The key to avoiding “Dating Games” with women is to make yourself a priority and not an option. Stop spending time worrying whether or not things will work out with women who have little to no interest in you. Providing the space for people, who do not value you, to walk into your life can potentially lead to a toxic and abusive relationship.

Interest Level” is a concept developed by. Doc Love in his book “The System”. “Interest Level” measures a woman’s romantic interest in you. If you want to get her number, go on a date, and potentially make her your girlfriend, the closer her interest level is to 100% the better. If her interest level is below 50% do yourself a favor, walk away and never look back. If her interest level is above 50% then you are in the game. WARNING, if her interest level started high and you lowered it below 50%, due to weakness, move on and never look back. In short, SHE HAS TO LIKE YOU FIRST.

A man who displays “Weakness” is a man who lacks Confidence, Self-Control, and Challenge.

The goal is to spend time with women who have High-Interest Level, Women who are Flexible, Giving, and have Integrity. This article will help you do exactly that and train you to spend time with women who have a high “Interest Level”.

Improper Use of the Phone

The phone should only be used for setting dates. Spending too much time the phone lowers a woman’s “Interest Level” and turns you into her gay male girlfriend. Just because you get her phone number does not mean you are promised a date. A woman’s strongest weapon is the phone. You can’t get to know someone over the phone. “Sensory Acuity” is something that must be utilized throughout the relationship. In order to improve your sensory acuity, you must spend time with her in person.

I strongly recommend calling women over texting them. Reason being, once you message a woman you give up control. You don’t know if she received the message, if she has seen the message, or if she will message you back. Waiting for someone to message you back is nerve reckoning and it can lead to misunderstanding. Calling someone eliminates most confusion and allows you to properly measure a woman’s “Interest Level”.

If you prefer to send text messages over talking on the phone go ahead.
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I recommend that you send no more than three text messages. Say “Hi”, ask her when she is available to get together and let her know you will see her then. Do not message her in between setting the date and the day of the actual date. Remember, you cannot make someone fall in love with you over the phone. You cannot raise a woman’s “Interest Level” over the phone, only lower it.

Setting a Definite Date

How do you set a “Definite Date“? A Definite date has three major ingredients: a day, time and place. Let’s say you met Sonya a week ago at the local concert. You finally get around to contacting her. You know to keep the conversation, short, light, and to the point. You ask Sonya, “When are you free together?
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” She tells you, “I am free Tuesday and Thursday.” You replied, “Cool, I will see you Thursday” and you end the conversation.

Do you have a definite date? No, you never mention a time nor did she give you one.
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Let go back to the last scenario. After Sonya tells you she is free both Tuesday and Thursday you choose a day and ask, “What time are you free Thursday?” Sonya says, “I think I am free at 7. Just call me Thursday and I will let you know for sure.” Most men would respond with an “Okay” and proceed to contact her Thursday only to be avoided.
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The word “No” does not exist in most women’s vocabulary.

Instead, you respond with, “Sonya, I would love to see, but if you’re too busy let’s get together another time.” Sonya responds with, “Wait, I will be free.” You tell her you can’t wait to see her and that you will pick her up Thursday.

(Only give her the location of the date if she plans to meet you out)

Dealing with a Potential Date Breaker

How do you know you are dealing with a potential date breaker? If you hear anything remotely close to “My mother is coming to town next Wednesday. I’m not sure when her plane lands, but I know it’s sometime during the day. Just make sure to give me a call Wednesday sometime around noon.” (ATTRACTION LEVEL: 51%-60) If you fall for it expect to have your phone call or text message avoided.

Never accept a “Maybe Date”. What qualifies as a maybe date? If she say’s she “thinks” she is free, or she “might” be free that qualifies as a “Maybe Date” (ATTRACTION LEVEL: 51%-60%). When you accept a “Maybe Date” you are communicating that you lack options and self-respect. If a woman does not respect you she can never love you. You have to be different from most guys who are chasing her because she will only fall for the guy she RESPECTS.

When you get a “Maybe Date” simply respond with “I’d love to see you, but I don’t set maybe dates. Let me know when you figure out your schedule and we’ll make plans. Take care.” Not only are you standing up for yourself, you are communicating self-respect and value for your time. This will set you apart from other men and raise her “Interest Level”. If she attempts to make a “Definite Date”, then you a succeeded at raising her “Interest Level” (ATTRACTION LEVEL: 56%-65%). If she doesn’t try to set a ”Definite Date”, then she never liked you in the first place. Remember, WHEN WOMEN LIKE YOU THEY HELP YOU.

The Broken Date

A broken date is an unforgivable sin. Women only break dates with men when they have a no interest in. When a woman breaks a date with you she is telling you she has a low “Interest Level” in dating you and disrespects men in general. If she was really interested in spending time with you she would have rescheduled the date prior to the day of the date. Expect to get a message from her telling you how bad she feels and how much she really wanted to see you. She will tell you something like let’s stay in touch when she is really hoping you will delete her number.  Don’t take it personally. At least now you know where you stand.


We tend to do the right thing when we’re not really into the person. We put ourselves first and make our needs a priority. When we meet someone who fits our ideal image we are more likely to make excuses and accept their disrespectful behavior. When we have a higher interest level than she does this is where mistakes start to happen. Investing time in people who show no interest in dating you always leads to pain and frustration. The more time we spend with people who do not respect us or value our time, the more likely we are to attract people of the same quality. In order to attract a high-quality lover, we must invest time into people who value what we have to offer.

You have to be strong enough to walk away from rude and disrespectful women. Keep in mind that women who play games have a habit walking in and out of your life. At some point in time, she will contact you. WARNING, before you consider dating these women remember she did reject you. This is the most important Red Flag to not forget. A woman like this could become your girlfriend, a woman like this could become your wife, but keep in mind woman that rejected is more likely to break up with you, cheat on you, or divorce you. You should only invest time into women who are open and display a high “Interest Level” from day one.