As we all know, there are a lotta dudes out there who talk a lotta shit about who they are as Men. Way too many guys talk about how they’ve got 7 bitches in their rotation, how they’re fuckin’ girls left and right and talk about how bitches ain’t shit nonstop. These guys claim to be “Alpha Males” and red pill aware simply because of what they claim.

Even lower than that are low level MGTOWs (not to be confused with what I call “Mainstream MGTOWs” who actually admit they like pussy and the pursuit of relationships with women). These guys play video games all day, are in relationships with sex dolls, genuinely hate women, and engage in what I like to call “male feminism.”

Interestingly enough both of these kinds of “men” swear up and down they’re the true alphas of the world and that they’re dominating life, women, and anything else they can think of that might impress gullible bystanders and lesser Men.

Now to be fair, we’re all guilty of being fake alphas at some point on some level. Maybe not as consistently as other frauds out there but we’re human. However, if we’re cognizant of these temporary slips in judgement or incongruent characteristics, we can avoid this punk ass behavior.

That said, here are 5 signs you’re a fake ass alpha male.

#1 -You’re all talk, no show

KG’s one of the all time fake tough guys in NBA history. All talk, no show. He can’t throw hands.

You’re the guy who can quote all the pickup lines, know all the answers to every shit test, and know all the red pill lingo. But when the rubber meets the road and you find yourself next to a large breasted blonde who’s making prolonged eye contact with you as a way to beg you to come over and talk to her, you freeze like a virgin on prom night.

And get this…YOUR HOMEBOYS KNOW YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT. They only act impressed by your falsehoods because they know dudes like you have fragile egos and never react well to being called on their bullshit.

Look, you can read red pill related material, watch red pill videos, and watch the brother pill podcast all you want but at the end of the day if you don’t apply what you’re consuming you’re wasting your time.

Stop talking about the imaginary girls you’re banging, quit debating pickup techniques on a bunch of forums, and for the love of God stop boring your homeboys about what you claim to know about women. Until you get off your ass and actually talk to girls, you need shut the fuck up.

#2 – You’re secretly “purple pill”

I would strongly advise against this…

You’re the guy who’s still on the fence about this whole “red pill” truth thing. You know the sexual market place is fucked up, you know girls cheat with impunity more often than not, and you know marriage is a bad bet for men. But rather than do the difficult thing and accept the red pill truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the red pill truth, you think to yourself “there’s gotta be a better way.”

The problem is, girls are still using you for validation and free meals, you’re still spending time and money on girls and not getting the pussy, and you’re stuck in the friend zone with Michelle because she’s “confused” about what’s going on between her and Kevin.

Look man, I get it. I’ve been there. I know it is extremely difficult to change your entire mindset when you’ve been taught that girls are faithful, virtuous creatures your entire life. But we’ve all been burned multiple times by multiple girls and at some point you have to realize that the writing’s been on the wall for years.

Sooner or later you’re either going to have to wrap your mind around the fact that treat girls like princesses ain’t gonna cut it if you wanna get your dick wet on the regular, or go back to being the blue pill schlub that landed you in the manosphere in the first place.

It is impossible to be the alpha girls wanna fuck and the kind, thoughtful, friendly guy girls want to be around (without the sex). You’re either going to live the red pill life or you’re not. But there is no in between. You can’t have it both ways because if you’re “purple pill”, you’re blue pill.

#3 – All you do is chase pussy

Everybody chases pussy. Doing so more than most doesn’t make you an “alpha”

I was guilty of this when I figured out how to sleep with pretty girls. All of a sudden I got really good at fucking beautiful women and it was literally all I thought about from sun up till sun down. While this was a lot of fun, the inevitable dry spells used to be a drag. When pussy is the only thing you get up for, even a temporary slump can cause the blues (slight non-clinical depression).

Living the red pill life is about being a well rounded high value male. Getting in shape, saving money, and developing your mind into a steel trap is what separates us from most males out there. Plus, these characteristics will make you more attractive to women as a natural side effect anyway so why chase pussy when pussy will inevitably chase you?

Granted, you still have to learn game, learn how to handle women, and talk to them when the opportunity presents itself. But when you focus on women and women alone you won’t progress and become the kind of man you want and need to be.

There are a lot of guys out there who chase tail all day and all night. But anybody who focuses solely on pussy isn’t really living the red pill life. Those guys are as fake as the wannabes I talked about in #1.
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#4 – You’re a hater

Way too many niggas drinkin’ this shit

You’re the guy who knows about the red pill, but hates on red pill guys. You call men like us “pussy worshipers” and recite defeatist attitude rhetoric like “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze” and so forth.

You’re also the guy who uses one beta trait a Man may have as a referendum on his overall masculinity as a way to disingenuously disqualify his success in life. You see guys like me and say things like “Donovan’s girl must be fucked up in the head” or “he couldn’t do that with black women” rather than acknowledging that Donovan’s just got more fucking game than you do.

Here’s the thing: If you wanna check out of the sexual market place and not have anything to do with girls sexually, cool. Be my guest. I honestly don’t blame you and you’re getting no hate from me.

But quit talking shit about dudes like me because you secretly wanna be me. Go back to fucking your sex doll and jerking off to cartoon porn and shut the fuck up about what the fuck I’m doing.

#5 -You’re “One strike and she’s out!” guy

“I don’t care how hot she is!”

You’re the guy who proudly declares “I don’t care how hot she is! If she fucks up even one time, she’s fucking gone!” Any man who says this out loud is literally telling the world that he has never fucked an attractive woman in his life and probably never will.

Red pill aware men know and understand that attractive women affect us differently. We understand that the way you handle 9s and 10s is very different from the way you handle 6s and 7s and that being in relationships with them on any level is a completely different experience altogether.

Understand this gentlemen: No matter how well you’ve trained and conditioned your woman, she WILL misbehave. It’s inevitable because it’s what they’re designed to do. But the difference between Red pill aware men and fake alphas is that we understand how to mitigate and potentially reduce or even eliminate the bad behavior.
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We also understand that we just can’t kick a woman to the curb if she gets out of pocket every once in a while. We know women don’t come fully trained and we know they’re far from perfect.
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It’s human nature for Men to give hot girls more leeway. Much like the best salesman in the company can miss days, come in late, and get away with more shenanigans because management knows the trade off is his unbelievable sales numbers.

Men with experience with beautiful women know and understand that training bad behavior out of attractive women doesn’t happen overnight. We know it takes time, consistency, and patience, and we know that she’s gonna fuck up every so often. After all, she’s been getting away with this kind of behavior her whole life so it’s not going to be easy to curb her bad habits.

So if you’re “one strike and she’s out” guy and says this out loud, we all know you’ve never fucked a woman above a 6 in your life.
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