The entitlement mentality displayed by former Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimob’s wife is the same that is always seen in majority of Nigerian political office holders. They always think they are superior to everyone, and therefore, must be worshipped like God. Nigerians don’t need emotions for now. We need to tell ourselves the truth. Abiola Ajimobi was a bad politician who was useless to Oyo State citizens. You can just imagine, someone called her on phone and she didn’t answer, yet she still went ahead to blame them for not texting her.

She was even talking down on a sitting Deputy Governor like he was the one that killed her husband. Rubbish! She expected encouragement from Nigerians after the death of her husband but her husband didn’t encourage Nigerians while he was alive. Very arrogant woman. You can tell that arrogance runs in Ajimobi’s family. You don’t pick calls from numbers you don’t know? This is like saying I don’t want to know who you are, as long as I don’t have your name on my contact.
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That’s Nigerian politicians for you. They will stop picking your calls the moment they become influential. Pride!

In Yoruba language, ‘Ajimobi’ means ‘someone who can steal and not be querried’. In other words, Ajimobi was a thief. Your husband served Oyo State for eight years, and so what? Was he forced to serve? Was he not paid? Did he serve freely? Is Oyo State owing him money? I’m very sure that if the Deputy Governor that you accused had texted you, you wouldn’t have acknowledged the text, because you will claim you are a politician’s wife and that you don’t know who texted. Your husband was a Governor for eight years without building a single standard hospital in Oyo State. It is shameful!

It would have been easier for people to check on you and give you words of encouragement if your husband was treated in Ibadan. But, you flew him to Lagos because you people don’t have good hospitals in your state. You would have flown him abroad if not for the CoronaVirus pandemic that has limited you. During the administration of Governor Abiola Ajimobi, who knew he had a deputy? The deputy was a living corpse who was never allowed to interfere in state matters.

We are happy you understand that everyone will eventually die. But, did your husband know this when he was governor? Many people have lost their lives because of your husband’s poor leadership when he was governor. When he got sick, he was taken to Lagos for treatment when he should have built a hospital in his name in Oyo State.
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But because he felt he was untouchable and could fly anywhere in the world at any time, he didn’t do anything.

You see now? All the exotic cars, expensive houses home and abroad, very fat bank accounts couldn’t even save your husband. We didn’t see him buried with any of his properties. Bad! How would you expect the state government to do everything for your husband just because he was a governor? After all, he wasn’t a governor for free. Many people died under his watch because of his failure. But now, you are crying that Nigerians didn’t text you.

What should they have done? Go to the hospital to nurse your husband? Was he low on cash and needed help that he never got? What exactly should they have done? Madam politician wife, so not paying condolences could be painful, huh? How many pensioners who died from deprivation by your husband did you and your husband condole? Were you short of cash or what is the problem that only a sitting deputy governor can resolve?

Maybe Ajimobi’s wife expected governance to be suspended, while the state relocates to her husband’s hospital bed in Lagos. It was gathered that Governor Seyi Makinde made spirited efforts to reach her but she arrogantly refused to pick his calls. When the husband died, Seyi Makinde got to know from Abuja. She didn’t call or text anyone to tell them. Now she’s accusing people of not texting. What else does she want?

The difference between Ajimobi and his wife is the difference between six and half a dozen. They are a very bad combination. They are birds of the same feather. It is a curse to have a bad wife. Maybe Ajimobi’s life would be better before his death if his wife is a good woman.
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But their relationship is like the relationship of pot and kettle. There is hope for a bad man with a good wife. But a bad man with a bad wife has no hope. He’ll perish eventually!