Recently, I visited the great city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Outside of the fact that the corrupt police extorted me for 1110 Rand outside of the Sandton City Mall for not having my American Passport on me, I can say that I had a really great time in the South Africa’s greatest city. Before I go on, let me add this:

Not only did the police extort me, they had the nerve to call me the next day and ask to hang out.

All I got to say about that is:




My bad you guys. You know how easy it is for negroes to get off track. I met some nice people of both genders in Johannesburg. With respects to women, there seems to be an issue in the Dating Scene between Black South African Men and Women in the city. The attitude from Black South African Women towards Black South African Men tends to be overwhelmingly  pejorative. I can only sum it up below with the following statement from the mouths of the South African Black Women I met:


 “South African Black Men treat us Black Women like trash in this country.”

After having a conversation with a few local women who worked at certain establishments here, I kept hearing this revolving argument. To be fair, this is what all women say about their local men. As an African American Man, I can attest that  our African American  women say the same exact things about us. Polish women say the same identical thing about Polish Men.


Nigerian men  tend to have a terrible reputation in every country outside out the United States and Britain. From every country in Europe, to every Asian Country, Nigerian men tend to be blamed for being associated with drugs, crime, prostitution, and the like.


Despite having that terrible reputation, Nigerian Men seem to have no issue in getting the hottest and most attractive women in Johannesburg, South Africa on their arms on a daily basis.

But why is this Oshay?

In every country in Europe that I have been in, Nigerian men are at the bottom of the food chain with respects to attracting hot women. Nigerian men are usually with the most unattractive white women in Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, and other places. In most parts of Europe, whites tend to look at them as poor, loud, abrasive, and trouble makers.

BUT AGAIN…..How are these guys able to get the hottest Big booty South African Women?

I believe the situation here is simple. In Europe, white men dominate their economy (both legal and illegal)  and school systems from top to bottom. You will hardly ever see a foreigner come in and open up local businesses in Poland. You cannot see blacks doing this in hardly any European country. The white man makes sure he dominates everything. Nigeria also has no influence on White Europe as a whole. However, in South Africa, many of the black men have no control over their economies. This opens up the opportunity for some of the more wealthier Nigerians to come into South Africa   and run particular parts of the economy and establish themselves.


Let me list some other reasons why  many feel that Nigerian Men have more success than South Africa Black Men with South African Black Women:

White South African Men tend to not want to have relationships with South African Women

The residues of Apartheid culture is still here in South Africa. I can count on one hand  the number of South African White Men that I saw with South African Black Women. If South African White Men wanted Black Women, they could easily get them in droves. Personally, I feel that the white men have an enormous advantage in the dating scene in South Africa with respects to Black men of any culture. White men (despite their age) are usually  able to get the hottest chicks just for the sake that he is white. White men are more trusted, have more money, and represent the power structure of success that African   women respect. Let me then make the next controversial statement:


Nigerian Men are the Second Best Thing to White Men in Africa

While Nigerian Men get little to no respect in Europe, in Africa they are the kings. If African American men came to Africa, Nigerian men would quickly fall to third place. However, because of the lack of African American Men in Africa, Nigerians maintain their status with ease. With respects to Nollywood, and their music culture, Nigerian Men are known as go getters. Unlike South African Men, Nigerian Men are more innovative in media that African Women respect. Nigerian Men  also tend to be more muscular and have more height than South  African Black Men.



Nigerian Men are pretty cocky and confident guys and they are not afraid to approach women

Nigerian Men definitely have balls of steel when it comes to approaching women. They have no fear of rejection as well as possessing a great deal  of swag. They don’t mind overcoming rejections when a woman initially  rejects them. Nigerian Men most likely have bigger personalities and more charisma according to South African Black Women. This allows them to stand out in Johannesburg with respects to South African Black Men.


Nigerian Men who move to South Africa most likely have more money and more resources than local South African Men

While I was staying in Sandton, I was amazed at the large amounts of Nigerian Men I was coming across. For them to be a minority in this town, I saw many of them in Sandton (which is considered the best location in Johannesburg). Nigerian Men do not mind buying drinks for ladies at the club while having a good time dancing. On the contrast, I have heard that South African men will immediately expect sex even if they purchase one drink for a lady in the club. Nigerian men also flash more money and that attracts more women. South African Black Women are also looking to live a better lifestyle. If the white man can’t provide it, Nigerians are the second best option for them.


In closing….

South African Women are some of the hottest in Africa. Booty is every where in Johannesburg and the women are sexy as hell. Therefore, there is a great incentive for Nigerian Men to work hard (be it legally or illegally) to attract the attention of these sexy women. I enjoyed Johannesburg and I will be back in August.


And as you know, the Buffoonery is at an all time High!

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