You want to be a millionaire in Africa? It’s pretty easy; all you need is a strategy and just the right amount of persistence.
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Africa is a bubble waiting to burst with opportunities and possibilities all waiting to be explored and the following business ventures will offer the best remedy for that:

Venture Capitalism:

This is a lucrative business which is guaranteed to turn you into an instant millionaire if not a billionaire. Africa is slowly establishing itself as a technology hub with a myriad of startups coming up every day. Problem is that most of them don’t have enough capital to hit off and become a success.

As a smart person with a bit of money to spend, then investing in these ideas which are absolutely brilliant by the way could be very lucrative.

Social Media:

A new phenomenon which has taken the whole world by storm, it’s causing major ripples in Africa with many businesses adopting it as an engaging and dynamic way of interacting with their clientele. Government bodies and institutions are also using social media to save face and sometimes even disseminate propaganda and they are spending a shit of load of money to do so.

Now picture yourself at the center of this prodigy and imagine all the money you can make out of this. You can for example open a social media firm which would specialize in offering internet solutions to various companies or you can even to choose to be an influencer and work with various brands.

If you have a bit of more money to spend, then you can invest in more technology and manpower and build a powerhouse like Cambridge Analytica who are experts in shaping public opinion.

Socialites aka Slay Queens

This is yet another business which is slowly picking up in Africa and which is making young beautiful girls a lot of money. And the requirements are very minimal. All you need is an active instagram account, a perfect pair of boobs and buttocks and a totally empty head and you are well on your way to riches.

The only thing you need to do is take a shitload of raunchy photos and constantly update them on your IG accompanied by a lot of irrelevant quotes.
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Once that is done, then now sit and watch droves upon droves of men hitting up your DM asking to have a piece of you. If you are smart, then you will pick out the richest of them all and ask to be paid for your services; at premium that is.

Real Estate:

There is a lot bad housing in Africa and it’s about time someone did something about it. It can well be you but you need to have a strategy.

With rapid population growth and urbanization, the property market is in utmost demand but most investors are getting it wrong. Nobody is focusing on good and affordable housing for the poor who are the majority in Africa and this is where most money is to be made.

And not only the poor but also the expatriates who are coming in hordes courtesy of their companies which are setting up shop in Africa. Even big technological multinationals like Facebook and Google have seen the need to explore Africa and thus are sending delegations to review the various opportunities found here. This people need housing and you can be the one to offer it to them.


With a growing population especially in urban areas and a lot of encroachment of land for Real Estate, a food crisis is slowly developing in Africa. And not only that, many Africans are also more health conscious and are looking for healthier and wholesome foods; this has not been helped by terminal diseases like cancer.

Investing in food production and processing could be a very successful business.