First of all before we even get started, the word “hoe” refers to a sexually loose woman.  I know there are some “definition police” out there who would say that a “hoe” is a tool for digging into the Earth.   Get over yourselves.   We’re going to talk like we in the barbershop for this one.  When the Barber is talking about the big booty woman he just smashed he doesn’t say, “I had sexual intercourse with this promiscuous woman.”  He says, “I smashed this hoe the other night.”

I just wanted to clear that up before proceeding.

All men need a starter hoe.  No ifs, ands, or buts.   You have many men who make it to adulthood without getting any pussy.  At least pussy that they didn’t have to pay for.   Yet these same men will take a seminar, or watch a video from a dating coach thinking they can get a Dime to go ass-up for them.   Even if the men want a regular relationship they still think they can get a super model.   Naw bruh.   You gotta pay your dues.   Instead of a ten, you gotta start with a five.   Not an adjustable 5 either.   The make-up counter at department store wouldn’t be able to help this woman.   She’s plain or even ugly and that’s how it is.   She’s a starter hoe.

A starter hoe is that woman who is sexually easy.   She doesn’t have a high bar to letting a man between her legs.   She is the woman who when she hit puberty realized that she couldn’t compete with the Divas and Dimes in her social environment.  She didn’t have the face, body, style, or sexual charisma to get the popular boys.   She knew she had only one trump card; she had to give easy sex.  I asked a plain Jane one time how she was able to have consistent sex with pretty boy she knew and she said, “I’m easy and I bring beer.”   Starter hoes don’t just go after the top men though.

The thing with starter hoes is that they are also willing to have sex with regular dudes.   They will even give a blow job to a fat ugly dude.   The beauty of the starter hoe is that they will fuck Joe Average with the same enthusiasm as they do Sammy Stud.

Now I know many men who are either virgins or have extremely limited sexual experience will balk at dealing with a woman who rates as a five or below.   These men need to be realistic.   Only in poorly written romantic comedies will a regular dude with limited sexual experience hook up with beauty queen.   Dating coaches who sell this dream are scammers.    Sexy women have a choice of men trying to get at them.   Women want good sex.  They will ALWAYS go for the man who looks like he can give them an orgasm.   This goes to the whole point of dealing with a starter hoe.  A man needs to get sexual experience.

The beauty of a starter hoe is that since she has a low bar for entry she will deal with an average dude.   She will deal with a virgin.   He could be a basement dwelling loser and she will still suck his dick like a pro.   This is the woman a man can get sexual experience with.   Since sex is the starter hoe’s calling card she tends to be very good at it.   She will fuck a virgin male like a porn star.   Now there’s a price he will have to pay.   He will have to take her to the movies and other public places.  He may have to hold her hand every now and then.   Small price though.   If he’s embarrassed to be seen with her he can take her to out of the way places.   Treat her like a married man treats a mistress.

Now I know some men want what they want.   They want the ten and are willing to delude themselves into thinking they can get that ten.   Let me share a player’s perspective on that.   We all see the handsome man, the bad boy, and the womanizer with a Dime.  We may see them with several Dimes.   Most of these men have something in common.   Most of these men had a starter hoe.   That man you see Dimes fighting over once dealt with a woman who looked like Jabba the Hut.   Don’t ask me how I know.   Every true to the game player has a story about dealing with a plain or ugly woman who was good in bed.   It’s really a rite of passage.

I’ll leave the reader with this.   A player once told me that a man must go through a progression from an ugly woman to an average woman to an above average woman to a beautiful woman.   In other words a man must pay his dues.   Those dues must begin with a starter hoe.