Are Dating Coaches Needed For Black Men Who Travel Abroad?

The idea of a dating coach is a relatively new concept in the black community. During the era of the fight for civil rights the black family was the most intact. Marriage rates were higher, out of wedlock births were lower, divorce rates were also lower. There was a strong need at the time for black people to stick together due to the consistent threats they faced in society. However, as time moved on things changed, which severely impacted the black community adversely. Over the decades, there were passages of various welfare reform bills by different US Presidents. These bills were meant to get Americans off of welfare, but it actually had the opposite effect. More Americans than ever, especially blacks entered into the Welfare system. Furthermore, these new benefits came with stipulations. One of the primary stipulations was that if an unwed mother was receiving benefits from the state or federal government then there was not allowed to be anyone else living in the home. It could only be the mother and her children who lived in the homes. What this meant is that there was now an incentive for single mothers to kick men out of the house in order to continue receiving benefits. This left many black men with no place to go at the time, as finding good employment was difficult for the average black man with little-no education, and racism still prevented many black men from getting employment that they were qualified to have. This led many black men to turn to alternative ways to make money. Such as participating in illegal activities. To make matters worse there was a crack epidemic in the 1980’s that ravaged what remained of the black community. The black community has never recovered since.

Dating In A Modern Society

Now what does all of this have to do with dating? Dating is a social activity. Meaning that it is an interaction that takes place between humans. The social construct of a society determines how well an individual will fare in the dating market and what qualifications they will have to meet in order to date successfully. The first question that comes to mind with dating is what is the desired outcome that the individual wants? Every black man does not date with the same intentions. Some desire to simply “smash & pass” meaning that they only want to date a woman until they have sex one time and then they no longer desire to date her. On the other side of the spectrum is the black man who desires to date a woman with the intention of finding a wife/mate to start a family. These are two black men who have very different dating intentions which will produce completely different outcomes. Now enter dating coaches. These are people who proclaim to be able to help you improve your dating experience. Maybe there is a girl that you have been wanting for a long time and you were unable to get her, or maybe you have been completely unsuccessful with women in your life and you want a dating coach to help you. There are dating coaches who lean more towards the smash and pass perspective and there are dating coaches who lean more towards the marriage perspective. Some will fall in the middle, however, most popular dating coaches will sway on one end or the other. Yet for the traveling black men is a dating coach needed? Many of the issues that modern black men face with modern women is relegated to the United States. However, with the emergence of social media many women all across the world are beginning to share the same values and perspective when it come to dating. Nevertheless, while black men living overseas have needed dating coaches, a majority of the black men who need dating coaches are located in the United States. So, do black men who travel overseas need dating coaches?

Do You Need A Dating Coach?

Yes and no. If you are a black man who has never had any success with women in the United States then you cannot simply travel to a foreign country and expect to have success in a foreign dating market. Actually, you will have a more difficult time dating because you don’t understand the language or the culture. These are the two hardest barriers to overcome for any person who travels, no matter if they are black or white, male or female. In order to be successful dating overseas you need to have had a moderate level of success dating in the United States. Just because the women overseas may be more feminine and respectful of men it does not mean they are obligated to date you because you have a US passport. If you are completely unsuccessful with women in the United States your fate will be the same overseas because it’s not an issue with the women it’s an issue with you. Maybe you completely lack confidence and don’t have the ability to have a proper conversation with a woman, or maybe you are socially awkward, or in terrible shape. There could be a number of factors at play, but what is necessary is that you work on yourself first before going overseas to date a woman thinking that your success rate will improve because you now have a passport. In this case, the right dating coach could help you work on the areas of your life that need improvement so that you can improve your body and confidence, and have better dating success in your own country. And if you think that you don’t need a dating coach to do any of this then why haven’t you done it already? If you don’t need a dating coach then why are you struggling with women in your home country? The black man who doesn’t need a dating coach overseas is the man who can attract women in his own country and get what he desires from them. Whether it be sex, a relationship, etc. Understand that dating overseas is more difficult in the beginning because of the language barrier and the cultural differences. However, the black man who is able to successfully date in the United States will have no problem dating overseas once he familiarizes himself with the two aforementioned barriers. In fact, his success will be multiplied because he is now in a culture where men are respected and treated much better than how men in the United States are treated. This man does not need a dating coach in the United States and does not need a dating coach overseas. It would be safe to assume that if you need a dating coach in the United States you will need one overseas, and vice versa.

Dating And Paying To Play Is Not The Same

There will be some guys who fall in the middle of the aisle. This means that they don’t need a dating coach overseas, but they do need one in the United States, but most black traveling men are binary. Now, understand that this article is referring to dating women, not paying escorts and prostitutes. If you are going to a foreign country and paying money for a woman’s time, or her sex then no dating coach is needed because your social interaction with the woman is transactional. I believe this is where a lot of black men get things confused when it comes to if dating coaches are needed for traveling black men. For the black man who struggles to be successful while dating in the United States, going overseas and paying for a women’s services does not make them successful at dating overseas. It just means that you got what you wanted from a woman by paying her for it. Just like there are mail ordered brides. The man now has a wife, but he paid for her. Therefore, the entire relationship can never be more than a transactional and contractual agreement. So, if you are going to pay to play, which is legal in many countries outside of the United States, then you don’t need a dating coach. However, if you are going to date a woman by attempting to court her and talk to her then you need to determine if a dating coach is for you based on your success in the United States. Getting a passport and traveling to foreign countries does not automatically increase your success with women, even if the women are more feminine and submissive. Self- improvement will always be needed in life, no matter where you go.