1. Men Should Always Make The First Move:

This one is that we all heard time and time again. There was a time when a woman approaching a man wasn’t socially or culturally acceptable. These days are long gone and aren’t coming back. Closed mouths don’t get fed. Just as a man should approach a woman that he’s interested in instead of hoping she approaches him, she can do the same. A classic excuse that women love to give as to why they can’t or won’t approach men is because in the Bible is says that, “He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing.”  Let me break that down and explain what that really means. First the actual scripture says is, “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtained favour of the LORD.”  According to the Bible, God’s preference for men and women are to marry and not to engage in fornication, aka premarital sex. So when you find a wife or marry, you are obtaining the favor of the Lord by living according to his word. How do I know this? Remember the joke Steve Harvey told about how he had to go to church every day when he was growing up? That was me, except worse. My mother is a theologian and has a doctorate in Theology and Religious History and she made sure that I had my religious education. The bottom line is that is simply an excuse women use to justify not approaching men because they’re afraid of the possibility of rejection.

  1. Men Should Always Pay For Dates:

This is one is definitely from a bygone era. Men used to pay for dates way back when because women didn’t work, and the few that did, made nowhere near the money that men made. Those days are gone. In this modern era women make just as much money as men. Some of them make more than men. The excuse most often given to justify this by women is that a date is an investment for them. They have to get their hair and nails done. They have to buy makeup, new outfit, new shoes, etc.  This excuse is lame on a couple of levels. First, as a woman your maintenance is your responsibility and should be kept up regardless of whether or not you are going on a date. Also, it disregards the ancillary expenses that men incur that are part of the date such putting gas in his car, getting a haircut, cleaning his vehicle, etc. At the end of the day, a date is an investment for both parties involved. If a woman always expects you to pay while never contributing and showing that she’s equally as invested, she isn’t worth dating.

  1. A Real Man Should Be Able Handle a Strong Woman:

This one is complete and utter bullshit. A strong woman is a euphemism for bitch. Let’s just call it what it is. No man is obligated to put up with bitchy behavior from any woman, at any time, for any reason.

  1. The Woman Is The Prize:

Woman love to lament the fact that men are no longer court them. Here’s the thing that those women conveniently forget to mention about that is that men were courted by women as well. Let me explain. A man used to court a woman, but she also courted him by showing him that she was a lady and worthy of his effort. She did this by doing things such as carrying herself like a lady. She had a pleasant demeanor; she cooked for him, etc. In other words dating, and by extension, a relationship was a partnership in which both parties benefited. That’s not what you have today. What a lot of women want today to be wined, dined, and otherwise treated like royal while doing as little in return as possible.

  1. Happy Girl, Happy World

This is the single man’s version of the common expression “happy wife, happy life.”  Far too often as men we are told to put the woman’s needs or wants ahead of our own. In doing so, she is supposed to be happy, which results in happiness for you. This is asinine on a couple of levels. First, no man can make any woman happy. In fact, no person can make another person happy. Happiness is an outward expression of an inward feeling. Any happiness that isn’t internally driven or depends on external factors is fleeting at best.  Second, if all you do is strive to make her happy, are you really happy? What kind of existence is that? How can you truly be happy by acquiescing constantly to the whims of another person? That is not living, it’s existing. So no, you don’t have to go to a vegan restaurant all the time if what you really want is a steak. You don’t have to go some shitty chick flick when the latest action movie is playing. Your wants and needs matter. Your opinions matter and if she can’t respect that then kick her ass to the curb.


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  1. 2pacck 29/05/2017 at 4:52 am - Reply

    The table is tilted and the game is rigged. I think men should just walk away from all the dating BS and seek his own passions and goals. If a female comes around with minimal effort, fine, but all the holla hoops is a waste of time.

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