Recently, we started an exclusive new series here on Negromanosphere, called the “Gym Days”. After the premiere of our first article – the Gym Days #1: Chest – it’s time to get this train rolling, and continue the series in all its strength. The aim of Gym Days is to offer you a small insight into a well rounded, well balanced training week in the gym, hopefully to set young guys on track and help you begin your routine if you happen to be a first timer in the gym. Also, we hope you remember the overall importance of training in the temple of iron, or the gym, as we have discussed it many times before in our articles.
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Check out the archive and brush up on that.
So, read on, as we discuss perhaps the most important and balanced day of the week – the back and biceps!

The Core of the Week
Why is this day so important, and why do so many confirm that it is so rewarding afterwards? Well, while not as crucial as the chest, back and bicep are one of the largest muscle groups and a good workout will leave you with an amazing pump afterwards. Just this pump is reason enough why this day is mandatory – no exceptions!
A back and biceps training should always be balanced, with equal parts of exercises, and a rule to lift heavy!
You can start the day with some bicep curls.
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When doing the standing curl, you have two options. With single curls, you get the option to use heavier dumbbells, as each arm is curled separately.
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With the double curls, you lift curl both dumbbells at the same time, and thus can’t lift as heavy. But with this option you utilize more of your core and abs, so that’s an added bonus. This exercise is great for adding mass to your arms, especially when done until failure.
The next exercise should be aimed at the back. A great choice is the lat pull down. Arguably the most effective exercise for building you back, lat pull down is a great choice for beginners, as it is easy to perform. Most of the lat machines offer a variety of bars. A wide grip bar is the best, but you can also experiment with a close grip for finer results. Another effective exercise for the back, and also the author’s favorite, is the T-bar row. This exercise isn’t too advanced (ask someone for advice, people are always helpful) but it gives you a MAD pump afterwards. It also engages your thighs, and allows for heavier weight to be lifted. A great back exercise overall.

Seated preacher curl is another good choice for biceps, especially for beginners. With a variety of assisted machines, you simply load the plates, and with a preferred grip, you perform the seated preacher curl. A good trick is the slightly wider or narrower grip. This affects the different zones of the bicep muscle, and allow for “fine tuning” during your workouts.
Another good bicep exercise for pump is the standing EZ bar curl. With a good weight, you can get a good tightening in the muscles, as well as the chest, which really helps those muscles come into foreground.

Bent over rows are another exercise for the back that shouldn’t be avoided. An absolute classic exercise, it doesn’t take long to get a hang of it. In turn it allows you to isolate the latissimus muscle (lats) and get a good pump when the weight is good.
All in all, after a good back and bicep workout, you should have issues taking off your shirt, and should look 2x wider in the mirror. Jokes aside, these exercises are great for building mass, and in due time, you should look large as f**k. Either way, it’s an unavoidable part of your gym routine.

Another Gym Days is done! While it’s not meant to be a professional gym exercise plan, our series is still enough to get you going and show you the insights into a good workout. Whatever you choose, we’re glad that you’re dedicated to the temple of iron!
What are you favorite back and biceps exercises? Which ones do you hate? Let us know in the comments below. It’s important for us to read your comments.
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Until the next part of our series – KEEP CONQUERING!