I never thought I would write this article.   In my book, Nice Guys and Players, I state that a man’s face is the least important thing a man needs when attracting a woman.   Of course this goes against prevailing wisdom.   Of course the same people who think I’m crazy can’t explain why someone with an average looking face has more women than they can handle.   In my work I point out that women go crazier over a man’s physique than they do his face.   I also pointed out that most women don’t want to be with a man who looks better than they do.   Despite all I say and write men are still think their face is holding them back with women.   I’m going to be nice and share tips on how a man can improve his facial features.

These tips aren’t going to have someone running out to be a male model but the average man will see an improvement.  Don’t say I didn’t give you anything.

The first thing a man can do is find the most flattering haircut for his face.   A man’s hair in general and his hairline in particular frames his face.   Regular haircuts at least once a week keeps a man’s face tight.  Some men, Black men in particular, can have a lot of hair.  Some need to go bald because the hairline has receded behind the ears.  Figure out the best look and go with it.

The second thing is deal with the teeth.  Make sure that smile is great.   Dentists are egotistical individuals with delusions of godhood but they are a necessary evil.   Plus they might have a fine dental assistant.   If you can invest in Jordan’s and the latest smartphone you can get a toothbrush and a discount dental plan.

The rest of the face depends on good genetics.   That being said there are things a man can do to impact the face.  The first thing is to do is either put on or lose weight.   Weight does show up in the face.  Ask me how I know.   Every young girl in my area knows me because I’ve been to every restaurant and they had to serve me.   Now the young girls at the gym are getting to know me real well because of how much I visited the restaurants.

My point is the weight loss or gain is reflected in the face.   The same body training regimen I recommend for the body will also impact the face.   So follow my main advice and get into the gym.  The bench pressing and deadlifts will do wonders for someone’s jaw line.

It’s important to eat right and drink a lot of water.   You want the skin on your face to shine.  Many bad foods people put in their bodies reflect in bad facial skin.   It’s important for the functioning of the body anyway to drink a lot of water.  A minimum of one gallon a day is usually good.   Also avoid sodas and even many of the “fruit” drinks.   It’s not fruit anyway.   Of course that’s another article.

A very important thing is really getting some sleep.   If a person is tired it will reflect in their eyes and overall appearance.   If you can’t sleep eight hours straight at least try to take brief naps during the day.

A final thing is taking time to relax and other things that relieve stress.   Like lack of sleep, stress is reflected in a man’s face.   Stop and smell the roses or if you like me stop and look at young girls in spandex.   You can kill two birds with one stone by doing that at the gym.

I gave y’all some good tips.   Get to work.


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