Note: This article was not written by me… Oshay Duke Jackson. It was written by Odinga Mubutu who owns ! Please follow him for more stories like this! I am only posting it his story for him on this blog! 


  Growing up as a young black man in America, I did not have a full picture of the political spectrum. For one, I was surrounded by family members and others who have always supported the democrat party and they never refer to the republicans in a positive light, hence my bias views in favor of the democrats.

   Black folks, more than almost any other groups, have good reasons to be skeptical of excessive government power. From slavery to Jim Crow and the Tuskegee experiments, government power has been used to enslave, discriminate and abuse black folks. While many government programs are promoted as ”helping” Blacks, the consequences have always come with the authority to regulate and intrude. Government programs have always favor black women over black men which contributes to the destabilization of the black community. Additionally, single women received way more government help then married women. During the last 40 to 50 years we witnessed a black community completely decimated with practically no men to uphold and to maintain any worthwhile values.

In addition to the above analysis, many attributes have been developed and adopted by the so called black community; ”You have no swag”, ”You are an educated lame” and countless others. There have been a complete demonization of any black man who decided to go to school, to open a business or to choose none thuggish lifestyles.

Though both the democrats and the republicans have proven to be at odds with the black community, we must still navigate through the system. The democrats have always been in favor of big government and have always promoted single mother. While the policies supported by the republicans are not in favor of a single mother families, we must still be careful in our approach when navigating the system.

As a black man, I have to examine the policies supported by these two parties and make a decision based on that. The choice is obvious, the democrat party elevates black women while completely subjugates black men, hence a black community in crisis. Though the republicans often disregard the black community, but their smaller government policies can empower black men. As we know, when black men are empowered within their communities and families, everybody succeeds and it has been historically proven.