Men and women alike are well aware that sexual relations between men and women have never been more fucked up. Everybody knows it…I’m not breaking news here. Men handle this in one of a few ways: they either stick their head in the sand and continue to do the things they’ve been doing and hoping that one day they will work, completely checked out and not have anything to do with women sexually, or they take the red pill and learn how to become successful with women in this environment. Now there are also men who take extreme measures like suicide, homicide, and things of that nature but by and large most men remain willfully ignorant, stop talking to girls altogether, or take the red pill.

Unfortunately more and more men are taking this route

Women, on the other hand, pretty much handle it the same way across the board. They bitch and complain, but do not change anything. They lie, they cheat, they behave badly, and make no attempt to improve themselves as women, then turn around and ask “where have all the good men gone?!”

Say what you will about involuntary celibate and low level MGTOWS, but at least they have found a solution that they feel works Best for them. For better or worse men seek out solutions while women seek to complain and expect the environment to change in order to suit their wants and needs.

Every woman out there has these fantasies of the perfect relationship with a guy they respect and love. Contrary to popular belief women don’t really expect perfection. They may act like they do, but at the end of the day they know that there’s no such thing as the “perfect guy“.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some women out there who have dumped guys for insignificant reasons because they really are looking for Mr. perfect. But by and large, most women are well aware of the fact that even the best man out there have their faults, weaknesses, and frailties.  And if the pros outweigh the cons they are more than willing to give a guy an honest try.

But here’s the problem: while most women know how to get and keep a man’s attention they are grossly unaware of how to get and maintain a man’s trust.

Most women foolishly think that all they have to do is tell a guy that they are faithful, trustworthy, and honest and that he will believe them simply because it came out of her mouth. Another misconception that women have of high value man is that they don’t have to EARN his trust. They believe the foolish notion “I’ll trust anyone until they give me a reason not to trust them” and unfortunately for them they end up finding out the hard way when a guy they could see themselves being with for a long time ends up leaving them for what they assume is for no apparent reason.

And because they have absolutely no idea that the reason he left in the first place is because she did nothing to EARN his trust, she takes those same habits into the next relationship and makes the same mistakes and get the same results. Rinse and repeat.

Women already know that high value men want obedient submissive women who are in good shape, can cook, clean, never deny them sex, and not disrespect them in public or private. But what women these days seem to be clueless about is how to gain a man’s trust and then keep it. They think that if they look good, cook good, and fuck him anytime he wants, that that’s enough to secure a commitment from a high value male.

They also seem to be clueless about the fact that high value men are well aware of how easy it is for women to cheat and this is exactly why they assume that men  automatically trust them based on their word alone.

So what I am going to do is I’m going to tell women what they need to do to gain a man’s trust so that he will want to commit to her long-term.

#1 – Check in regularly

“Hey babe, still at work thinkin’ about you! :)”

No, I’m not talking about just a text message. I’m talking checking in with a text and a picture letting him know where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.

Most high value men are well aware of the fact that most women are sluts who will cheat with impunity any time she gets the itch. He may not require you to check in, but if you’re proactive and consistent, it goes a long way in gaining his trust.

Understand this ladies: If there is ANY doubt in his mind whatsoever, HE IS NOT GONNA LOCK YOU DOWN. He may not vocalize it but if you’re disappearing for hours at a time with no explanation, he’s going to make a mental note of it and assume you’re doing shit you’re not supposed to be doing (like fucking other dudes).

Ladies, you always wonder why a guy who sees to like them all of a sudden goes cold on you and ghosts on you.Well it’s because you’re disappearing for hours at a time doing God knows what, probably fucking somebody else.

And don’t act like we don’t know if we’re not there because we do. We’re not stupid. We know how slutty you women are. So check in periodically to let him know your whereabouts. The more frequent, the better.

#2 – Give him access to your phone

Yes, ladies, I didn’t stutter. Give him access to your phone. No password, no lock, complete and total access.

A tell tale sign a girl is a slut is if she puts her phone face down all the time or has a lock or a code on her phone. Some girls might say “Well that’s my personal phone that’s my private business! He has no right to that information!” and you’re right. He doesn’t. But he also has the right to dismiss you as a slut if you’re hiding shit from him and if you have nothing to hide like all of you say you do, then you’ll have no problem giving him access  to your phone when he wants it.

This goes a long way in building and keeping trust

Giving him access your phone alleviates most if not all of his doubt because as we all know, most cheating occurs on phones. Tinder, OKCupid, Ashley Madison, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. are all apps women use to consistently run around on their men…and high value men are keenly aware of this.

Example: If you’re at your man’s house watching TV or a movie or whatever  you start messing around on your phone, he can’t prove what you’re not doing. But if he’s a man with red pill awareness, which is the kind of man you wanna be with in the first place, he’s going to assume you’re texting someone you shouldn’t be texting.

Some girls might say “Well i could be texting a friend of mine!” Yeah, and that friend of yours could be a fuck friend you’re setting up a meet up with after you leave his place because you’re “tired and have to get up early tomorrow.”

If you really want to earn his trust and if you really have nothing to hide, this is an easy decision to make.

#3 – NEVER talk about your sexual past

Now girls might be thinking “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! I can get with this!” but not because I told you to, but because you want to cover up your slutty tracks like you’ve been doing for years.

Women who proactively talk about their pasts with men they like automatically take themselves out of the running for a long term relationship with a man of value. You’re not only a slut, you’re a proud slut.

We know about your past…just don’t brag about it

“Well what’s wrong with sleeping with a few guys?”

Nothing, But men of value don’t want to know about the threesome you had with Kevin in sales and his manager. He doesn’t wanna know about the football team running a train on you and your bestie in college. He doesn’t wanna know that you fucked 7 guys in 7 days or that you fucked 2 guys in 24 hours.

“Well what if he asks?”

A HIGH VALUE MALE WILL NEVER ASK YOU ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL PAST because we know you will always lie about it. Guys like us know you’re sluts.

A tell tale sign of a man of value is a man who doesn’t EXPRESS concern about your sexual past. Guys like us know we’re gonna find out one way or another because most of you can’t keep your mouths shut. Most sluts can’t hide their slut tells however covert they may be. At some point we’re gonna find out but so we’re not gonna ask you in the first place.

But if you proactively talk about your sexual past you are taking yourself out of the running to be in a longterm relationship with him. Period. I’ve dated girls who’ve told me how many times they’ve cheated, who they cheated with, how they got away with it, then 3 months later ask me why we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend not knowing it was because she bragged about how she cheated on her last boyfriend with his best friend and his boss. 

They don’t realize that as soon as they start telling me these stories I’ve already placed them in the fuck buddy category as in I’m never going to call you for anything but sex and sex alone meaning I’m coming over, fucking you and then leaving. I’m not sticking around to chat, or watch TV. I’m getting the pussy and getting the fuck out of there because that’s all you’re good for.

If you want to build a man’s trust. DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL PAST

Well there you have it ladies…

…3 things you can put into place immediately and separate yourself from the vast majority of women out there. These things may seem hard on its face but if you meet a man you could realistically see yourself with long term and you’re ready to settle down, implementing this should be an easy decision.

You’re welcome…

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