In one of our recent articles we discussed in detail the particular issue that a lot of young men face – oneitis. Being face with the inevitable loss of a desired woman is a bump on the road of every man – a bump we must overcome and keep walking. But what a lot of young guys do, is a big mistake. They give this lost love a lot of unnecessary importance, they dwell on it and keep returning to what once was. And then they are in wonder why they still feel that emotional weight and that heartache. Look at it from this perspective: You got a wound. In order for it to heal and pass, it needs a bit of time and it needs to be left alone. But instead of doing that, you keep breaking the crust and opening the wound over and over again. And you never give it a chance to heal. That is the nature of oneitis that young guys seemingly can’t fix.
But that’s just being stupid. Read our previous article on this subject, titled “Cure Your Oneitis – Why You Should Move On”. In it we go in depth about the various reasons why you shouldn’t dwell on the past, on broken relationships and women that disrespected you.
In this new, second installment of this article, we will go even deeper and expand even more on the subject, providing important insights into the steps you need to take to forever free yourself of any lingering pain.
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Let’s find out why forgetting – is  good.

The Forgotten Forgets
There’s a certain theory out there, a theory that makes a LOT of sense. In general it states that women have a natural tendency to move on quickly – a sort of subconscious defense mechanism that protects them from the hurt.
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They will find a new, better man in no time, feeling a deep, true and boundless “love” for him – a shallow infatuation that lasts a month or two, until a better catch appears. In essence – they forget. They forget real fast. So as you’re moping there like Romeo, she has utterly and completely forgotten you. Not a moment of her time is spend in any emotional turmoil, and not a single, tiny thought of you will enter her mind ever again. You were a one trick pony. A whim. A bit of fun to pass the time. Realizing these hard, solid truths, will quickly show you why your heartache is childish, unnecessary and why it is dragging you down. It’s time for the forgotten – to forget.

Free From the Weight
Moving on with your life and leaving the persons that only slow you down, is a priority for any self-respecting man. This emotional baggage is a dead weight that will not help you swim. And life is all about swimming and staying afloat. So – snap out of it. Think clearly and realize what you’re doing.
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You probably don’t even know it yourself. The pain is real. But the truth is the fact that you are slowing your life down, putting your successes and your own well being far behind you – and why?  Because of a woman. Is there a thing more stupid that a man can do? Nope.
Once you wake up, leave the past where it should be and forget all the shit, you will feel a new breath of fresh air.  You will feel in power again. And as you start gaming other women, and see that long term relationships are a rare thing, you will realize how pointless was your original pain. Because it’s all the same shit in the end. Most of the modern woman are from the same mold, and in every new interaction with them, you can expect the same result. And that result is nothing worthwhile. So, keep walking brother.

People have a natural, built-in tendency to move on, and not to care a lot about the pains of others. Some more than others. Once you realize these subtle truths that hide in out lives, your own life can become a good deal easier and bearable. To limit your life and successes because of some thot is a stupid thing. Don’t do that. Instead, grab the bull by the horns, get up, and keep fighting the good fight. Because you deserve it!