The pitchforks were drawn. The torches were burning in the night as the left’s town villagers went foraging through the night in search of Frankenstein’s Monster. They were joined by their compatriots in the black community.
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They scoured the cities left and right until they found him. Suddenly, there he was; sitting in the White House sporting a red Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.
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But this monster sounded funny. He was talking about the disparate sentencing of African-American ex-convict and gang leader turned political activist, Larry Hoover. In between his incoherent growls and mumbles were concerns of the epic explosion of the mass incarceration of the mentally disabled. In between his frightening roars was the horrific suggestion to rebuild the manufacturing sectors of the economy in the cities were America’s most impoverished citizens reside. This was strange talk for a creature that was under the direction of his creator. What monster would indicate the institution of a living wage for villagers that he intended to murder?

To further complicate the matter, the monster appeared with a silent handler who somehow understood his ramblings and nodded in approval. What manner of a monster was this? He was clearly not the creation of Dr. Frankenstein. In the lexicon of American political life, the classification of this beast can be found among the litany of racial epithets archived in the vault of America’s dirty history of race relations. The name was given a derogatory meaning by both the tormentors and the tormented. Both definitions express sheer disgust at one who is so unlucky to bear the burden of the label.

Kanye West has been derided as a coon for his Oval Office visit with President Donald Trump. News pundits, liberal intellectuals and comedians have all lined up to signify on cue about Ye’s supposedly disgraceful performance at his press conference with Donald Trump. Though he may not have been as nuanced as many would have hoped, West put forth a reasonable agenda of some of Black America’s most difficult problems. And this maybe where THEY are alleging THEIR charges of coonery.

In Black America, welfare is a sacred cow. One can never make disparaging remarks about it or the effects that it has on the people who use it. In America, welfare is coded language for black. It is also a system that breeds generational dependency in communities entrapped by its’ necessity. It encourages and enables the dysfunctional practices of sexual and financial irresponsibility in the black community by a meritless system that gives aid without job training, and income without incentive. It provides substandard funds for full time income. It is a system that perversely rewards women for child bearing in the absence of an economically stable household.

Discussion of this reality exposes the dirty laundry in Black America’s closet. It not only shines a light on deadbeat fathers, but on deadbeat mothers as well. This paints an unflattering picture that appears to corroborate the worst racial stereotypes of both black men and women; a stereotype that leads back the whispers of white racists at the turn of the century. This picture, while unflattering, is also incomplete. Because it fails to state the accurate assessment of whites who make up the welfare rolls. But the racialization of welfare extends not only to black economics, or the lack thereof, but to black intelligence. It is a political dog whistle for those who wholeheartedly believe in black inferiority.
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But is any of this, the fault of Kanye West? Did Kanye West create welfare? Is he a co-conspirator of it’s lethal effects on the hopes and dreams of Black America? HELL NO!!!!!! Kanye West is not the author of welfare, nor is he the propagator of all the racial stereotypes that descend from sick and diseased people, drunk on the poison corn whiskey of white racism. So to make him the burden bearer for this alleged miscue borders on insanity.

Kanye West’s faux pauxs didn’t stop there. He lanced a very painful boil on the skin of black america. For decades, the narrative of the strong black woman has played ad naseum in the black community. No one has dared to say or even notice that the record is skipping. The explosion of a black permanent underclass and the lack of an economic base, is an indictment of black matriarchial stewardship, as much as it is of structural economic inequality. It exposes, the fallacy of the strong black woman in the light of a weak black community.

Can Ye’ be blamed for this? Did Ye’ mastermind black fatherlessness? His hugging of Donald Trump caused convulsions of disgust from all hoteps perched atop the tree of pro-black consciousness. For many this was Uncle Tom’s embrace of Simon Legree. This act was seen as an embrace of white paternalism from a brainwashed negro who hungers not only for acceptance, but for, approval from white zaddy.

But is it? Kanye West married into one of the wealthiest families in America. He is one of the most successful artists in the history of rap music. Thus, his embrace of Donald Trump can also be seen as the embrace of one rich man greeting another. Now now!……. all you negroes who believe that race is the exclusive cause of every social malady need to calm down. Rich people; black, red, brown, white and otherwise, tend to move in the same circles. They tend to speak the same language. And they share the same objectives. None of them, no matter their color, will be ardent revolutionaries calling for the destruction of the system. This does not suggest that money makes race disappear. What it does suggest is that wealth bestows a certain degree of conservatism on its’ possessor.

I suspect that this was the cause of Ye’s embrace and his declaration to make America look good by making Donald Trump look good. Seriously, we all know what is said about a first tier dude sporting a third tier chick on the block. If she’s hit, he’s hit! It’s just that simple.

The point here is that Kanye’s visit to the White House may have been a photo op. It may have been a strange scene from the political theater of white condescension. But he had an agenda; a plan. His issues were simple, cogent and direct. Were they complete? NO! But they were reasonable. He had an agenda for people; black people!
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He took with him to the White House, something more than empty rhetoric and a balled fist. The shame is not that he went. The shame is that it was him who had to go. We should ask ourselves, why does Kanye West have more pull than Keith Ellison?  John Lewis? Maxine Waters? or Gregory Meeks?

Also, our questions should not be the issues Kanye presented, so much as whether or not Trump will act on them. And what are we prepared to do if he doesn’t? Dare we hold him…(crouching down to whisper) accountable? (cue the crickets!!!!)

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