You have been moving with a guy for quite some time. You have both been going out together. You have been eating and drinking together. You have kissed and cuddled and done some other things that I wouldn’t like to talk about here. You have worn uniforms together. People already know you guys. You know his relatives. He also knows your relatives. Everyone knows that you are in a relationship with him. Then, he took you to Domino’s or Shoprite and brought out a ring in the presence of everyone and asked whether you would marry him, and then you acted surprised, and even started crying like a baby. I have to honestly tell you that you are a fool.


You have gone that far with a guy and you expect him to marry another person? It means you are stupid. It means you didn’t spell out your relationship from the beginning. I have said it before and I will say it again that people who take themselves to public places to propose marriages are stupid goats. I will never understand them. You both should know from the beginning whether you two want to marry in the future or you are just fuck mates. Public proposals are ‘oyibo’ pattern, because oyibo people are stupid. What relationship does an African man or woman have with that kind of proposal? Getting a ring before you finally get a ring? It is pure stupidity.


That is why Africans will continue to be slaves to white people because we keep imitating everything they do. If you are an African man and you have dated a girl for two years and then one day, you woke up from your bed and took her to a restaurant and propose to her, she should break a glass of wine on your head to bring back your lost senses. I mean, why should she be surprised? After dating her for two years? After you have done a lot of things together? It is pure stupidity, please. Nollywood should stop doing that, too. Nigerian movie makers should stop showing us scenes where an African man would kneel down with a ring in his hand, begging a woman to marry him. It is absurd.


Blacks should stop borrowing white people’s mentalities and idiosyncrasies. It is like insulting ourselves. It is like saying we are inferior to them. It is like saying we are never enough. Why should we rely on white people for almost everything? Does it means Africans don’t know how to think? Does it mean our brains don’t work? If truly we have working brains, then we should put them into use. If our brains are working effectively, we need to question everything that the white man imposes on us. It is not a bad idea to learn from the whites. You can learn how they do things to make life better for themselves. But when you begin to copy everything that the white man does, it is senseless.


Blacks need to question things. We shouldn’t just follow rules dogmatically. We should question why things are being done and know what relationship they have with us. I’m not writing this because I hate the whites. No. I don’t hate them. I don’t hate anyone. All I was saying is that Africans and blacks should stop acting like slaves. We need to understand ourselves and do things that work for us. We should stop following the crowd, so that we won’t get lost. We have to understand that we are important too. We have to value ourselves and what belongs to us. We have to be royal in our fashion: to act like a king to be treated like one. We have to stop grovelling before white men.


It is like blacks have been cursed to keep imitating whites. Whatever we see the white man do, we also do, or want to do. We have come to believe in them so much that we have forgotten that we also have brains. We have almost forgotten that we are also intelligent. Imitation is good when you add intelligence. It is not good when you just imitate without thinking. Looks like blacks are losing their sense of thinking. Africans, please, I want to beg you in the name of whatever you worship, stop imitating stupidly. Stop acting like hungry dogs. Stop thinking whites are superior to you. No. They are not superior to you and you are not superior to them. All of us are important. We all have value!