Introduction – The Worm in the Apple
In every deep and built up book there has to be a sad part. Every real story is always a little sad, and so is the story of our times. We are the witnesses of a slow disappearance of all that is common sense and reason. Morals, decency, respect and uniqueness – all are going down the drain. What once was a red, healthy apple is now filled with worms. Some of these worms are right at home in such a world of moral decadence. Enter: the Thot.
If you’re a type of person who justifies and approves of the toxic behaviors we can see today from a variety of women, mostly the modern harpies of the Instagram kingdom, then you’re in the wrong place amigo. Negromanosphere is not a place where thots are put on the pedestal. On the other hand, if you are disgusted with all the bullshit we are served today, all the falsities and two-faced lies, then read on, as we rant a little on the endless dark pit that is the 21st century’s latest malformation – the thot.

In the Modern Spotlight
As we mentioned in one of our previous articles, a thot is a creature of great hunger. It yearns for attention, it craves admiration and worship. Its main source of food is digital – her followers worship her through instagram, facebook and snapchat. The modern times are centered around this attention-giving, a social validation that blows the ego out of proportion and creates a false sense of importance, size and power. It gives worth and value to people who have neither, putting worthless people in the spotlight, while those who have good values are put in the shadows.
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Food for the Ego

There is nothing worse than when a empty person gets a taste of false worth. When the ego overinflates, close to exploding. It is a world of selfishness and hate towards others. It is a world without respect, without solidarity and love for others. It is a world where the body is king, and fake smiles rule.
But we, we know better than that. We can see right through that false image of perfection, and we know that when the lights go out, we’re all the same on the outside. What we carry inside of us, our values, knowledge, experiences and achievements, are the important things that makes us who we are. And in the late hours of the night, when the hype and the validations wear off, when the phone stops buzzing with all the messages from cuck dweebs that worship her, our little thot is faced with a pitch black darkness – a hard truth. In those late hours, her little ego empire starts crumbling, she stares deep into her soul and realizes in panic that she is empty, lonely and unloved. She frantically waits for the morning, afraid and in panic.

The Slow Death of Tradition
All of these negative values we pointed out are, sadly, ignored. These fake people are given importance, greatness and value. And all that is good in the world, all the little things that people can call right, are buried and forgotten. They glorify promiscuity, nudity, amorality, hypergamy and unfaithfulness.
Being aware of this behavior, of all these dangers, and working your best to avoid, resist and discourage it, will help immensely. It will help you, and all the others that think like you to establish a foothold of all that which is right and true.
First step towards this – negate the thot. Don’t be another worshipper in a sea of others.

Conclusion – Fight the Wrong Values
This world is turned upside down and everything is mixed up. What was good, rational and logical is now labeled as wrong and dull, boring. Sluts are encouraged and morality is painted as evil. Things are taking a wrong turn and rational men are losing their grip on what’s right and what’s wrong. And at the very core of this chaos lies a curled up snake, thriving in a word without standards.
Men are faced with miserable choices. To find a woman for yourself is like choosing between the lesser of two evils, the mythological Scylla and Charybdis. Of course, we cannot use thots as an umbrella term for all the ladies out there right now. Exceptions must be made. What we speak of here is the majority. A trend, a plague that swept over the fragile, decadent west and established itself as the norm and as the normality. Let us put an end to it. Let us, the rational, thinking men, become the voice of reason when we say that thots are the death of all sense and morals.
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Let us once again, find the light that was lost.