Since the emergence of Bitcoin, the world has witnessed the relentless campaign of defamation against the infant crypto currency, including the silk road scandal as well as the infamous Mount Gox debacle just to name a few of the horrendous thefts of bitcoin from exchanges worldwide. However, bitcoin endured, even under the most vicious attacks imaginable, stigmatized as a funding source for elicit, criminal even terrorist activities worldwide.
The prognosticators and campaigners for the decimation of bitcoin, failed to mention that US dollars use in criminal activity, exponentially eclipse a billion times over, any infinitesimal use of bitcoin in such acts comparatively worldwide. The question to also ask is, what do the architects of control fear about the emergence of bitcoin, not to mention the relentless assaults on bitcoin users accounts worldwide.


Bitcoin for all of its technical challenges, has endured, this endurance has shaped the crypto Eco system that we know today as the blockchain technology network, this network in conjunction with bitcoin, investors, developers and visionaries has spawned a brave new world to which ultimately holds the keys to solving unsolvable problems affecting the global community of nations under the current financial world order.


As of this very moment, bitcoin is THRIVING like no other financial instrument on earth, there are those who believe that crypto currencies are a creation of the elite architects of control, which is to be the predecessor towards laying the groundwork for a cashless society, again to be managed and owned by the same architects of control that has created the horrible conditions that plague our world.


For clarity, I do not support a cashless society regardless of how arcane it may appear to be in a high-tech culture, because when only one option is available, especially a digital option, you are completely vulnerable as a member of that culture, why? Your life can easily be disrupted at the click of a button opposed to having other options just in case the digital is not available, thoughts to live by in this brave new economy.

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies resilience even under attack, proves the truth within this quote, all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Crypto currencies are here to stay, it’s very existence is the result of necessity being the mother of invention, ultimately designed to free the masses from central banking enslavement, tax oppression and debt suppression.

If crypto currencies focus upon these principles, our brave new world can become a brave wonderful world where no one is allowed to imposed their will upon anyone else directly or indirectly, imagine having a crypto token mining contract that pays for your home, health care, education, organic healthy foods, and more, cryptography in conjunction with the blockchain network integrated with various crypto currencies serving different functions for the masses can solve many if not all, of the world’s financial economic disparities.


The Evolution of a new world through cryptography, the blockchain, developers, investors and visionaries for limitless possibilities is what we all need on the planet today.
Giving all thanks to the incredible visionaries that created bitcoin, the world’s first true currency controlled and owned by no one but serves everyone.


What a great idea

Tony Drake

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  1. Cookiehead Jenkins 29/10/2017 at 11:56 pm - Reply

    Just jumped into bitcoin after witnessing a colleague get some good returns after an initial investment nearly $10K. He have been in the cryptocurrency exchange game for less than 1 year and has already gained a whole lot more money than what the conventional money markets are paying right now on that same 10K. I was skeptical at first but I jumped in recently with an initial investment of $1000.00 and already have made nearly $60.00 in just 2.5 weeks. This is legit folks. I would say start small and learn the cryptocurrency exchange game for yourself as you go along. Also the beautiful part is that it cannot be touched by the government. A good way to hide raw cash.

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