Check out a list with 5 not-so-famous reality TV celebrities

5. Jordyn Woods

AKA the girl next to Kylie Jenner. Besides being signed to major a modelling agency (allegedly), the only thing that Jordyn Woods is known for is appearing next to Kylie Jenner while the Kardashian is taking her famous Instagram selfies. Even if Woods appears in split second segments in Keeping Up With the Kardashians from time to time, no one knows what she does exactly aside from what we already mentioned above.


4. Blac Chyna

After trying to finesse her way in the Kardashian clan, Blac Chyna decided to do what she does best and that is entertain people. Formally known as “an exotic dancer”, Chyna tried her luck in reality TV but it seems that she didn’t have what it takes to be part of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

She then took her pet (Rob Kardashian) and tried her luck with her own reality TV show Rob and Chyna but that didn’t work either. Allegedly, she realized that thoting around and finessing other sucks is what’s best to her.

3. Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila’s  reality TV career didn’t work out so she…went nazi

Tila Nguyen is the absolute example that there are individuals out there that are willing to do just about anything to keep themselves relevant. Ultimately this doesn’t happen so they blank out completely.

Discussing what happened to her would be irrelevant as her so called “career.” Sit down Tila, and erase every track of your existence.


2. Rob Kardashian

Rob, you at least have the common sense to get yourself out of the picture while your family does what they do best, we’ll give you that. Aside from getting finessed by Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian holds the title for the most irrelevant Kardashian to ever exist.

Newborn Kardashians who can’t even speak are able to generate more interest than Rob, who holds one of the biggest L’s in history for being so desperate to pay $1 million to a guy to stop banging his baby mama.

Here, take another L, Rob, and sit down. You are as irrelevant as a used bus ticket.

1. Tiny

The number one spot goes to Tiny, T.I.’s ex/current wife. Not only does Tiny have no basic skills or a role in the mainstream entertainment, but she doesn’t even posses the most basic asset to be a reality TV celebrity – good looks.

Tameka Cottle by her government name, is “an American singer-songwriter” allegedly but not a single song of hers is known to us. She tried a little bit of everything but still there’s no feedback coming from the mainstream public.

Tiny if you’re reading this you need to stop it. No ass or titties implant will make you relevant. Ever.