Personally, Davido has not done anything special. I don’t understand why poor people are praising him all over social media like he has been able to deliver them from their penury. This is what poverty can do to people: they tend to blow normal things out of proportion.
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When a rich man makes donations, poor people make noise. When the rich make payments, poor people make suggestions.

These children of penury have kept themselves busy circulating Davido’s letter on the blosgosphere and even putting it on their statuses. Unpaid advert! These are the same stupid people who will never promote their friends’ businesses or arts on their social media platforms. Poor people deserve whatever life gives to them. They are bastards who will never encourage their struggling friends but who will keep hovering over rich people.

They are dangerous people who are always looking for who to milk. Poor people will never find rest in this world, as long as they keep believing that they can become rich by feeding off rich people instead of working for their own money. By the way, I was never moved by what Davido did because he gave the gift out of his abundance. The same way your politicians will give you N5,000 and you will open your teeth like hyenas to praise them.

I feel we should stop making a mountain out of this molehill and go back to our individual businesses. I know that Davido will be feeling like a king wherever he is now because he gave out a stipend to Nigerian orphanage homes. This kind of news can only be taken seriously in Nigeria because the majority of the people are poor. Any small money from anyone and everyone will be barking like dogs and jumping like hungry monkeys being fed with bananas.

Ask yourselves: How much will each orphanage home take from the N250,000,000 eventually? How will they share that meagre sum of money? I can only be impressed if Davido had added N1 billion from his own pocket. I know that some idiots will ask how much I have given to Nigerians myself. You can go ask your ancestors. If Davido had really wanted to help people, like he said, let him take N3 billion from his personal account and give to Nigerians to alleviate their poverty.

If he truly wants to give back to the society like he publicly stated, let him give ten percent of his total wealth to Nigerians or use it to create employment for the majority of his poor fans who keep hounding him and begging for alms on his social media platforms. I thought he said he had 30 billion in his account? Everything is just for show. I think Davido is just looking for unnecessary attention and Nigerians are giving it to him.

We should stop seeing Davido as a hero who has done something great that no one has ever done. The pathetic thing is that some poor Nigerian youths who will come back tomorrow to beg for urgent N2,000 are also sending money to Davido, who is already rich. It is the reason some people will never break free from the shackles of poverty, because they are fools. Poor people enriching the rich, making themselves poorer.

People need to understand that Davido is just an ordinary showman and an unrepentant attention seeker. He is not even as rich as many people think, although he was born into a rich family.
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Maybe he was forced into giving out the money to charity because of the talks surrounding the said money. There had been suggestions from too many people on how he should spend the money and so, he succumbed to the pressure, to save his head.

I’m not happy that Davido gave the money to charity, because I feel it is a stupid decision and a waste of money. The money should have been given to me and I will keep praying for him. Many of these Nigerian charity organization owners are just there to collect money from people to enrich themselves. I don’t trust them at all. There is too much poverty in Nigeria and everyone is trying to escape it. It is the reason we have too many scammers hiding under the umbrella of charity.

Meanwhile, to my fellow poor people who have also joined the bandwagon to give money to Davido, because you see others giving money to him, God will punish you because you are pouring water in a vessel that is already filled to the brim.
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This is why I say poor people are evil. They don’t help themselves or try to lift themselves out of poverty. They prefer to give their money to rich people who already have enough. Evil spirits!