You can’t have everything in life. The parable of the rich woman and the poor mechanic. Madam’s husband is not always around and doesn’t even satisfy the madam sexually. But because madam is a human being, she needs someone to service her regularly. You know, body is not firewood. The mechanic would always come around to service madam whenever her husband is not at home. There is no doubt that madam loves the room service of the poor mechanic. He will do madam until madam start moaning and speaking in tongues. Something her husband can’t do well. Or perhaps, doesn’t have time for.


I have heard a lot of stories with these little ears of mine. After the room service, madam will always bless the mechanic with something. You see, life is funny sometimes. I have seen a lot of rich men who can’t do their wives very well. I mean, they can’t fuck their wives to the point that the wives will start singing their praises. They have money but they lack sexual prowess. However, there are poor men who can do this easily. It is their profession. They are very good in it. Most rich men will keep running about and jumping about like monkeys, searching for more money to satisfy their wives materially, but the guys who have no money, who have nothing, who are poor, keep fucking the wives of these rich men. They will drive these women the way their husbands cannot drive them. But the truth is that those women love it.


Most women love men who can drive them insane with sex. Women love men who can take them to higher realms on bed. They will shower these men with gifts and money. They will sing their praises. They will call them beautiful and handsome names. Why? Because they get satisfaction from the services of these poor men. I have come to realize that rich men don’t love sex so much. They don’t have much time for sex. They are busy with other things. They have meetings. They have appointments. They have deadlines to meet. They have calls to make. They have business trips to go. They have a lot of things on their tables. So, they have little time for women, little time for sex.


Rich men don’t fuck like horses. It is only poor people who have enough time for sex. Poor people can fuck for Africa. There are some of these poor folks who can spend two hours on top of a woman. They have the power. They have the energy. They have much time. They will drill until they start sweating profusely. They will dig and dig and dig and dig until God says it is enough. They will pump until the woman starts vibrating because of the current they have sent into her body. Do I blame them? No. We are in a world where you have to make sacrifices. Nothing is free. You have to give what you have to get what you want. That is the principle in the world.




Poor people need money to live. They have bills to pay. The rich ones need sexual satisfaction. The poor ones give sex and the rich ones reward them with money. That is why I always pity most Africans who expect people to help them freely without getting anything in return. They may need to wait forever. Even God who created us doesn’t give us everything freely. He promised us paradise but we must believe in Him. Salvation is free but you need to give your life to God. Christianity is free but you need to buy a Bible. Even in Freetown, nothing is free. Look, before people will accept to help you in life, most of the time, they must have seen that you have something to offer, that you have something to contribute in their lives too.


People don’t usually help others for no reason. We all have reasons for the things we do. There are a lot of men who find it very easy helping women than helping men. These men know that there is the probability that they will be rewarded with pussy. They know that there is the possibility that they will go down with these women someday. They don’t care being stupid. These kind of men will humble themselves before women just to get whatever they want. It is the game of life. We have all been stupid one time or the other because of what we want. I seem to have been digressing, huh? The thing is, there is no perfect human being, one who has everything.  


You have some things and you lack some things. I have seen a lot of educated people who are poor. I have seen intelligent people who have nothing. I have seen stupid men who are born into wealth. Many are rich and impotent. Many are wealthy but they can’t make a woman moan. Many are poor but they can perform miracles on the bed. You will always have something but you can’t have everything. No. It is impossible. The world is not for you alone. We all have a role to play. There are a lot of beautiful people who are not intelligent. Beauty without brains. And, there are ugly people who are very intelligent. Whatever you are, wherever you find yourself, please, deal with it. This is life. And it is never fair all the time.