Traps, traps, traps. Dear readers, traps are all around us. And many a young player, not knowing what to think and where to turn for advice, has fallen into these traps and learned his lesson the hard way. The hardest way.
When dating and gaming women, a lot of young men fail to read the signs. Some are obvious, some need more attention to detail and experience in order to be spotted. But they all tell us the same thing.
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Whether or not she can be promoted to a long term relationship.
In this modern time of thots, non-existence of morals, decadence and easy lays, men are left with a hard choice. Finding a decent girlfriend might seem like an impossible task. To be honest, it might be. Thanks to a string of events, the 21st century brings us this hard truth – decent women might not exist anymore.
So, how do you go about finding yourself a girl. Maybe you want a partner for a long time, and one night stands are not your thing. That’s fair. But there are some things that you need to know before you head into your (perhaps futile) hunt. Some hard truths and dark pills you need to swallow. Read on as we give it to you straight up, as we always have here on Negromanosphere.

Think Twice
If you are one of those sad souls that idealizes the woman as something more, as something larger than life and perfect in every aspect, then do us a favor. Press that big red X in the corner and leave. There’s no place for such fantasies and fairy tales here on Negromanosphere. We’re here to discuss the reality.
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And reality is full of harsh truths, full of imperfections. And what are people if not imperfect? Listen, what we’re trying to tell you, is that there is hardly any “girlfriend material” left out there. Consider this simple fact: 90% of the girls you might date right now, have been with at least 5 guys before you. At least. So, here’s the question: Are you a kind of man that is satisfied with used goods? Do you buy torn and dirty, ragged jeans at the store? Or do you buy new, shiny ones? This is simple, gentlemen. Use your head.
When gaming, observe the obvious. If a woman is a ONS material, you’ll know it immediately. She’s flirty, naughty and terribly slutty. She’ll shit-test you on every step until you (hopefully) prove yourself. There’s piercings, tattoos, and brightly colored hair. In simpler terms – she’s a thot. A d**k gobbler and leg spreader. You want that for your girlfriend? Think twice brother.

Truth or Myth?
But what about the girlfriend material? Is there such a thing anymore? Is it a myth? Well, it all depends. Of course, we cannot put every single young woman out there under the same roof – it’s illogical. (As much as we’d like to, tho.) But the truth is that normal, decent girls are far and few in between. When you find one, it might be an easy guess. But it might also be a mistake. There’s a lot of trial and error in this game, gentlemen. But the persistence can pay off. A general indication of the nature of a woman, is how hard she’s guarding herself. If you have an easy time getting to third base, then the result should be clear. Rinse and repeat.
But let’s talk serious for a moment here.
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All jokes aside. People come in all forms. And all of them are different. The only way to truly realize the situation and the choice of partners out there, is to get out and get in contact. Meet new people. Only then will you truly understand if there is a woman out there that is fitting for you and your tastes. But we’re pretty certain when we say: that innocent, “good” girls that prize their morality above all else – are a thing of the past.

We’re not trying to break your hopes. Just give it to you straight. But you need to realize that life is all about breaking your hopes. Just as we once thought that a perfect girl was out there, so have you. But seeing the thots that prowl these streets, quickly made us learn the harsh truth.
In any case we hope to be on the same page with you. Do you have any thoughts about the subject? Comment below and let us know your opinion on girlfriend material and whether it exists. We would like to hear your thoughts. And as always, if you have any ideas for future articles, please let us know. Let’s discuss it together!