High value men are always fucking more than one woman. Some fuck two, three, or many more than that. Some have a running harem with women coming and going and some have a few chicks they’re always fucking at some point or another.

While this lifestyle is great, most players would tell you that no matter how many females they’re banging, they’d all like to have that one woman who is his and only his. A woman who’s always there for him day or night, takes care of him, and is his property.

The Main Chick.

Having a main chick elevates a man’s life in ways most of us are unwilling to admit. Sure we can all talk shit about how bitches ain’t shit or how we don’t need them and those assertions are accurate.

But let’s not kid ourselves gents. Having that one female we can count on elevates our lives. Yes, we’ll have side chicks a plenty and yes, this is necessary. However, it would be disingenuous for any man to say he has no need for a co-pilot. We all want them and to state otherwise would be lying to ourselves and everyone else.

So how do we find a woman worthy of being main chick worthy? We don’t. Those women are few and far between and just about all of them are off the market.

Quality women these days are nowhere to be found and because of this, it’s on us to build them, mold them, and groom them. I’ve groomed a handful of females to be my main chick and before I tell you the techniques I use there are 3 things that must be in place before you can start molding a woman to be your honey dip:

1. Your value must be high

No, you don’t have to be a 6’4” millionaire with movie star looks at 3% body fat with washboard abs. But you can’t be an out of shape schlub with no game who lives with his mother and is undisciplined financially.

If a woman is going to follow your lead you need to increase your value. Get in shape, start exercising financial shrewdness, and learn how to handle women. Which leads me to #2 which is….

2. She has to trust you

And not in the way you’re thinking. If your value is high enough she’ll learn to live with you having side chicks so long as you don’t  throw it in her face or get caught.

The trust I’m referring to is her trusting that you’re leading her down the right path. She has to understand very clearly that you know how to handle women, that you have a solid handle on your life (goals, projects etc.) and that your word is final. If she doesn’t believe that what you’re instructing her to do will benefit your potential relationship with her and make her a better woman, she’ll check out.

3. She has to WANT to submit to you

Being dominant in your dealings with women is necessary but when push comes to shove, a woman won’t do anything she doesn’t want to do. You can instruct her, give her commands and so forth but if a female doesn’t have the desire to submit to you she’s not going to.

Image result for hot woman on a leash

Deep down women yearn for this but will only do it for the right man

This is where the first 2 elements are paramount. Women completely and wholly surrender to men that are high value and that they trust. If you’re neither she’s not going to want to bend to your will.

So now that we have the foundation laid, below are the first 8 ‘level one’ techniques I use regularly to groom my women for heavier, more invasive training if they make it through the first round.

Keep in mind that most of the time today’s woman won’t bend to this level of dominance and training. Most girls I’ve done this with don’t cut it for one reason or another and that’s perfectly okay. But the ones who do get through end up becoming viable options for being my first mate.

Western culture has ruined most women for good. But if you stay the course and display an uncompromising conviction in your demands your candidate will take to it so long as everything is in place.

1. Make her check in regularly

A woman I’m currently grooming checks in every half hour. She’ll send me a selfie, sometimes with a designated code word I give her, at the top and bottom of every hour. The reason for this is simple: I need to know where she is and what she’s doing.

Image result for woman texting

If she trusts and respects you, she WANTS to let you know where she is and what she’s doing

I’ve done this with a lot of different women. Some take to it, some don’t. The ones that do understand why I require this and because I’ve laid the groundwork properly (see the 3 elements above), they usually don’t have a problem with this if they want to be your main chick.

Females know that if a man of value has any doubts as to her whereabouts and what she may or may not be doing, she’ll be out of the running very quickly.

2. Objectify her

Today’s men get excited at the prospect of their wives or girlfriends wearing lingerie once every 6 months. They froth at the mouth and brag to their co-workers that “Kim’s wearing the red one with the snaps tonight…it’s on!”

These men obviously have no game and accepting the fact that their women won’t release their inner sluts for them only makes things worse.

Women want to be objectified. They want to see you drool at the sight of them like a piece of meat. Females want to be desired far more than they want to be loved. To make her feel desired, make her wear slutty clothes every night. Make her wear slutty heels, lingerie, thongs, etc.

Image result for hot girl in thong and heels

No matter what they say, women love being objectified

This needs to be a regular thing. She needs to understand that if she’s going to be your girl, she’s required to make herself as desirable as possible as often as possible and on command. If you tell her ‘you’re wearing the stripper heels, tube top, and thongs tonight’ her response needs to be ‘yes sir.’

As a supplement to this technique, make her send you nudes on the regular. Pictures of her ass,  her pussy, and  her tits throughout the day will drill into her skull that she exists to satisfy you visually and sexually and any deviation or insubordination will result in the end of her training.

3. Voice your expectations

Most men in relationships today are scared to death at the prospect of actually telling a woman what to do and what he expects from her. This approach is completely wrong because women want to know a man has the balls to tell her what he expects.

Secondly, women yearn for a man who has no qualms with verbalizing his expectations. How’s she supposed to know how to keep you around if you never tell her? Women have razor sharp instincts and are more than adept at anticipating a man’s needs but they’re not mind readers.

It’s on you to let her know what you expect and that you are not flexible in your expectations. She may make a comment ad she may voice her discontentment, but you need to stand your ground. Her complaints are a shit test and if you fold, it’s over.

Make your demands clear while showing an unwavering conviction and she will happily surrender to you.

4. Raise your voice when necessary

Show me a man who doesn’t raise his voice at his woman and I’ll show you a man who will eventually get cheated on and subsequently left behind.

Females want and need to know a man can grab his Y chromosome and do what needs to be done in any given situation which includes checking her if she gets out of pocket. Women will test men often to make sure he still has the backbone he had when he first approached her.

Image result for man yelling at woman

Not to this degree but she has to know you’re unafraid to raise your voice

Yes, they do this on purpose, and yes, your response is key. Showing a woman you will not tolerate bad behavior or disrespect by raising your voice will keep her in line and keep her respect.

No, I’m not suggesting turning into a hot head with a short temper who’s on the verge of blowing his fuse at any given moment. A man has to know and understand what situations warrant a stern verbal reprimand and which situations do not.

But this goes back to a woman trusting your judgment and respecting you as a man. If she knows you can and will raise your voice when necessary, she’ll know you’re not to be trifled with.

5. Call her out on slutty behavior

Today’s females are largely unaware of the fact that most of their behavior encourages male attention.  The reason for this is that they’re cultural norms. Wearing low cut shirts at work to show cleavage, posting ‘sexy’ pictures on social media, and entertaining conversation from men who are obviously hitting on her are all just normal behavior as far as the average American female is concerned.

But if you’re grooming a woman to be your main chick, she needs to understand that a lot of her habits are slutty whether she knows it or not. And if you don’t correct these habits they will come back to bite you both in the ass. If she’s headed to work with a low cut blouse, make her change it. If she tells you about the dude who chatted her up at lunch, tell her to stop attention whoring. As men, we inherently know the behaviors women display that could lead to trouble. There’s no list, we just know. Your woman needs to know too and you’re going to tell her often.

Image result for woman ashamed

If she brags or flippantly talks about whorish behavior, slut shame her to tears

Another thing I do in addition to this is slut shaming potential girlfriends. Girls think it’s cute and attractive to brag about their sexcapades but I waste no time slut shaming them. I’ll refer to a woman I’m currently training. She’s gleefully told me a few stories about this guy or that she’s fucked and I’ve literally slut shamed her to tears on multiple occasions. She hasn’t mentioned anything remotely similar to those situations since.

Calling your woman out on whorish behavior, correcting said behavior, and making it clear to them that you will not tolerate her proudly regaling you with licentious stories of one night stands in her past will turn her into a well mannered woman who will represent you well in public…an essential trait of a woman you commit to.

6. Reward her good behavior

While it’s absolutely paramount to swiftly and severely correct bad behavior, it is equally as important to reward good behavior. If a woman does what she’s supposed to do but isn’t compensated in kind for her efforts she won’t stick around long.

If your potential main chick checks in on time for a few consecutive days, take her to dinner. If she drains your balls for a week while wearing the slutty heels you told her to wear, give her a night off from cooking and order in. If she’s pleasant and doesn’t get out of pocket for two consecutive weeks, give her more of your time and attention.

Image result for man rewarding a woman

Reward this behavior and she’ll keep it up

Females need to know that their hard work will be recognized, appreciated, and rewarded. This gives her that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel to work towards in the way of a long term relationship with you. If she knows there’s a bounty to be had, she’ll continue to put forth the effort.

I said it once and I’ll say it again

Remember that most women will not be up for this level of training and that’s even if you’re a high value male. The bottom line is that if a woman doesn’t want to submit to you she won’t, no matter how much game you have. These are not the women you want to train as they’re a colossal waste of time. Once it becomes clear you’re dealing with an evergreen slut who has no intention of settling down anytime soon, fuck her for a while then drop her.

But when you do meet a female who makes it clear through her actions (remember, what she says is irrelevant), it’s important to be ready and able to train her to be what you want and need her to be as your companion. Being ready means being high value, and showing her she can trust you. When those two elements are firmly in place, she’ll surrender to you almost involuntarily and from there you have a solid foundation to build your woman.
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