Can you believe it? Not one but two back-to-back school shootings within a week, hell, barely 24 hours apart!

The most recent massacre released one of the most common reason for the suspect to pick up a firearm to deal with an emotional issue is bullying. Multiples deaths from bullying?
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Yeah, it makes me shake my head, too. No doubt, this has become common news now.

Too much White on White Crime

I don’t have to go racial because we here in the Negromanophere already know how these now frequent acts of domestic terrorism go:

“Oh, he must’ve had a mental illness,” said every non-Black person with common sense and access to Google but will stay in denial. “That poor soul. Prayers are sent.”

Meanwhile, prayers hasn’t seem to prevent any of these so-called societal victims from continuing their collective capital murder on the masses, particularly our schools. Doesn’t seem to matter if you’re on your knees with closed eyes and a pure heart for Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha, these gun-toting bastards just seem to slip through the would be multi-deity call request line.

Oh, yeah, sure, if you count the infamous D.C. Sniper, how many other African American (or any Black persons) gunmen with a grudge do we have on the history books? Don’t trip, it’s a rhetorical question; so, all of you Knee-grow apologists for white criminals (ahem, the current Waffle House shooting) can rest easy throughout the rest of this article.

Time to go back to basics

Now not wanting so sound like my Dad and Granddad, but back in my day, if a kid bullied us, we fought it out, right then and there. One of two things would be the end result:

He’d whup my azz but respect me for standing up for myself. Or I’d beat HIS butt, MAKING him respect me and anyone else who’d even thought of bullying in the future! ;-)

Fortunately, I came out on the latter end. Yeah, Class of 1981. Good times.

One way to prevent school shootings

As my uncles and older cousins from Down South would say, “Get good with them hands.” Yeah, shout out to my fam down in East Tennessee.

Where’s the gym? Hell, even better, an old-school boxing club?

What better place for our youth to learn discipline, self-respect and a non-deadly way to combat the common everyday bully? Because like anything else in life, we can’t escape the natural law of cause and effect.

If a bully goes unchecked, his long list of victims eventually grow up with hella psychological baggage, not to mention a bruised ego. And for the ladies reading this (especially the single mothers), that goes even more for a young boy without any positive male guidance to successfully push him into manhood.

“Get good with them hands, nephew,” many of my uncles would tell my younger brother and I. “Make ‘em think twice about f**kin’ with you.”

Then again, that was my generation. A time when dealing with a mother fu—I mean, cowardly bully was just another rite of passage.
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There was no Internet. No lame campaigns to fight bullying.
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No sir. At the end of the day, all we had were our mitts.

I kind of miss those days.

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