There was a woman I was acquainted with many years ago. Now she was shall we say, interesting. Her face was very average, even below average, but she made up for it with a brick house body.  It would be hard to tell though because for the most part she covered herself up.  The thing that stood out about her was that she had a funky ass attitude.   Plus she was just generally weird.  Like the type of weird that walks around on a hot July day with a winter coat on.  Despite this at any given time she had at three men sweating her.  To say it made her head swell is an understatement.

There was another woman I knew back in the day.  Now her issue was that she was overweight.  She wasn’t that good type of thick.   She lost fifty pounds one time and got mad at me for not noticing.  No joke she look Jabba the Hutt in a dress.   If it rained a little kid could stand under her stomach and stay dry.  You would think a woman looking like her would have problems getting men.  Naw, she had professional Black men banging her on the regular.  Notice I said MEN as in more than one.  Being the crude person I was at the time I asked her how the hell she was getting these men.   She didn’t get mad at me for asking, she accepted being fat.  She said a woman can always get a man to have sex with her.

One thing that women in general, and Black women in particular, know about Black men is that they can always find a Black man who will have sex with them.   This isn’t just a Black American thing.  White women from Europe routinely travel to Jamaica and Kenya because they know a brotha will gleefully pound her brains out.  Back in the day I used to go a night club that catered to Black folks from all over the world.   Every time I went to the club there would be two older White women sitting at a table by the dance floor.   They were not remotely attractive.  One looked at me one time and I almost puked.   Yet continental African men routinely bought them drinks.

Black men are too damn thirsty.   It’s bad when women from all over the world know that if they can’t get a man of their own race or nationality there’s always a brotha somewhere who will pin their legs back.   It’s good for the poonhounds out there but there are consequences for having such low standards.

When women know they have to bring something to the table in order to get a man they will do what they have to do.   For example women who know they want upper class white men will exercise every day to stay in excellent shape.  Why?  The reason is that upper class white men aren’t playing that shit.   Even regular white men demand that women keep themselves in shape.  The same thing with Asian men.   Asian men demand a certain look and behavior from a woman before they will entertain the thought of a relationship and in some cases even casual sex.   Black men missed the memo on this one.

Black men have a very reputation of being willing to stick their dicks in any moist hole.  As a result many Black women will not make an attempt to keep themselves in shape or check their attitudes when in the presence of a Black man.   Why should they?  For every Black man that will require a certain look and standard of behavior from Black women there are twenty more who will accept whatever from the sistas.  To take it a step further some will eat out a woman’s ass and the sista will make no attempts to give him a blow job.

Many Black men complain about the attitudes of Black women.  Yet it is really the Black man at fault.  The infamous attitude and weight problem of Black women would disappear overnight if Black men collectively said to their women, “Check that attitude and hit the gym or you gets none.”    A secret to women is that they NEED the attention of men.   Set a condition for getting that attention and sistas will have no choice but to comply.   It starts though with Black men valuing themselves enough to say they will not stoop to deal with a less than desirable woman.

Black man stand up and have some standards!!!

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