There is a work side to prosperity. It is the works of your hand that God blesses. People are in farms planting yams and you are busy sitting in church. When it is harvest time, don’t expect yams to fall from heaven. When it is eating time, people are eating and you are believing God for yams. You are believing God for a miracle. Faith without work is dead. There should be a corresponding action in line of faith. It must be noted that God won’t do for you what you can or must do for yourself.


When the gospel came to Africa, the missionaries saw two vital areas of deficiencies: hospital and school. They filled these gaps. Today, directly or indirectly, we have all benefited from it. But presently in Africa, we have a major problem, and that is unemployment. Instead of filling this gap, we are taking advantage of it. We gather the unemployed and prophesy jobs to them. We give them stickers, sell holy water, tell them to sow and expect harvest, convincing them to work for the Lord, that breakthrough is coming. We do all these to exploit and explore the vulnerable.


We travel abroad. We have gone to Isreal and see the agricultural exploits there. But we are not willing to bring them home. When we sow, instead of our money to be invested into ventures like agriculture that would alleviate the sufferings of the weak ones among us, we channel the money to an atheist in Germany who design customised cars and other things. We channel the money to Buddhists in China where we bought our building materials. We channel the money to a gay in America who produced the sound system and lighting system.


The major problem of Africans is consumption. Our high consumption lifestyle is killing us greatly. We just like to consume. We don’t think of producing. We like to buy and get. We don’t like to build for others to buy or get. Why are we crying of poverty and for breakthrough? The God that I know responds to work wherever He sees man doing something to advance humanity, be it a Hindu, Gay, Buddhist, atheist or anyone from any other religion. What matters is work, action, activity, not just useless faith!


I don’t want to start mentioning names, neither do I want to indict any person. But just imagine Living Faith going into rice production, RCCG going into cassava production, Christ Embassy into maize, the Lord’s Chosen into yams, Catholics into millets, some other churches into one industry or the other. The land is there, the man power is there, the money is there. Like the missionaries, who saw a problem and filled it, we can also fill this problem of unemployment and food scarcity.


Just imagine a church sending hundreds of trailer loads of food to evangelise the North. No man can resist love. Feed them in love and watch how their hearts change. That was how the missionaries changed the hearts of our forebears. The missionaries have tried for us. They have tried for Africa. And instead of us to keep pressing northwards, we have resorted in building empires. We have commercialized the gospel. It is all about breakthrough, money and less of Jesus, His Person, His sacrifice and finished works.


We have the man power to feed Nigeria and Africa, to generate employment by adding value to farm produce and exporting them. We have travelled abroad and have seen great agricultural exploits. It is time to bring these inventions home. It is time we convert our exotic cars in our garages to tractors and other mechanised and modern agricultural tools. We should help humanity by doing what the government cannot do. When we roar, the government is supposed to quiver, not because of our large bank accounts, but because of our intimidating exploits.


Nigeria can be great again. Africa can be great again. We are the ones to make it work. We are the ones to do the work. Let’s quit the blame game. Let the churches and the mosques stop deceiving and scamming and exploiting people. Let us be sincere with God and ourselves. It is time to wake-up. It is time to take back what has been taken away from us. It is time to get active and responsible. Stop praying for a miracle when you are not adding work to your faith. For our country to move forward, we need people who can work, not only people who can pray.