The black church is dead and the modern-day black female is the one solely responsible for its demise. Let’s take a quick look at just some of the decadent and degenerate practices that have been introduced into the church at the hands of black women working in conjunction with their partners in crime, black pastors:



Even though the scriptures clear speak against homosexuality as an abomination that must not be practised, nether the less homosexuals can be found sitting comfortably throughout black churches, in fact homosexuals are now welcomed, encouraged to embrace their homosexuality and are even given prominent positions within the church as a reward.

Contrast the treatment of homosexuals who attempted to enter the black church back in the day, they were told in no uncertain terms that they needed to repent and that their lifestyle was unacceptable in the eyes of the Most High(Leviticus 18:22). Nowadays the church’s motto is “come to us as you are and stay that way”.

What does this have to do with black women, well, black women are the ones who are keeping these churches afloat through sponsorship of them, thus through their money they have a say as to the daily running of the church including who may or may not enter.  Where are the black women of a high moral standard, regrettably very few of them still exist.

Mind you we are reminded that most of the homosexuals now entering into the black church are being produced by the very same black women who claim that they are holy and a cut above the rest. In essence they are funnelling in their sons and their daughters and of course these church beast pastors already beholden to the large amounts of money they receive from the sisterhood deliberately turn a blind eye.



It’s no secret that large amounts of black women enjoy “fiddling” with children, we already know that black women don’t like black children because of the high abortion rates among themselves. How many stories have we come across of black women interfering with their children in a sexual manner? Remember Rickesha Burns from Phoenix Arizona who shoved a vibrator into the anus of her 2-year-old son:

The mainstream media would have you believe that men are the number one abusers of children, however nothing could be further from the truth, seeing as the black community is run by women it is obvious that at least in black society, most of the abuse is being carried about by black females, either they engaging in it themselves or them allowing others to do the same as they unlike black men have 100% access to children.

Of course black women have introduced this degenerate and decadent practice into the church, they allow their children to be abused by the pastors and other members of the clergy in order to gain favour with them. Bishop Eddie Long is one example that comes to mind, here is yet another black pastor who has recently been convicted of fiddling with minors:

Of course I already warned you about black pastors and their fondness of buggering children in my church beast book aswell as in my second book Negro Wars. Watch your children, they aren’t safe in any of these modern-day churches anymore.



The dress code for black females who attend black churches has gone down the toilet. Just look at the picture above and then look at how black women are dressed when they attend church, you’ll notice there is little to no difference. Black women have turned the church into a place where they can put their assets on display.

Is it any wonder why so many of these females are being dicked down by the pastors, they deliberately enter the church dressed provocatively in order to arouse the pastor aswell as the few men in attendance. Black women have completely thrown respect out of the window with regards to church dress code. The bible strictly states that women should wear modest apparel(1 Timothy 2:9), there is even a song that was made some years ago which talks about this very same issue:



Black churches today are nothing short of bread and circus, monkey show, entertainment centers which cater towards the black women within them, this is why black male attendance within the black church over the years has significantly dropped. Black men need information, they want their brains to be stimulated and if they wish to be entertained then they will simply look for that elsewhere.

Black men realised a long time ago that black pastors were running amuck and getting out of control, this is one of the reasons why for the most part they have forgone attending these cathedrals of calamity and left them in the hands of these pastors and their black female sponsors. Here is an example of the type of monkey show entertainment that can be expected when one decides to walk into any black tumbling temple:

They call the buffoonery below “praise breaking”:



Of course we already know that attempting to put black women and accountability together is like trying to mix oil with water, it’s not going to happen. In the same way that the modern-day black female is unaccountable outside of the institutional church beast walls, she additionally introduces this same philosophy into her church life. As I have mentioned before in both The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure and Negro Wars, black women have struck secret deals with church leadership behind closed doors, in exchange for their continued sponsorship, black women are permitted to do what they like within the church building free from any checks and balances.

This is why most of these modern-day black churches resemble your local market, a load of folks making up unnecessary noise aswell as black women running up and down the building like headless chickens. This seems to be the only time where black women will actually engage is some form of exercise, an urgent necessity when you take into consideration the fact that 80% of black women are overweight.



Lastly, black women don’t really present any standards which they can pass down to their children. The church is supposed to be a spiritual sanctuary, a place where people can go to escape the immorality of a failing society, however one is in for quite a surprise when dealing with the black church as more than likely you will find that the lack of moral standards is worse inside of the church building than without.

Black pastors sleeping with congregation members, many of these women are married but yet will still open their legs to Mr Cleric, black women offering up their children as sexual sacrifices in order to gain favour with church leadership, homosexuality run rampant throughout, black women sleeping with other congregation member’s husbands and wives, the modern-day church in a nutshell has turned into a cesspool of deplorable filth.



As I have mentioned before in my church beast book, folks are better off forging their own relationship with the Most High outside of the confines of these well-kept monuments of failure. The church that was a support to the local community, a place that you could turn to for help in your time of need has long gone.

Of course there will always be somebody who will come and say, “my church isn’t like that”, however upon investigation you will quickly discover that their church is indeed like that ie no different from the rest. I haven’t attended a church regularly in over 20 years, however still being in contact with people who do I can assure you that the tricks, schemes and deceptions are still the same.

After all, if the same formula is working well then would you really go about trying to change it? For more information on black women and the destruction they have brought about upon black society be sure to check out where I document case after case of black female skullduggery.

Babatunde Umanah