I remember some coaching I received when I played varsity soccer in high school.  The coach said something that has stayed with me until this day.   He told us during a practice that we have to put ourselves in a position to win.   That was a lesson not only for playing different sports but for winning in life. 

            To win in life a man needs money.  Most men in modern society don’t hunt for food or build their own homes.   To move in life men need money.   Money quite frankly is motive power in this world.  In order to get money a man needs to have education and training.   To make money on any job or business a man needs skills appropriate to his chosen vocation.

            On a basic level a man needs to get his education.   Now that education can come in several ways.   The education can come through getting a degree from a four year college.  For some professions it may take an advanced degree.   Some professions may require a six month certification.   Other professions may require an apprenticeship.  

            The education and training piece doesn’t stop with formal training.   Anyone who is successful in life is believes in continuing education.   They are taking new classes, and keeping up with new trends.  Also successful men will spend more money buying and reading books than they do entertaining themselves.   A man putting himself in a position to win will learn all there is to know about his profession.   More knowledge, more opportunity.

            Many men want to know how to win with women.   This is a two-fold process.  The first thing a man has to do is develop himself.   He has have to have a great bait to attract women to him.   This means getting his body right first and foremost.   At the same time the man needs to build his masculine nature.  

            After a man gets himself together he can put himself in a position to get the type of women he wants to have in his life.   If a man wants high class women in great physical shape he needs to go where these women are located.   A man isn’t going to win by expecting to find a high class woman in a low class environment.   Also if the man needs to work on his mannerisms to get with high class women that is what he must do to win.

            An important thing for a man to put himself in a position to win is simply learn the lessons that life has to offer.   No matter how much money a man makes, how well he does with women, or whatever other success he has there will still be times he stumbles along the path.   A wise man learns from his setbacks.  Notice I said setbacks.   The man putting himself in a position to win doesn’t see failures.  He sees setbacks which are turned into learning experiences.  

            On a personal note I’m where I am today because I learned from my setbacks.   If nothing else I learned what worked for me and what didn’t work for me.   It was just like when I played organized sports.  I learned from every setback and got to the point where I was able to put myself in a position to win.

            Ultimately life is about winning.   When a man wins he lives life on his terms.   He has the vocation he wants, the material goods he wants, the women he wants, and most importantly the spiritual satisfaction he needs in his life.   Before any of this comes a man has to put himself in a position to win.

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