We talk all the time about girls who have red flags. Red flags are defined as characteristics, traits, or habits that make a girl less likely to be a good significant other.

Now to be clear red flags don’t necessarily disqualify a woman from your commitment. My girlfriend’s got a couple of red flags but so far I’ve managed to mitigate those red flags. Lesser Men would not be able to do what I do.

Keep in mind that not all red flags are created equal but they are what they are. If a girl has a red flag you need to be on the lookout and prepare accordingly. And the more red flags any given woman has, the more likely it is that she’ll turn your life upside down in many ways if you catch feelings for her.

Also, red flags are synonymous with slut tells with women. Anytime a woman has a red flag it always manifests itself through sex because women can only self destruct through sex. Even if they have self destructive habits those habits always lead to sex: She drinks a lot means she fucks a lot. She cuts herself out of self mutilation, she’s a slut. The list goes on and on.

Red flags are cause for concern so make sure you proceed with extreme caution but if she has too many red flags, hit the eject button. I’m not going to talk about red flags because I’ve discussed these ad nauseam in my writings, and podcasts. No need to beat a dead horse here.

Then we have what I call crimson flags. These are the habits and characteristics that are a little more alarming than red flags. Again, they don’t completely disqualify a woman from an LTR but they almost do. If you meet a woman with crimson flags, she’ll do more damage than a woman with red flags.

Then there are, traits, habits, characteristics, and circumstances that damage a woman beyond repair. These are not red flags or crimson flags. These are BLACK FLAGS. These are the things that make them radioactive as far as long term relationships are concern. And if a man doesn’t have game, I would strongly suggest not even sticking your dick in these chicks even one time.

Women who are damaged beyond repair are the BPD girls….girls who know how to manipulate on multiple levels….girls who are diabolical and will take their pound of flesh if you so much as interact with them, let aloe fuck them even one time.

Women with black flags are not to be messed with gentlemen and this article will discuss the 5 you need to be on the lookout for.

#1 – She has a large visible tattoo(s)

She’s got a hot body but she’s severely damaged

A lot of girls have tattoos these days but a lot of times they’re relatively small. Maybe a butterfly tramp stamp, or some sort of “profound” statement on their wrists, things like that. Yes, these girls are sluts and we know never to make those girls you girlfriend or wife.

But when a woman has a large thigh tattoo, or sleeves, or neck tattoos, or worse….facial tattoos, she’s damaged way beyond repair. Tattoos for women are a form of self harm and self mutilation which means there’s self hate. And no amount of counseling is going to reverse the irreparable damage a woman with a mural of a clown on her back has sustained through her life. The bigger and more visible the tattoo the more damaged she is.

Amy, had a huge forearm tattoo that looked like she had it done in prison. Turns out she did it herself when she was 14. No surprise my relationship with her turned out the way it did. Again Red Pill Origins Volume 2 on patreon.com/donovansharpe

#2 – She likes abusive sex

More women like abusive sex than you think….

One of the most unforgettable girls I’ve ever fucked absolutely lived for being abused in bed. As in literally abused. I used to slap her, choke her, spit in her face, call her all kinds of names, I’d pull her hair when I nutted in her face and say “You fucking worthless cum dumpster.”  She even told me she loved painful anal sex and would tell me to pound her harder. She would literally cry while I was doing it and would orgasm at the same time. Crazy shit man…

Girls who enjoy this kind of sex have more than likely endured some sort of traumatic event or a series of traumatic events in their lives and the only way to escape or to somehow get closer to it in order to “face your fears” and “not be afraid of it” which theoretically makes sense but at some point, this is the only kind of sex they enjoy.

The Dubai Porta Potty girls come to mind here which leads me to #3…

#3 – She was legitimately raped or sexually abused as a child

First, We all know that a good number of rape accusations are false but that doesn’t mean there aren’t girls out there who have really been raped. Going back to #2 with the girl who liked abusive sex, I wouldn’t be surprised if she told me she had been raped. Thing is she never did tell me and most girls who have really been forced to have sex against their wills choose to keep it to themselves and suffer in silence.

Secondly, if you find out she was sexually abused as a child, there’s no coming back from that. Again, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if I found out that crazy chick was sexually abused as a kid.

Carla, the woman I rented a house for who was fucking her baby daddy and not me was raped as a child. Her AND her sisters were all raped as young girls by their Uncle and that explains in part why they all have multiple kids with multiple Men.

As sad as this is guys, this isn’t your problem. Don’t allow a woman who’s been damaged in this way to destroy your life because you’re trying to “right the wrongs” of her past. That’s not your responsibility.

#4 – She mutilates her body with  non traditional piercings

If a woman has two holes in each ear, that’s a slut tell. It might not sound like it but more than one hole in each ear is one of those undercover slut tells

But when you see a girl with her ears gauged out, or a bull ring in her nose, or a lebret piercing (that bottom lip), or a tongue piercing, or some sort of freak show piercing like her cheeks or eye brows or the bridge of her nose or her nipples or her clit, that is a tell tale sign that she will make your life a living hell.

We already know she’s a slut as soon as she puts a third hole in her body. But when it goes way beyond that, that’s not a red flag, that’s a black flag.

#5 – She’s been diagnosed with a mental illness

No, I’m not talking about girls who bought a few Xanax bars from Billy the cocaine dealer to take the edge off. I’m not talking about girls who are on mild anti anxiety drugs for the same reason. Now these are red flags to be sure but with rock solid game, you might be able to mitigate this.

I’m talking about women who have been clinically diagnosed with mental illnesses like borderline personality disorder, or bpd, bi polar disorder, social anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, psychotic disorders and so forth.

It’s amazing to me that men get mixed up with these girls and have no idea she’s on shit like lithium, lamictal, depacote, lexapro, cymbalta, celexa, and remaron.

Now you guys are probably thinking “Damn Donovan you know a lot about this shit” and you would be right. And the reason for that is that my ex wife Darcy had been on every one of those drugs I just mentioned at some point or another DURING OUR MARRIAGE.

A personal story:

November 7th, 2008: Darcy is outside smoking on the deck getting ready to go to work. We worked for the same company at that time. I worked remotely and she worked on site.

I walked out there to smoke with her and she was crying and shaking uncontrollably. I don’t know what told me to do this but I took her to a mental facility in North Carolina and she was diagnosed with bi polar disorder, social anxiety disorder, and schizo-effective disorder which mean she heard voices in her head that weren’t there. I’m not gonna get into details but you get the idea.

So yeah, my ex wife had a slew of undiagnosed mental illnesses when she was married to me.

Incidentally enough Darcy was also addicted to Crystal Meth at one point in her life, she lost custody of the daughter she had by another man while she was married to her first husband. That’s right…paternity fraud. Father and daughter still have no idea and the daughter is now 23 years old.

Guys this happened all before I married her. So when you tac on all the mental illnesses she was diagnosed with it’s no shock our marriage didn’t last. Darcy was damaged well beyond repair long before our first date.

She is now married for the 4th time in the last 15 years.

I want to reiterate…

…that red flags are not deal breakers but they’re definitely cause for pause. You need to be aware of the effects that red flags have on women and on you. Some guys handle certain red flags better than others. A red flag for one guy might be a crimson flag for another and vice versa. A man’s level of game, his age, his experience with certain red flags, his level of tolerance for certain red flags, and his decision making skills will determine whether or not he can or will attempt to handle or mitigate a red flag or red flags.

Older men are far less tolerant of certain red flags because they simply don’t have the time or the patience to deal with them. Younger guys may decide not to because of their lack of experience. Either way, red flags are not to be taken lightly. If in doubt walk away. There are plenty of women out there. A general rule of thumb is that if a woman has more than 3 or 4 red flags, bounce like a bad check and find another girl

Crimson flags are much more serious. Again, not deal breakers but you’ve gotta have next level game to handle crimson flags in a woman IF you decide to in the first place. Younger Men should never deal with women who have crimson flags. These women will chew you up and spit you out.

But black flags make women radioactive and should be avoided at all costs. Unless you’re a pimp, stay the fuck away from these broads.