Winds of utter change is now racing over the horizon, intensifying in both force and impact, is now upon us. whenever a man becomes unemployed for any reason, it doesn’t just affect the man alone, it also affects his spouse, children, extended family members, and all of his financial obligations. What does this mean?  it’s simple, for every man whom loses his employment, affects at least three or more additional people besides himself at any given time, so for every million black men, unjustly unemployed or under-employed, matriculates into five million or more people affected negatively by his unemployment, further erasing over two hundred billion dollars of generated income loss, evaporated.


In short, this kind of revenue destruction from a labor employment dynamic, based upon economic conditions, rarely if ever, is repaired in any substantial capacity, but rather worsens, and no amount of government special program initiatives have ever proven effective, that was capable of solving or reducing the calculable economic carnage which ensued forever thereafter. This scenario represents the chronological order of events to which African American Men have endured under the systemic yoke of Anglo barbarism unabated and un-challenged by an appropriate power in modern times.


China is applauded for its unprecedented economic and financial growth from not even appearing on the global economic meter, to becoming the number two economic power on earth. Russian was decimated under the Soviet collapse during the nineties only to be reborn as a democratic military super power, why am I referencing these two nations?


Because these two nations chose to take a different direction to empower their own futures opposed to one in which would have reduced them to Western controlled vassals. Black Manosphere? can we continue to be everyone’s vassal? Fear has no place among us anymore, there will be no excuses that can be argued, no clutter that can obstruct or confuse you, no options that enable deviation, and no distractions capable of obfuscation.


Employment for one hundred thousand African American Men, changes the course of our very existence in north America, one hundred thousand employed and self employed African American, Hebrew Israelite, Rastafarian, Christen, Muslim and African Centered men will directly and indirectly affect one million people. The foundation of what we will collectively build expands by adding additional structural links to the foundation, this makes the whole, power induced.


The Mathematics of quality participation X Technical Know How X Applied Technology X Skilled & Experienced Technicians X Adequate Capital Infusion X Thorough Preparation & Organization + Adequate Training & Guidelines Code of Conduct = Pi. (Multiplied by the radius of a circle π)


One hundred thousand Men conducting business amongst themselves and the world, will easily generate over two hundred million dollars conservatively, the objective then is to circulate no less than 70% of the capital amongst ourselves for thirty days, this methodology will increase our collective net worth by 10% to 20% per thirty days, enabling us to expand the foundation consistently by connecting additional industries to the foundation thus inducing power to the whole. This is the secret no one wants Black Men to know deeply and apply among themselves, and each quarter, the collective will evaluate and develop greater efficiency to increase the number of months in which to retain and expand the collective circulating capital cycle.


The Platforms Construction and purpose Design, is to become a Social Media, Mass Communication, Networking, Business & Commerce, Economic & Financial, Powerhouse for the Edification and Posterity of African American, Hebrew Israelite, Christian, Rastafarian, Muslim, African Centered Men, to Share, Learn and Earn without borders or default limitations to conduct business worldwide, while adhering to the principles and guidelines established by the collective.


We will never again allow others to gain neither the economic or financial advantage over us through the forced feed food of ignorance and hopelessness sandwiched between the meat of obsolescence and self-destruction which serves the interest of those whom benefit from our collective demise, in which we have feasted on without discernment for generations ends now.


The declaration for a new social media platform for African American Men to share, learn and earn, is now the brainchild of a new being, germinating in the protective care of the Black Manosphere, and we call on the most talent brothers to step forward and contribute your talents, skills, and abilities to an ambitious under taking, all of which will ensure that this new being is born in freedom, health, and proper guidance.


In the illustration and list provided, the Declaration project need African American Men skilled in the following professions and expertise to step forward and participate:


  • Graphic Artist
  • Videographers & Graphic Digital Illustrators
  • New Accounts Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Sales & Customer Acquisition
  • Marketing/Branding
  • C++ Programmers
  • Adobe Suite Professionals
  • Video Animation Experts
  • Experienced Business Administrators
  • Private Equity Investors
  • Linux/PHP/XML/XHTML/JQuery/Flash/Python/Nyquist/ and all other Developer Programmers welcome
  • Smartphone App developers
  • 3D Printer Engineers
  • Crypto-Currency Professionals
  • International Living and Entrepreneurism experts welcomed
  • Corporate, Contract Law, Immigration, Intellectual Property Attorney’s Welcomed


To participate in this ambitious project contact and we will contact you quickly.


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