People marry for different reasons. Some marry for money. Some marry, hoping that marriage will get them out of poverty. Some marry so that they can stop being lonely. Some marry because the society says they have to marry. Others marry for love.  The same goes with Nigerian men marrying white women. In this article, I want to talk about five reasons Nigerian men marry white women.

1). Nigerian Men Are Liberal


This means that Nigerian men are willing to respect or accept behaviour, attitudes, people or opinions different from their own. It means they are open to new ideas. This extends to relationships and marriages. In the past and in some countries, women are not allowed to marry just anybody from any race. There are specifications for marriage. You don’t just grab anyone from anywhere and say you want to marry them. It won’t be allowed. Some races have punishment for that. They have laws forbidding people from marrying anyone. But, the world is changing almost everyday. People are changing. And laws are changing, too. People now have choices of marriage. You can marry anyone you like from any country and even from any tribe. Thus, black men have the opportunity of marrying white women.


2) Nigerian Men Marry For Money


There are some Nigerian  men who marry white women for money. This happens when the woman is wealthy or comes from a wealthy or influential family. The Nigerian  man may decide to tie the knot with the white woman because he believes that they will spend the fortune together. You know, most times, when people marry, they become one. They do things together and properties of individuals become joint properties. In some cases, some married couples operate a joint bank account. They spend from the same purse. They live life together. This is another reason Nigerian  men marry white women.


3) Nigerian  Men Marry For Sex

Most times, an average Nigerian  man thinks sex is better and more enjoyable with a white lady. We have seen this in movies and magazines. The world seems to revolve around white women. They are always depicted as sensual, sexual and alluring. They are always portrayed as something to be taken, something to be desired. These images continue to play and replay in the mind of a typical Nigerian  man. They will want to have a taste of what they have desired for so long. They will want to bite and lick the forbidden fruit. Some have argued that most Nigerian women are bad at sex. Most of them will just lay motionless and the man will be pounding and digging and drilling and sweating without any contribution from these female Nigerians. It is believed that white women, on the other hand, take men to higher realms in bed. They are always ready to give different positions and make the sex enjoyable.

4) Nigerian Men Marry For Love



There are also Nigerian  men who just marry white women because of love. They marry them simply because they love them. For such men, loving or marrying a white woman has nothing to do with race or colour, or money, or even sex. They simply can’t help themselves but to love these women. And it is not that they are rejecting Nigerian  women. They are just being true to their hearts. They just marry the person they are in love with and that’s all. These are Nigerian  men who believe that love conquers all and they are determined to stay in their relationships.


5) They Get Along With White Women More


Finally, some Nigerian men believe that white women are more fun and accommodating and easy to get along with. Most black men will tell you that white girls are free of the low and high dramas that are usually associated with black girls. And most times, it is believed that black women mostly wait for men to walk up to them, to propose. This is true. I wrote a poem on this some years back. In Nigeria, if a lady walks up to a guy and propose love, she would be seen as a slut. So, they wait for men to make the move. White women have no such hang-ups. If necessary, and under the right condition, they would make the first move. Many men, it seems, find this direct approach joyful and liberating. This is another reason Nigerian  men go for white women.




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