Sex Sells!!



This is why I always come on social media to talk about it almost all the time as an African man. African people love sex, but few admit it. The society makes it look like a taboo when you talk about it in public. They see you as someone from Mars, a chronic sinner who needs redemption. But, people still fuck in darkness.


They have sex in secret places!


They lock thighs and tongues in closed doors. Even our supposed spiritual people also fuck. But when you come out and mention sex, you are the demon. You are the devil. You are the misfit who doesn’t deserve to live among humans. I’ll continue to talk about sex as long as I am alive. It is not an evil thing. That is why humans are blessed with dicks and breasts and pussies.


I have parents on my Facebook who think I am mad. Most of them can’t have real and sincere conversations with their children. They always tell them sex is bad. They always tell them not to talk about it. They always tell them to see people who talk about it as sinners. But, pathetically, these children end up getting pregnant for irresponsible people. The males also end up disgracing their parents, too.


That is what happens when you try to shut people away from reality. They end up becoming what you don’t want them to be. They become endlessly wild when their eyes are opened. But that was just a digression. I want to talk about gender equality in Africa and the stupidity that comes with it. African women have started adopting European ways of life. They want to copy everything from the white woman. They want to think like the whites think and act the way they do.


But, these African women fumble eventually. I want to be sincere with you, women are second-class citizens. There is nothing called gender equality. Gender can never be equal. It has never been equal since creation and it will never be equal. Women are created for men, not men for women. I want to assure you that men can still live in this world without women.


Adam has been living in the Garden of Eden before Eve was created and trouble began. It was the creation of women that brought trouble into the universe. They will not agree but that is the truth. The devil didn’t deceive Adam. It was Eve that he deceived. And Eve brought calamity into the world by eating the forbidden fruit and also making her husband to eat it.




Now, back to gender equality. As long as African men are left with the responsibility of proposing to women, as long as they are expected to initiate sex, as long as men pay most of the bills, African women will continue to be inferior. They can cry anyhow they want but they have no choice about that. They are second-class citizens. I repeat, women are second-class citizens. If you are still waiting for a man to come and meet you and tell you how much he loves you, if you cannot go ahead and propose to a man by yourself, you are a second-class citizen.


Women keep suppressing their feelings. They keep tormenting themselves because of some obnoxious cultures laid down by the society. They feel it is not right for them to walk up to a guy and tell him how much they love him. They feel it is the responsibility of men to come to them to express love. I don’t know from where they got that idea but I know it is a stupid idea. It is an awkward mentality. There can never be gender equality when the society sees it as a taboo for women to express their love to men.


There can never be gender equality when the society thinks it is only the men who should propose love to women and also initiate sex. The men will continue to be superior, while women will remain the inferior beings they are. Women marry and change their names to that of their husbands. They marry and pack into a man’s house. The man pays the bride price and takes responsibility of most things. Men even stay on top during sex. This is a pointer to the fact that men were created to be above women. It means men were created to rule and dominate. Women should stop fighting for gender equality. It is a mirage. It is something that will never happen.