Looking to add a new vibe to your wardrobe? Check out 5 fresh sneakers that will change your look instantly.

5) Common Projects “Tennis Pro”


Probably the most common pair in our top. Common Projects “Tennis Pro” however, represent hyper-lux minimalism while being styled in a off-beige/white colorway.

The pair will do you good in any office outfit while being designed to offer comfort in long working days. Leather and suede, made in Italy. You can’t lose with these ones right here so if you have the right moula, feel free to give Common Projects “Tennis Pro” a chance.

4) New Balance “991”contrast panel 

The New Balance “991”, you dad’s favorite sneakers. The Gravy/Navy colorway from New Balance will match any outfit you have while allowing you to pass the day in style.

Based on a mesh suede and nubuck upper, the kicks are laying on a ABZORB and ENCAP mid sole with rubber being added for the outsole. Perfect construction, in style – a concept that New Blance became notorious for.

3) Nike “Air Max 1 Jewel”

Probably the most stylish minimal-cool kicks coming from Nike. The “Air Max 1 Jewel” will save any ugly or cheap outfit while giving you that simple, laid back, cool look that can make your day.

This pairs goes with trainers, jeans, shorts or any type of pants that you might think of. Emergency business situations or a laid back outfit, the Nike “Air Max 1 Jewel” will do both so be sure to cop a pair if your outfit is lacking some inspiration.

2) Adidas “Iniki Boost”

The dad shoes of all European dads but with a sports look. The Adidas “Iniki Boost” comes with a simple design based on live active colorways while showcasing the extremely popular Boost technology.

The Boost, as we all know it by now, helped the European brand surpass the Jumpan in an all time kick selling top and for good reasons. If you’re looking for comfort and style, “Iniki Boost” is a probably a top 5 solution in the market right now. And for a good price.

1) Givenchy hi-top trainers



What better way to refresh your look than a pair of Givenchy sneakers? Even if they don’t pass as anything special at first, the Givenchy hi-top suede and canvas trainers are pretty much everything that’s trending shoe-wise combined in a single product.

Usually that comes out as a mess but Givenchy managed to work their magic to create the concept above. Quality was not left behind either.