When it comes to the subject of dating and relationships, there are a good number of women in society who are walking, talking contradictions.

A few examples:

  • Women who will be promiscuous with womanizing Alpha males, but then turn around and behave like they are a prudish, monogamy-oriented ‘good girl’ with financially successful Beta males;
  • Women who do not want to be referred to by men as a ‘prostitute,’ ‘Call Girl,’ ‘Erotic Escort,’ or ‘whore,’ yet these same women want men to offer them financial incentives and rewards in exchange for their sexual companionship;
  • Women who do not want strange men grabbing them on their butts, yet these same women will audaciously pinch a man on the butt or grab the crotch of a man who they have yet to engage in a conversation with;
  • Women who want to simultaneously present themselves as ‘old-fashioned’ in terms of their morals, values, and ethics regarding their desired dating rituals … but these same women also want to present themselves as modern day feminists who have taken full advantage of modern day freedoms and opportunities.

At minimum, I would refer to these women as ‘contradictory’ and ‘blatantly hypocritical.’  At maximum, I would refer to these sort of women as ‘delusional.’  They are totally detached from reality.

Reality check:

You cannot be a religious zealot and an atheist at the same time.  To think that you can be is DELUSIONAL.

You cannot protest against the use of illegal drugs and be a confirmed drug dealer at the same time.  To think that you can be is DELUSIONAL.

You cannot be kinky and promiscuous, and prudish and monogamy-oriented at the same time.  To think that you can be is DELUSIONAL.

I had one woman from my past defend such behavior.  She said, “Alan, women are allowed by society to be fickle, indecisive, and wishy-washy.  You just have to learn to accept that.”


There is a huge difference between being ‘fickle’ or ‘wishy-washy’ and being delusional and blatantly hypocritical.

Fickle / Wishy-Washy:  A woman expresses a desire to date only Black men between the ages of 18 and 24, but then beginning with her 25th birthday, this same woman decides that she is now going to date exclusively Caucasian men.  Later, coming as no surprise to anyone, by the time this woman is 30, she begins dating a mix of both Black men and Caucasian men.

Blatantly Hypocritical / Delusional:  A woman expresses to each of the Black men she chooses to have sex with (after they ‘wine and dine’ her and purchase materialistic gifts for her), “I love Black men.  That is the only type of man I will have sex with.”   Then, when she chooses to engage in sexual activities with Caucasian men (also after they have treated her to free meals and spent a significant amount of money on her), she says to them, “I hate Black men.  I would never, ever have sex with a Black man.”

Newsflash:  The latter scenario IS representative of a woman being a whore.  The dictionary definition of a ‘whore’ is “a person who receives monetary or material compensation in exchange for their sexual companionship.”

Fickle / Wishy-Washy:  A woman, by her own admission, engages in a high degree of kinky and promiscuous sex with men between the ages of 18 and 24, but then beginning with her 25th birthday, this same woman joins a Pentecostal church, becomes saved, and commits herself to remaining celibate until marriage.  Then, beginning with her 30th birthday, she leaves the church and begins engaging in kinky and promiscuous sex again

Blatantly Hypocritical / Delusional:  A woman exhibits behavior that is kinky and promiscuous with all of the men who are handsome, sexy, and earning less than $50,000 per year, but she presents herself as prudish and monogamy-oriented to all of the men she meets who are handsome, highly educated, and earning $100,000 per year or more.

Newsflash:  At some point – particular in the age of the internet and high-tech communication mediums – this type of woman will be publicly exposed for her sexual duplicity at some point.  This woman will eventually avoid social media sites like the plague.

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For a woman to say that she believes in ‘old-fashioned dating rituals’ would mean that this woman believes in remaining a virgin until she is married for the first time, she believes in only giving birth to children within the context of marriage, and she believes in sacrificing any and all of her own career aspirations and goals in order to remain at home with the children until they are at least twelve or thirteen years old.  Any woman whose behavior deviates from those three principles is not genuinely ‘old-fashioned.’

As a woman, you cannot refer to yourself as ‘old-fashioned’ if you have engaged in premarital sexual activities with men multiple times … if you have given birth to a child outside the context of marriage … and/or if you have spent most of your waking hours dedicated to improving your degree of career success and financial success at the expense of avoiding marriage and not giving birth to any children.

Newsflash:  The latter is NOT representative of an ‘old-fashioned’ woman.  That description would be representative of a modern day 21st Century woman.  A woman cannot simultaneously adopt “1947 dating rituals” AND “2017 dating rituals” indefinitely.  It simply cannot happen.  Neither a man or a woman can choose dating rituals that are both ‘old school’ and ‘new school’ in some form of “à la carte style.”

Think about your kitchen.  You cannot have an oven that is a combination of a modern day microwave oven AND a conventional stove-top gas-heated oven or electric oven.  How would that even work?  Could you imagine a cellular mobile phone with a rotary dial?  How would that even work?  Generally speaking, it makes no sense to attempt to combine old-fashioned technology with modern day technology.  That would be representative of ‘oxymoronic thinking’ (this is where the phrase, ‘you are a moron’ comes from.  Technically, a ‘moron’ is not only someone who is not too bright intellectually but more specifically, a ‘moron’ is someone who regularly thinks and behaves in a manner that is contradictory and oxymoronic in nature).

On the male side, I can think of a few ministers and reverends who are guilty of this type of duplicity.  I refer to them as “pimps in the pulpit.”  These disingenuous ‘spiritual leaders’ will preach to their congregations about “old-fashioned dating rituals,” knowing good and well that behind closed doors, these same men are taking full advantage of the more sexually liberal morals of today’s society with many women, including a number of women in their own congregations.

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