All men, regardless of age, race, or culture place every woman in our lives into one of 4 categories as it pertains to dating and mating. Now these categories may vary in name from place to place and across age and race, but their definitions are the pretty universal and are easily agreed upon.


This is the pinnacle. This is the category the most women want to attain. (I say most because not all women want this status and I’ll explain why later.)  The problem is that most women think they are wife material when in fact they aren’t. The simple truth is that the overwhelmingly vast majority of women aren’t.  That’s why so many women aren’t married and why many of them never will marry. Often times this attributed to the fact that there aren’t enough eligible, marriageable men. That simply isn’t true. Despite the fact that marriage in its current form is a bad deal for men, they continue to marry. Logic would dictate that if men are doing this despite knowing the risk, there are only two possible reasons.  He is just ignorant and doesn’t know better, or he loves this particular woman enough to do so despite the risks involved. Why would he do such a thing? It’s because he’s deemed her wife material and therefore worth it.

Let’s get into the characteristics of wife/main woman. Think of women like school. In school we receive an education across several areas of study; math, science, art, history, English, foreign language, etc.  Our grade point average or GPA is cumulative of assessment of our knowledge across all of these areas. So it is possible to excel in one, some, or none of these areas. Our GPA is the average accumulated skill across all areas.

Using the school GPA model, the women that are in wife/main category are often what would be B students, or those with a GPA between 3 and 3.9. Now, many of you reading this may be thinking that the main girl should be an A student. After all, she is the main one, right?

Remember, this is an overall grade that is reflective of her ability in all areas.  Using the analogy about various areas of study, let’s apply it to dating/relationships.  Her report card, if you will, may look something like this:

Attractiveness: B

Personality: A

Sex: B

Head: A

Cooking: C

Mother: A

As you can see, she excels in some categories, is average in some, and maybe slightly below average or marginal at others, but overall, she is a good student when all things are considered. She is diversely talented. Generally speaking, that is what the wife/main girl tends to be. She is a Swiss army knife, a jack of all trades. Sometimes, you will get lucky and she is the best women in all categories, but that is far more the exception than rule.

Other Woman/Side Chick/Mistress

If classes of women were a sexual orientation, the other woman/side chick would be a bi sexual. What I mean by that is content to go either way. Some want to be promoted to wife/main girl status. Again, that is the goal of most, not all women. Some of them are content to be side chick because they don’t want to do what is necessary to be a main/chick.  Remember, the wife/main chick has to be good to excellent across many areas. That is too much work for most women and that is why the majority of them will never be married.  Referring back to the report card model, her report card looks like something like this:

Attractiveness: B

Personality: A

Sex: C

Head: C

Mother: F

The other woman/side chick/mistress in general, tends to excel in one area and to be deficient to marginal in all others. She typical only has one redeeming quality and it’s not always sex. In fact, it most often isn’t sex.  How many times have we seen men cheat and the reaction is something to the effect of, “how could he cheat on her, with that?” The answer is simple.  While the wife/main may be the best overall choice, she isn’t perfect and may lack in some areas, those in the other woman/side chick/mistress category often excel where they’re deficient but aren’t proficient enough in enough areas to be promoted to wife/main status.


Again, using the school analogy, hoes are the kids in school that are only good at one subject. For hoes that subject is sex. Sex is the only redeeming quality that they have. They have to be excellent at fucking because that is their meal ticket.  Generally speaking, with exceptions of course, they tend to be less attractive that the previous categories. For them, it’s a numbers game. They need to suck and fuck as many guys as they can for a come up in the hopes that they get a baby by a guy that’s well off. That will allow them to extort resources of out of him that they wouldn’t normally have access to because they often have no marketable skills, and thus no means to make money otherwise. Their body is their meal ticket.   There report card looks something like this:

Attractiveness: D

Personality: F

Sex: A

Head: A

Mother: F


This is a special category.  Many of us may have women that we grew up with or are close with. Because of the nature of our relationship, we don’t see them in a romantic or sexual way. These women are more akin to our family and we think of them as our sisters or cousins. This is a special situation that doesn’t happen that often.  While it is possible for the women in this category to promoted, it often doesn’t end well and the friendship is often damaged beyond repair. There are exceptions, but more often than not, the women in this category we just remain friends with.

The key to a successful to a successful relationship is to learn to quickly identify what type of woman that you are dealing with and to govern yourself accordingly.