Note: I do not interracially date at all. While I have my reasons from not dating White Women, I understand that many Black Men do. I am not here to Dick Police the Brotherhood.  


The discussion across the Black Internet has become extremely volatile with regards to the increasing rates of dating, marriage, and mating  between African American Men and American White Women. Among those who complain the most in this debate are none other than African American women themselves.  Their multifaceted positions on “why” Black men date out include many controversial ideas which will be discussed in this article:

Position One: Black Men Can’t Handle A Strong Woman




This is a classic talking point that Black women use against Black men as to why we refuse to stick around after being severely and constitutively  disrespected in subpar  relationships. Black women feel that Black men should under all circumstances receive less than stellar treatment from their female mate. Exhibiting such derogatory behaviors including Loud talking, defiance, disrespect,  and lacking femininity are the prerequisite requirements that Black men should accept.  In other words, Black men should have no standards for themselves while allowing abrasive women to run over them. Real men should never hold Black women ACCOUNTABLE for the mistakes that they make. Why? Because these Black women are strong. Strength to many black women is equated to the same personifications of strength that traditionally make men strong. Lashing out, speaking out, being over talkative, and other annoying characteristics is what African American women “FEEL” strength is. On the contrary, these traits create not only weak women but weak men in the same context. Hyper masculine men in the Black community typically possess this same morphology in the Black Community solely because African American women “FEEL” that their sons should be like this.

What is Real Strength for A Black Woman to Many Black Men ? 

Strength is being able to submit yourself to the authority of a good black man. It is quite easy to rebel, talk back, not listen, be loud, and disrespectful to the black man. It’s easy to tell a man how much you “DON’T” need him and how “INDEPENDENT” you are. However, real strong women can close their mouths when warranted. Real strong women can take criticism from her man and improve to become a better woman.


Position Two: You Can’t Get A Black Woman Because You Are Lame And Corny





This is another statement that African American Women and Anti Black Male Supporters use with the intent to make Black men feel bad for their interracial dating choices. From my experience, it seems to be true that Black men who are more “nerdy” or “educated” have a harder time dating the more attractive Black women. Black Women make it seem as if these Black men never had interest in Black women at all. However, the case typically resides in the fact that many of these “NERDY” or “LAME” Black men have tried many times to date Black women without much success. In comparison to other races of women, Black women tend to be more attracted to men who men who are charismatic, funny, muscular, and tall.  While all women tend to exude an attraction for the aforementioned attributes, white women tend to look at OTHER characteristics in selecting a man. White women tend to value education, work ethic, goals, and achievement   in  contrast to Black women in America.


Position Three: You Only Can Get A Fat Ass/ Ugly White Woman

This is also another position that I see African American Women use to shame Black men. Now I must be honest; I have seen some brothers with some of the most ugliest white chicks on Planet Earth. I have been living in Europe for 3 years and I have NEVER seen a black man with an attractive white woman. I hardly saw this in the United States. However, I can also say that I typically see black men with obese or unattractive Black women in the United States. So if a Black man has the option of dating an unattractive Black woman OR an unattractive White woman, why does he choose the latter?


Maybe Because White Women Treat Black Men Better Than Black Women

Bingo! Black men are not  SOLELY looking at physical beauty when selecting mates. Black Men’s taste in women are subjective. Just because I think a woman is unattractive, doesn’t mean that other brothers feel the same way. Brothers who may not have the best options to date pretty women (due to lack of finance or social class) will choose the best available women


Not Everybody Can Be The Swagged Out Fast Talking Comedic Genius Nigga That Most Black Women Love

Black Women make it obvious that there is a big dissimilarity in what they “SAY” and what they “MEAN.” Black women will say they want a man who is hard working, religious, faithful, and educated. However, if he isn’t “Swagged” out with a 19 inch dick with an 8 pack of abs, the aforementioned “positive traits” could be very worthless to her. If he is hard working, Swagged out, in shape, but can’t fuck (or eat pussy), the nigga is WORTHLESS! There are so many  unrealistic  requirements that American Black women want from Black men with regards to long term relationships.


So What in the Fuck is the Black Man Supposed To Do If Black Women Don’t Want Him?

I guess many people think that Black men should just continue to be at the begging feet of Black women pleading for dates and conversations. They should continue to be friend zoned. The reality is that Black men will just move on to where they are wanted or desired DESPITE the skin color of their female mates. The most important discovery is that the same Black Women who make  these priggish complaints  had NO INTEREST in dating these Black Men in the FIRST PLACE.

Is Dating White Women The Answer For Black Men?

I can answer this from my own experience while attempting to answer it for the collective. I am solely attracted to Black women. For me, white women is not the answer.


Why Do I Say This For Me Personally? 

The reason for my position on this stands on the merit that White Men have created a culture to make their women feminine. Black men running to White Women could insinuate that Black Men are not capable of creating a New Black Culture for feminine Black women to follow. For some, this seems that we can only deal with women that OTHER groups of men have made feminine. It is equivalent to the hyena benefitting from the kill that the leopard or lion made in the jungle. In other words, Black men could be looked at as “scavengers” who are not willing to put in the work to put women in a position to be submissive.


What Does This Mean For Black Men Who Are Solely Attracted To Black Women?

If this criteria fits you, then you must be focused on building up the Black Male Community. We must network, build businesses, and build communities for ourselves. By doing so, this increases the likelihood that Black women will follow our culture as we recreate the Black Community from our points of view. Men who are productive as a community will produce women who are submissive as a community.


What If I Don’t Give A Damn About Dating Black Women Oshay?


For you, going out of the culture could be the answer! It takes a long time to build communities and working with other brothers to get things accomplished. Many brothers find love in non black women every single day. Certainly, you should not be punished for your decision. Keep in mind that the Black Man must still provide the culture and guidance regardless of the race of his woman. You must always give any woman the desire to honor and respect you.


In The End…..

You must be comfortable with whatever you chose in regards to your dating presence. Black men must be adamant about creating a new culture in America. That culture begins and ends with us. Women have that inherit desire to submit to masculine and confident men. We must keep focused on this endeavor as we unite black men in a dying world.