It’s really interesting when you think about the reactions from people when a man or a woman tells people they’re boyfriend and girlfriend as opposed to being engaged to be married.

When a woman tells her friends “OMG I gotta boyfriend!”  her friends aren’t impressed.
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It’s her 4th boyfriend this year and she cheated on the last 3 with the guy who never committed to her in the two years they were fuckin.’  Her friends know this is no big deal because now she’s STILL gotta
work to maintain his attention and commitment. They know he could bounce at any time for any reason with zero damage and zero loss.

When a man tells HIS friends “I decided to make Ashley my main chick” they’re all givin’ him high fives because they know Ashley’s gonna be on her best behavior. They know she’s givin’ him head, cooking him meals, and staying in pocket.

Every woman wants this whether they admit it or not

Now when a woman tells her friends “OMG I’m engaged!” NOW they’re impressed. Getting dick and relationship commitment from men is easy. The trick is getting him to put a ring on it and if she pulls this off, her friends know she’s hit the jackpot. All she’s gotta do is drag him down the aisle and have just ONE kid with him she’s set for life. She no longer has to actively work for his attention and commitment because marriage is the golden ticket out of having to maintain her value as a woman. Divorce or not, he’s stuck with her for life financially.

And when a man tells his friends “Yeah Ashley wore me down……we’re gettin’ hitched” his homeboys know it’s the beginning of the end. They know that 7 years, 3 kids, and 2 affairs later he’s going to be dealing with a fat, bitchy, female who has him by the balls in every conceivable way.

Men know that girlfriends are better than wives. Women know that girlfriends have to work HARDER than wives and as we all know, women these days want that pyramid scheme dynamic…..get paid every day for work you only do ONE TIME. One blow job, one kid, and one good lawyer to take half his shit and she can sit around eating doughnuts and fried chicken.

So for any man out there who’s thinking about getting married I’m going to point out the stark difference between girlfriends and wives. And the 3 main areas are Sex, Behavior, and control. So let’s go ahead and get started here.



Put simply, wives are no longer motivated to fuck their husbands. Once they get the ring, they think it’s all over and that is the fault of Men. Men don’t require them to keep up the behavior that earned the ring in the first place (if she even earned it at all).

My ex wife “Darcy” did this the minute we crossed the Florida state line. We had this fairy tale beginning eloping from work, taking her to a paradise like state and all I got in return was starfish sex and attitude. Blow jobs? Don’t make me laugh. Anal? Out of the question.

This is the mentality of a wife

In 7 years Darcy sucked my dick maybe 3 times and I never went back door. So much for “obedience” in our wedding vows.
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Girlfriends give up the ass on the regular because they’re not legally bound to you in the way of marriage. They’re far more motivated to fuck because they don’t have that iron clad commitment that gives them permission to close their legs.

Marriage or some sort of long term commitment is what they’re working for and that’s why they’re always on their best behavior. Going back to Darcy, she fucked and sucked me all the time when we were boyfriend and girlfriend. She was the best girlfriend ever and she even cooked!

Girlfriends also suck cock and let you go back door on the regular (if your game is tight). My girlfriend sucks my dick, gives me anal when I want it and does whatever I want. Why? because she knows I’ll walk out the door without a second glance if she stops and she can’t use the state to take her pound of flesh when and if I decide to do it.



It’s an open secret that wives are the worst behaved women on the planet. They’re bitchy, they complain, and as mentioned earlier, they stop giving up the pussy. And when they do, again, it’s unenthusiastic, duty-like starfish sex.

Wives don’t represent you well in public nor are they interested.
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What are you gonna do if she gets outta pocket? Leave? Give up the kids and half your present and future earnings?

Wives stay outta pocket because there’s no incentive to stay IN pocket

Wives behave badly because they have leverage as soon as you marry her; even more when you get her pregnant. She knows she’s got you by the balls the moment you sign away your life…err….sign that marriage certificate and recite your vows.

“You: Dress sexy tonight”

Her: “No.”

What are YOU gonna do about it? Not fuck her? She doesn’t wanna fuck you anyway so you’re doing her a favor!

You: “Make snacks for my friends when they come over to watch the game”

Her: “No.” What are you gonna do about it? Ignore her? She wants you to ignore her so she can go out and spend your money, or fuck one of her coworkers.

Marriage is a disadvantage for men and women know this and this is exactly why they act like they don’t give a shit. They know that as soon as you even think about divorce, they can cash in that lottery ticket they’ve been holding onto since the day she tricked you into walking down the aisle.


Girlfriends, on the other hand, behave much better. They do whatever it takes to make and keep you happy. They do the little things to make your life easier and of course, the pussy is always on a silver platter when and if you decide to partake.

Girlfriends make a conscious effort to look good for you, they behave well in public by not getting out of pocket, they don’t talk back, and they’re happy to be on your arm.

You: “Wear nothing but lipstick and heels tonight” 

Her: “What color lipstick?”

Yes, that is my girlfriend, yes she does this on the regular and is happy too, and no wives would never do this

You:  “My boys are coming over to watch the game, make snacks.”

Her: “What kind of beer do you want?”

What do you do if she doesn’t listen? You withdraw your attention or possibly even leave. Girlfriends are keenly aware of this…especially when they are with a man in demand.

As far as women go, no commitment = no leverage. This is exactly why they act better than wives. Keep your leverage, and you’ll keep her in line.

Control over one’s life


Husbands can NEVER make decisions unilaterally. They CAN but they don’t because they’re afraid of their wives (Remember that leverage she has?). They feel like they have to have the permission of their wives to take a piss and it’s pathetic.

The sad thing is, YOU know what’s best. You’re a man. If your woman trusts you, she’ll trust your judgment even if she doesn’t agree with it at the time.

Dudes are running shit by their wives even if it’s inconsequential like dress shoes, cologne, getting a new phone, even a gallon of fucking milk. All of that shit has to be run by their wives and it’s a miserable fucking existence.

“Someone please shoot me…”

Wanna go out with your buddies and blow off some steam? Nope. She’s “sick.”

Wanna join a softball league? Nope. You don’t have time.

Wanna join a bowling league? Nope. You can’t afford it. Why? Because she says you can’t.

Husbands have almost no control of their lives. Every decision they make they have to consider what their wives will think, say, do, react, and so forth. And 9 times out of 10 wives sabotage anything a husband plans to do that will bring him joy or satisfaction without her.


Unmarried Men can do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want. They don’t need permission from anybody, least of all their women.

Wanna go to the mountains for the weekend? Yep. Maybe your bring your girl or fuck buddy maybe you don’t but you’re going regardless of what she says, thinks, or does.

Wanna go out with your buddies for a few beers? Yep. And nobody’s gonna stop you.

Wanna have your friends over for no reason at all. Of course you can. It’s your world and your place. There’s nobody to tell them what they can or can’t do because nobody has him by the balls. Every decision they make is unilateral, so they don’t need permission from anybody for any reason to do anything.

As stated earlier…

…wives have zero motivation to be good wives and girlfriends have every reason to stay in pocket. It’s all about your value versus hers and the leverage you do or don’t have. But above all, DO NOT GET MARRIED because the moment you do, your leverage goes right out the door along with your freedom, money, and your balls. Do the right thing and don’t give her that ring.

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