It would be a shame to visit ATL and not try the local food. The city has some of the best steaks in the nation so missing out on the local diners would be a great loss.

Atlanta also has a lot of options if you’re not a steak fan so if you’re wondering what to eat while in town, we got you covered.

Bone’s Restaurant

Bone’s is one of the most qualified places in town to eat a steak. The restaurant is well-known for their cooking so if you’re looking to try some of the best local food, this is a must-go location.

One thing you need to be aware of: reservations.

Antico Pizza Napoletana

A pizza place doesn’t necessarily add up in a steak war but Antico Pizza Napoletana is capable of making a difference. If you have no idea what to eat while being in Atlanta, pizza is probably the most obvious choice to make.

With signed soccer jerseys on the wall and tens of options to choose from, this location will deliver a great experience, no doubts about it.


Chops will make you consider moving to Atlanta. Coming with two locations, the restaurant offers some of the best options when it comes to steak combined with a quality atmosphere.

If you’re looking for some fine dining, this is the place to be in the city.

R Thomas Deluxe Grill

R Thomas Delux Grill lives up to its name. The design of the restaurant might just be the best one in town and most importantly, the place serves breakfast all day long.

The food is always fresh and even if the prices go up for some of the dishes, the experience is well worth it.

Holeman & Finch

Holeman & Finch holds down two locations in Atlanta and one of them is in Buckhead. If you decided to visit the Botanical Garden just like we suggested, Holeman & Finch should be your next stop.

The place is packed with people craving for a burger most of the times but the wait is well worth it.

Heirloom Market BBQ

One of the best kept secrets in the city! If you call yourself a barbeque fan, this is something you can’t miss while visiting the city.

If you decided to take a break from A3C, Heirloom Market BBQ will provide a small but warm location with some of the best tastes in town. Be sure to pay them a visit.

True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen has a great location based in Buckhead with some of the best food in town. Their prices are decent and this is probably the best option for a quick brunch.

The staff cares about your experience so they’ll do their absolute best to enjoy yourself.

Poor Clavin’s

If you decided to take a walk in Piedmont Park then you should stop for dinner at Poor Calvin’s. You won’t be disappointed as the place is one of the best in town while keeping their prices decent.

Calvin’s has crispy chicken, mac and cheese, beef, fish, and everything you can think of.

STK Atlanta

If you’re looking for a modern atmosphere, STK Atlanta is the place to be. The establishment is designed to be a cocktail bar/restaurant and the food is incredible.

If you’re looking for a classy location to have dinner with someone, do pay them a visit.

Homegrown GA

Homegrown is one of the best locations in town to have a quick breakfast or a brunch. The place uses the best local ingredients and their menu is fully with tasty meat delights.

The prices are affordable, to say the least.