I recently wrote a post entitled 6 Signs Your Girl Has Baby Rabies. A woman with “baby rabies” will stop at nothing to get pregnant so I’ve decided to write a follow up post to inform you of 3 of the most ubiquitous ways females try to trap you with a kid.

#1 – She tells you she’s “allergic” to condoms

Latex “allergies” are usually bullshit

This is one of the oldest tricks in the books and bitches still be pullin’ this shit and niggas still fall for it and wonder why they have 8 kids by 8 bitches.

I’m 41 years old and when I was a kid I can remember maybe 3 kids who had food allergies in my entire elementary, middle school, and high school years. But these days every kid has allergies and most of the time it’s bullshit because shitty moms just wanna make up maladies for their kids to make people think she’s a good mom by being vigilant about “Junior’s severe allergies to water!”

Well guess what guys….those parents are in the same generation of girls who make up those allergies. The girl who makes up her son’s allergy to oxygen comes from the same generation of the girl who’ll make up an allergy to latex. Then when you tell her you have a lambskin condom they say they’re allergic to that too.

Any idiot who falls for the “I’m allergic to condoms” trick deserves to knock a bitch up and be financially hamstrung for 18 years because deep down he knew she was full of shit….he just wanted a reason to raw dog her without taking responsibility or admitting fault.

#2 – She proactively tells you she’s on birth control

I say proactively because women know that men of value are extremely cautious about not getting women pregnant. So if she wants you to shoot your loads in her she’s going to tell you “hey I’m on birth control don’t worry about it.”

WORRY ABOUT IT….especially if you’ve JUST started fucking her. Look guys…..STDs and pregnancies are 2 of the biggest risks when it comes to fuckin’ women raw. Even if she’s clean, you can still knock her up so if one risk is gone, the other is always present.
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The one reason a woman tells you unprovoked that she’s on birth control is to encourage you to fuck her without a condom and the 2 reasons they want you to raw dog ‘em is either they like the feeling of a condomless dick (which makes all the sense in the world because unprotected sex feels better to everybody) or she wants you to get her pregnant. Most of the time it’s both.

Beware of the woman who PROACTIVELY tells you she’s on birth control. She’s doing this to give you a false sense of security and I’ll tell you a quick story….

A personal story:

I was dating this Mexican girl down in Vegas who was a solid 9. Great looking girl, hot body, the whole package. But she was crazy…..as in throw things at you when she gets pissed off kind of crazy. She had been my main chick for a while and she’d caught me cheating a few times so I’m not gonna blame her for getting upset but she got violent.

Anyway, she was on birth control the entire time we were together and I made her prove it to me by showing me proof of her depo shots. Well one day she had an appointment on a Friday afternoon. When she came to pick me up from work, she had the band aid and gauze on her arm as she always had after getting her shot.
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That weekend I fucked her more times than I’d ever fucked her before. She wanted the dick all day and all night.
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Now I knew she was ovulating because I have cycle calendars on all the women I’m fuckin’ for obvious reasons so I’m thinking to myself “Yeah I’m gonna get this good pussy all weekend long, she’s ovulating so she definitely wants the D”.

She went all the way with this lie….

Well on Tuesday I got a phone call from her doctors office asking if she was available. I told them “No this is Donovan I’m her boyfriend, call her”. They said “well she’s got you on here as a secondary contact.” So I said “Okay that’s fine but unless it’s an emergency I don’t wanna know about any of her medical stuff.’” The woman on the phone tells me “No this isn’t an emergency, we were just calling to reschedule her depo appointment because she missed hers this past Friday and her voicemail is full.”

I lost my fucking mind guys and needless to say I dumped the shit out of her. Bitches will pull this shit on you if you’re not careful guys.

#3 – She tells you it’s hard for her to get pregnant

Believe this at your own peril

This is another ploy to lull you into a false sense of security. And this is one they pull on the sly because they’ll “demand” that you use condoms but then conveniently “forget” to tell you a few times. Now in the back of YOUR mind you’re thinking “I blew my load in her but she told me it’s hard for her to get pregnant so I’m pretty sure I’m in the clear”

Next thing you know she’s pissin’ on a stick and showing you a blue plus sign. NEVER EVER EVER BELIEVE WHAT A WOMAN TELLS YOU WHEN IT COMES TO HER REPRODUCTIVE ANATOMY.

When you put this all together it’s easy to spot chicks who have the baby rabies. If you’re dating a 31 year old woman who’s told you she’s had a miscarriage, may or may not have had an abortion, talks about how she loves children, asks you about your SAT scores, tells you she’s on birth control and that she hasn’t been pregnant in 5 years despite not being careful all the time, it’s on YOU if you knock her up.

That’s obviously an extreme example because very few women show every single symptom of having baby rabies but if she shows more than 1, you need to have your guard up and these days you need to have your guard up anyway because women are not only professional cheaters, they’re professional trap queens….as in trap your sperm in their pussies then trap your finances for 18 years, then call themselves queens on facebook.