The month of June has been very tragic and bloody, especially for Nigerians. While we are still talking about the excesses of irresponsible political leaders and the never-ending daily massacres in different parts of the country, other things are secretly creeping in to complicate our sadness. It is just like God has left Nigeria. We have probably left God too. I know accidents happen. But they can be minimized if we take necessary precautions. This article is not to blame anyone but to remind us that we can sometimes prevent tragedies by doing the necessary things we have to do.


There are people who drive with failed brakes. There are people who drive at night with no headlights. Many drive with functionless horns. And there are those who overspeed. Accidents happen by commission or by omission. Sometimes we overlook important things. There are drivers who overtake in sharp corners. When accidents happen, we always find something or someone to blame. Most times, we blame the bad roads and the government. We blame Nigeria for every negative thing that happens to us.


We say Nigeria is a failed state. That it is a bad country. We say it is an Animal Kingdom. We say Nigeria is hell. I disagree. Nothing is wrong with Nigeria. Nigeria is a very perfect and beautiful country. It is a land flowing with milk and honey. Nigeria is a blessed country. It is a land of God. Nothing is wrong with Nigeria. It is the majority of the citizens that are mad. It is the inhabitants of Nigeria that act like animals. We pray to God for almost everything yet we fail to do the things we must do.


We shout and bark in churches and mosques but we don’t allow God to answer our prayers. Who knows whether the tragic accident that happened in Lagos could have been prevented? Perhaps it was caused by overspeeding. Maybe the driver of the fuel tanker had dozed off while driving. Maybe the accident was caused by overload. Or that the road was bad. Or the brake failed. Or it was something else that could have been prevented but for carelessness. It could be anything. It could even be a spiritual attack.


It is not the fault of the Nigerian president. The fuel tanker explosion in Lagos, Nigeria is not the fault of Muhammadu Buhari neither is it the fault of the Vice President of Nigeria. Most accidents in Nigeria happen because of our carelessness. They happen because we commit ourselves to them. They happen because we omit the things we shouldn’t. After the fuel tanker accident that happened in Lagos on Thursday that caused explosion and loss of lives and properties, another one still happened along Suleja-Minna Road in Nigeria on Friday morning.


Witnesses made us to understand that the one that happened on Suleja-Minna Road, that involved collision between a tanker and a trailer, happened as a result of speed violation that led to loss of control. People were seriously injured and they are still in the hospital. Nigerians act like animals when they are on the wheel. They are like animals on roads. They act like animals in their work places. They act like animals in their homes. They act like animals in their worship centres. They act like animals almost everywhere.


Most accidents can be avoided. But we can’t avoid them when we act like animals. Nigeria can become one of the best countries in the world. But that can never happen when the people are lawless. It can never happen when we are stubborn. We claim to love God but our actions prove otherwise. We are so religious but we lack spirituality and morals. We claim to love one another but we are so greedy and wicked. That is why we kill ourselves daily. That is why we destroy properties. Nigerians envy one another. We become bitter when others prosper. And it is so pathetic!


Nigerian politicians use their youths as political thugs then they turn around and blame the government for failing to perform their responsibilities. We are the cause of our own problems. Nigerians are the cause of the calamities that befall Nigeria. Pastors deceive their followers. Immams deceive their followers. The government deceive the people. We all deceive one another. There is no more truth and transparency. The other time that I went to withdraw money from the ATM, I had to count the money very well because you can’t trust anything in Nigeria, not even the ATM. We are the cause of our many problems and we must be the solution!