I’m no Expert, I’m Here to Share Experiences and Information

For the Thinking Black Man, when it comes to money , now more than any modern time you have to be thinking in order to position you and your circle to earn and keep the Money you make in your life and build upon it. I’m an average guy sharing some of the information and experience I have in handling money for my benefit. Money is one the most known, unknown essentials of living in modern society. We are very aware of what the abundance or lack of it can do to our everyday living, but most of us really have no clue of what money really is! Hold on with me for a few moments and I will make my case.

Money: The Nothing That Affects Everything

Understand Your Money


Let’s start with this Gentlemen. What is Money? Have you ever asked yourself that? I’m not asking  what it does, we are very aware of what it does, but what fundamentally is money? You do need to know what it is , because the changing of what it is will either help or harm you in what it does for you as you get more older and established. What I have learned is that Money , is nothing but an idea of value and worth, generally agreed upon and accepted by at least  two parties involved in  an exchange. The larger the group exchanges are happening amongst , the more formalized the system of money will be , Currently we live in societies where Currency is the Money. Did you know there was a difference? Well now you do. Most of us work and serve to earn that mighty Dollar, but the MINDFUCK comes into play when you realize the dollar you do so much for is only worth something because you and others believe so much in it and the system it represents!! So with that in mind, how do you handle money, and why does it matter?

Most of us only recognize money as Dollars., And bank Accounts, the green stuff we use to pay Bills, buy Food, Gas and Entertainment with. We feel as long as we have just enough to do that, we’re good. I’m here to make you aware that you must think beyond this, for you and your circle of influence. Many of us don’t know we are in an uphill battle with Economic Policy and Time. Right now you’re probably asking  what the hell I’m talking about. I got you right now. Read on .

Keeping Money worth Something. The Battle with Economic Policy and Time.

Understand Your Money

It’s so easy to go about the job or hustle , do your thing and make you money , and feel ok just to have enough to pay the bills and expenses you have in your life currently , but what about much later down the road, as we and our families and friends get older? Most of us don’t really recognize that there is so much shit going around us, especially with money. It’s only when we are struggling with having enough in the moment that we start to look for better options or management.  Otherwise , we feel we don’t have the TIME to care, and we are deceivingly comfortable.

But TIME at the end of it all is what’s really real in this game. It’s in TIME , that you make and spend money, to create and manage the life you have. It’s your personal Economy, your cost of living. Your cost of living is a small part of the bigger Game of the ECONOMY. Economy is Driven by Economic Policy, and a big part of Economic Policy is how money is Spent , Handled, Taxed and CREATED on the national and Global Scale. What happens on those Levels will affect you, especially as time goes by. The currency you hold and spend is more likely to weaken than get stronger, and your job or profession that you use to make money can be affected because of that. It’s one thing to be young and smart enough right now to make your money for your lifestyle, but what about later, a time where you are physically and mentally more vulnerable to changing economic conditions? Instead of working for money, how do you make the money work for you? In the next installment of this series I will share more of my thoughts and experiences. It’s time to determine your money plan.