. It’s your only option.