In a my post on October 25th, 2017 entitled Why Women Lie About Their Notch Counts I talked about the reasons it’s always a bad idea to ask your woman how many men she’s slept with:

Regardless of what she tells us it’s always a surprise. Doesn’t matter if she tells you 5, 10, 20, or 100. Whatever she tell us, our reaction is always “Jesus fucking Christ that’s a lotta dudes!”

See no evil, hear no evil right? Maybe, but a woman’s notch count goes a long way in determining if she’s viable for long term relationship, or will only be good for a fuck buddy or side chick arrangement. But since we know that women are never honest about the number of cocks she’s taken, how are we supposed to gauge them properly?

Well you’re in luck today gentlemen because I’m going to give the definitive formula that men need to use to get some idea as to how many men a woman has slept with. Obviously this is an inexact science but I’ll address all the factors involved in terms of running the formula.

So without further ado, here is the official Brother Pill Notch Count Formula by yours truly and it’s very simple:

As you can see above, you take a woman’s age, subtract her physical attractiveness level, divide that number by one half of her physical attractiveness level then multiple it by the number of guys she says she’s slept with and that will give you a number that is much closer than the number she gives you.

The “Range” below the formula is the margin for error.  The range is plus or minus half her age. So if you run the formula with a 20 year old and the answer is 70, the range is from 60 to 80 which means she’s slept with between 60 and 80 guys, but the average is 70 and I’ll explain that factor momentarily.

So let’s go over each of the factors so I can explain the formula.


The factor here is simple. The older a woman is the more offers she’s had, the more opportunities she’s had. The more opportunities she’s had, the more men she’s had sex with. Simple math. The longer a woman is on the carousel, the more cocks she’s taken. Older women have been on the carousel longer than younger women. Common sense, basic math.

PAR (Physical Attractiveness Rating/Scale of 1-10)

As far as physical attractiveness goes the more physically attractive a woman is, the more selective she is. The more selective she is the less number of men she’s had sex with. Hot girls, the 9s and 10s of the world don’t fuck as many guys because they don’t have to. They can get more for their looks than 6s and 7s.

They know they can hold out for higher quality men and because there aren’t as many higher quality men as low quality men, their notch counts are substantially lower. Also 6s and 7s fuck far more guys anyway for 2 reasons:

#1 – They feel the need to validate their sexual attractiveness to themselves and others because they have an inferiority complex as less attractive females

#2 – They get hit on a lot more than 9s and 10s so they have more opportunities. 9s and 10s don’t get hit on as often because most men are intimidated by their beauty and the ones that aren’t are few and far between.

This is why we subtract the PAR # which lowers the number by physical attractiveness then we divide half of the PAR which further shrinks the number. For those reasons, the formula will spit out a number much smaller for hotter girls than it does for not so hot females as it should.

What she says

I’ve had plenty of conversations with girls about notch counts and what I’ve found is that if a girl likes a guy, she’ll never tell him they’ve had sex with more than 25 men no matter how old she is. Some girls have told me they never go over 30, some have said they don’t go over 20 but most girls I’ve had conversations with say that 25 is the number they absolutely will not go over when telling a guy how many men they’ve had sex with IF they like him. This is why the formula is designed for a “what she says” range of 0 (yes, girls actually think guys believe them when they say they’re virgins) and between 25 and 30.

Now if they know they’re never gonna fuck the guy like a guy they’ve friend zoned or a guy they’re using for validation with no intention of getting romantic with, they’re much more honest and the reason is that they don’t care when these guys think. I pointed this out in  a previous article entitled 7 Reasons She’s Not Into You:

A girl who gives you a number closer to her real number isn’t trying to get with you. She may not give the real number (say….129 or so) but she’ll have no issue telling you she’s fucked a lot of dudes. The reason for this is that she doesn’t like you. She doesn’t care if you know how licentious she is because she has no interest in you.

When she tells you and you recoil or say “Wow, that’s a lotta guys!” she’ll simply laugh it off, shrug her shoulders and say “You only live once” because she doesn’t care that you think she’s a slut. And if she doesn’t care, she’s not into you. Period.

But when a girl actually likes a guy and can see a future with him, 25 is the max with most girls.


The girl I talked about in Episode 4 (below) was a 9 but she fucked anything with a dick:

Then you factor in the 1s, 2s, and 3s of the world who aren’t selective at all but they’re not getting many offers. Well that’s where the range comes in and we use the half the  age for the factor because again, the older a woman is ,the wider the range as a natural bi product of  just being around longer. Again, basic math.

A few examples

Example #1: A 25 year old 6/10 who tells you she’s fucked 15 guys:

Example #2: A 21 year old 8/10 who says she’s slept with 23 men:

Example #3: A 33 year old 6.5/10 who tells you she’s been with only 19 guys:

Example #4: A 23 year old 10/10 who says she’s fucked 16 guys:

You can see that the older a woman is, the more men she’s potentially fucked. Again, the older she gets, the more opportunities for sex she’s had and because we know women yield to temptation more often than not as a result of their impulsive decision making, she’s had more cock.

But when you look at the 23 year old hottie’s numbers she’s fucked a lot fewer men (as of right now) because she’s both young and hot which reduces a woman’s notch count.

For all you simps who “doubt” this formula

For men out there who say “Donovan you’re so full of shit! I know girls are slutty but this is extreme!” or the guys who are shocked and can’t wrap their minds around the fact that girls are having this much sex with this many men let me say this to you put this in perspective for you:

Between male thirst and female sluttiness both at an all time high and dating apps girls can use to summon dozens of cocks her to exact location in minutes, you can bet your ass that this formula’s the closest thing you’re ever gonna find that’ll give you an idea as to how many dicks a woman’s taken in her life.

Gentlemen, girls are racking up double digit cocks in a calendar week and even fucking multiple guys in one day. I’ve seen and heard plenty of stories involving both. Go to reddit, forums, or anywhere else women talk openly and honestly behind the cloak of anonymity and you’ll see first hand just how licentious, slutty, deceitful, and insatiable they are.

Girls fuck random dudes for any and every reason. If she’s ovulating? She goes out and gets dick. Depressed? Need cock now. In need of validation because her fuck buddy isn’t texting back? She jumps on Tinder. If she’s happy? She wants sex. It doesn’t matter the reason, emotion, or circumstance, girls are epic whores today because they can be. Believing anything different mean you’re either ignorant or being dishonest with yourself.


And because girls are actually praised for being whores, the widespread availability of birth control abortion clinics, it eliminates the need for discrimination which means you get women in their 30s who’ve fucked over 250 guys…EASY.

Now you ladies reading this will react with clever pithy remarks about how I have no clue what I’m talking about or you’ll show your friends and you two will laugh at it and talk shit, and that’s okay. Because I know that when you read this by yourselves in private, in the deepest recesses of your minds….you know I’m right. You’re probably calculating this shit in your head right now and thinking to yourself 

“Holy shit! Donovan’s right!”

Ladies, don’t think for ONE second that I believe that YOU believe everything you’ll say out loud and put in the comments because we BOTH know you’re either in or close to the range this formula spits out.

And you, the 25 year old 6/10 who’s reading this saying “HA! I’ve only fucked 74 guys, you are soooo wrong Donovan!” to that I say you’re right. The formula got it wrong. But that doesn’t mean you’re not a ho…..and you you know it.

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