Feminism, as we all know, is one giant shit test. And the men who effectively “pass” this shit test, live the best lives and do the best with women. No surprise there.

One of the many staples of feminism is to disparage men at every corner. Men are insignificant, men are stupid, men are useless, the list goes on and on. Funny thing is, they attempt to emulate everything we do.

I think the clinical term for this is “penis envy” and I’m sure there’s a deeper more scholarly psychological explanation for this phenomenon. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know. What I do know is that there are plenty of examples women contradict themselves as far as their “hatred” of men is concerned by trying to copy everything we do. I’ll list the most ubiquitous examples below:

#1 – Their names

I remember when the name “Alex” was strictly a male name. Short for “Alexander.” These days there are just as many, if not more female Alex’s walking around than males. It’s just far too feminine to actually call a girl “Alexandra” or “Alexa.”

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Women are increasingly shortening and/or masculinizing their names to appear to be more masculine. Women named “Cameron” call themselves “Cam.” Samantha tells people to call her “Sam.” Charlene, “Charlie”, Joanne, “Jo”, the list goes on and on.

Mothers are now going to the extent of giving their daughters male names.

I know a girl who named her daughter “Ryder” which sounds like a future porn star name. They’re not even giving them girl’s names anymore, they’re going straight to boy’s names.

#2 – Their behavior

Feminism leads women astray by directly suggesting to women that masculine behavior is attractive to masculine men. Women buy into this lie and engage in behaviors that men traditionally engage in.

But they also do these things because they want the adoration adoration and respect that men receive for such things. The problem is, they’re women. And women are different than men. Obvious right? Maybe, but women seem to want all of the benefits without any of the costs.

Activities like sleeping around, being ambitious, and being a “sports fan” are just a few of any ways women play copycat with men. They think that if they act like men, they’ll be treated like men and they’re 100% wrong.

#3 – Copying everything we do

Women are never interested in anything unless men are. Women only “like” football because men do. If we didn’t watch football, they definitely wouldn’t. Proof of this is the WNBA. The WNBA is a financial money pit because people aren’t watching…not even women. More women watch the NBA because men do. So much for the solidarity of the “sisterhood.”

Anyway, women show penis envy by doing what we do. There are scores of examples of this but one of the funniest is the Red Pill Women’s subreddit. Basically it’s women who think they’re Red Pill because they say they are. They even copy our doctrines like “Don’t watch what he says, watch what he does” not knowing that men say what they mean and mean what they say.

If women really thought that we as men are as useless and obsolete as they claim, they wouldn’t be trying to emulate literally everything we do.


I’m not sure if the clinical definition of “penis envy” is really a thing or not. Like I said earlier, I’m not a doctor. But it’s obvious that women do admire men even if they don’t like or want to admit it. Whether or not this is penis envy doesn’t matter. They definitely envy us and nothing they say or do is going to convince men otherwise.