Introduction – The Sad Reality
In today’s day and age, it is a sad fact that we need to understand and come to terms with. Men have been cast down into the mud.
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The image of masculinity and real, traditional values have been so disfigured and blemished, that the whole thing is upside down. It is the sad reality – the soyboys, the cucks and the numale, thick rimmed glasses hipsters. There’s a whole lot of cringy faggotry, and no masculinity in sight. Needless to say, that this worthless roster leaves the wymminz drier than the Sahara desert. Just imagine what happens when a unique, self-made and determined man appears. You got it – the floodgates are opened. Now, we hope you’re on the right track here, and you got an idea which guy you want to be. So read on, as we try to set a boundary between the good and the bad, and find out how a real man can be unique in the 21st century.

Down to Business
A proper man should stand out in every crowd. Not in a clownish, degenerate way, but in a way in which his masculinity, his values and his achievements make him stand apart. That is the man that is desired, a man with a natural ability to lead and gather people to himself. That is the man which is craved.
The first step towards this uniqueness should be self improvement. You need to get down to some serious business. Sit down, start thinking and list out the things you need to begin doing actively in your life.  Those basic few things are – working out, going to the gym, a better diet, a steady income, an educational hobby, a good home – and above all dedication. Uncompromising, unflinching and unquestionable dedication to everything you commit to. These should be the basics in the life of every man, as we wrote before on many occasions.
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Focus on Yourself
Before you can become an unique and inspiring man, you need to work on yourself. You need to break some sweat and iron out some wrinkles. Some call it the “monk mode”.
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But call it however you want, it’s the first period of serious self improvement. By focusing on yourself, improving all the imperfections and busting your ass, you show value and determination – two key aspects of masculinity. And it is this value, this ability to pursue and achieve your goals, that attracts the right kind of women into your life. They are naturally drawn to a man who can reach success.
So focus on yourself. Your body for starters. Hit the gym and break some sweat. It might take you a year or more, but once you get a ripped and muscular body, you will see the difference in every field of your life.
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Don’t be a curved spine, soyboy, chinlet neckbeard loser.
At the same time, you develop your brain. Educate yourself further, read books, learn languages, find a rewarding hobby. A sharp mind and a quick tongue can be as attractive as the physical traits. A good, charismatic conversationalist who can talk his way into a woman’s bed is a player in his own rights.
The next stop you need to improve is the wardrobe. We wrote a lot on the rules of successful dressing, so catch up on those articles. A good style is half the job done. Combined with the looks and the wits, it gets the job done.

The Magnet
This is the part we need to understand. The laws of natural magnetism. A successful man who has his life figured out is going to draw people to himself. Women will want to be with him, and the soyboys will want to learn from him. And it is in his power to chose who steps into his shade. He has standars.
But perhaps the most rewarding of all the aspects for a fulfilled and achieved man, is the law of attraction. People on same or similar levels get attracted to each other. So in a sense, you can perhaps find a woman who is on a higher level, self made and improved just like you.

So in conclusion, we can all agree that the core of standing outside of the crowd and being unique and desired, is improvement. Laziness, no motivation, no missions and goals, will get you nowhere in life. Also, sticking to a fringe society and being a spineless hipster dweeb will get you nowhere fast, while also rewarding you with the medal of the order of incels of the highest class. So get a hold of yourself. Do not be that dude. Find a mission and strive towards it like a mad and rabid wolf. Go to the gym and tear that shit apart until your arms feel like jelly. Then come back tomorrow and do it all over again. Just improve, improve, improve – in every aspect of your life. And before you know it – good things will start to flood your life. Happiness is just a step away.